Holy S*** Damage! | World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch Beast

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Source: DezGamez

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I will always be providing entertainment and content for you, but it really helps the channel out!

Back with another epic battle episode for you today, beautiful people. This time I am going to show you one “Gold Spamming” round with AMX 50 Foch B. The amount of damage our hero today, called “xman”, is able to dish out is crazy!

Enjoy the show!


  1. When you combine premium rounds + mega RNG + derpy moments + AFK tanks + skill + …. + Foch B, this is the result! 😛 🔥
    Have a nice weekend, my lovely friend! ❤
    Btw, how many MOE duck tape ribbons did you see on the thumbnail? 😛

  2. this has been on wg replays channel you are getting lazy :)))))

  3. playing with aim bot…change focus …..

  4. I need those enemy players

  5. social3ngin33rin

    Nah, I still called them gold rounds because they are worth their weight in gold, and I love to piss of WarGaming lol

    Even though it’s pay2win, it’s hilarious!!! lolol omfg at the enemy team!!!
    There’s literally nothing that would have saved their team!!!

  6. He farm 5000hp for free.

  7. The walls in this map can be real traps

  8. Oskar Grzybowski

    Hilarious %]

  9. Well that was sick!

  10. Miks see graafika sellel videol nii kehva on ?

  11. perfect video how WOT sucks . and more happy i stop play . dezgames again fingers up i like your videos

  12. Gh0sT_DeM0LiShEr

    Sorry to say that, but this clip is 1 month old…

  13. OH man I seriously LOL’ed at the end…

  14. Gytis Pranskunas

    7 k damage was sitting still afk…

  15. Grille Flipteen

  16. Wow, did he get lucky on that one. The enemy team just wasn’t paying attention. They should have pursued him once he pulled back to reload. But, this is how you can get great win8 results. Well played on his part, even playing that aggressively. He took the fight to the enemy as he should.

  17. Looks to me as rigged  battle, tbh.

  18. Standard rounds on this tank are terrible…. why the heck do tier 10 mediums get more pen than this? the old foch is still better.

  19. I think I need to bleach my eyes and take a bath after watching this.

  20. Gold? I was checking all the HE with it not being a 155.

  21. Spam gold like aaa mother****er😂😂😂

  22. Takeda Mataroshi

    Very lucky to have encountered presumably two afk and one flipped .. but yes, well-played.

  23. 0:13 Wargaming got Mi-24 hind cockpit completly wrong

    • Thats an early Hind-A version and is completely right! Next time do some research before posting stupid comments! 😉

  24. Special round for “special” people.

  25. Dwonatam Patricio

    This is one of the worst thing in this game… a guy just spamming “special” rounds… oh… i forgot… this type of player is “special” too…

  26. this is not skill… he just shot at least 3 afk tank.. (around 5k dmg free.. ) not big deal shoting afk tanks.. and grille just overturned?!! He just got a lucky day 100/1 battle Kappa

  27. Call em “noob moron” rounds. Shitter player

  28. Pay to win bot!
    WOT just pay and play vs bots 70% of fucking baтtles!

  29. why didn’t he receive the Radley Walters?

  30. WOW 7k afk dmg FUCKING NOT IMPRESSIVE GAME. I can also do 14k with 7k afk dmg and he was not playing well. It was just luck. This fucking bot didint reserved anything.

  31. wow ping 8

  32. *Joker laugh at enemy Grille 15*

  33. Vihanga Sithumina

    Lot of rng and gold spam but i think he is a good player

  34. WG needs to put in a way to flip your tank back on the tracks.

  35. Well every PZ. II J Spam more gold

  36. I’m not even mad, just bamboozled.

  37. I really have trouble watching replays of people that switch to 3rd person view after every single shot, especially in auto loaders.

  38. I think I seen this battle from another YouTuber

  39. Ammoreag😨😨😨😨

  40. Wow. He uaed gold how hard can it be using gold to win a game…

  41. David Stegemeyer

    Lol! I mean I actually laughed out loud when he came around the corner and saw the tipped over Grille. That’s nuts!

  42. They say you make your own luck, but this is proof that stuff gets randomly given to you. Good, aggressive play but then outrageous luck with the ammo rack, hittable AFK and flip

  43. Just another unicum player with advantaged RNG, he is invincible, you miss him at short range, you bounce on him even if your Pen indicatif is green ! or you hit him but cause none damage, like WE CAN see when E3 hits the commander Coppola, Foch unicum is invincible, simply.
    This game is a joke, only high ranked players are advantaged for communication needs.

    I dont get fun anymore after many years im disgusted, bye bye wot and FU WG stupid retards developpers, but Money is more important. You kill the game with your invincibles unicum aimbot/tundra cheaters and their 80% hit ratio.

  44. problem is foch B has so low penetration, that gold play is normal on it…you have so many tier X with to much armor !

  45. Lmao what a battle!

  46. 4:30 no surprise. Your team *AWLAYS LOOSES; when you do EXCEPTIONAL* … 5k+ dmg done? your team MUST LOOSE… that’s the rule! <.< f shit teams

  47. And there are still people saying that premium ammo is NOT op…

  48. Sure apcr helps rng vs afk or blocked enemies.. 🙂

  49. Gia Phúc Trương

    hello Dez, its so GOOOOOD to be BACK!!!

  50. Crazy Russian Bot

    physics work great in WoT, lol

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