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Thumbnail – https://live.warthunder.com/post/823569/en/


  1. So from the Panzer 3 video, I said that I didn’t like the chaffee and really offended many people and now i know why. This tank is unreal if you get it into a nice position. Thanks for making me play it phellas and have a good rest of the day!

  2. I guess you can say you did “nazi” that coming

  3. nobody:
    me: gets shot by an enemy camping 3km away across the map on a hill
    Phly: gets shot by an enemy using a smoke round 200m away

  4. *Stug shoots a smoke shell at a Chaffee*
    Stug: “Scheiße Scheiße Scheiße, HANS!”

  5. Christopher Combs

    Do a video on Stug 3 A He only, please.

  6. Hey phly i have a small challenge for you. Play panzer front (ps1) or panzer front ausf b (ps2) if you dont have the console just get a emulator.

  7. I think that Panzer IV F1 was using APCBC and not HEAT

  8. PhillyPhally You are too fucking good at this game. Cheers *tink*

  9. The use of “Versing” is like fingernails on the blackboard of my soul.

  10. Димитър Петров

    PhlyDaily make more video pleas bro am so addicted to your video and why you didn’t make any video with Baron Von Games anymore?

  11. M41 next.

  12. Try the Sd.Kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41)
    if you haven’t for shits and giggles
    “You can’t kill what you can’t catch” challenge

  13. graveyardrumblers

    Yea… But what is best armor?

  14. try taking the chaffee out at br 4.7. pair it up with a Sherman 76. Great fun and provides a bit of a challenge. Very rewarding when you are able to kill tigers and such with your chaffee. Gotta go for sideshots though. Love the content and good luck from New Zealand

  15. “Friendly, doing friendly things…” sounds like a good shirt idea!

  16. @PhlyDaily actually, the Archer was faster in reverse, so that dude was driving it the right way :p

  17. Hello there komrade

  18. Wow

  19. So intense!

  20. the chaphee’s barrel looks like a suppressor can be screwed on phor extra sneaky breeki

  21. Oh so you phinally played the Chaphphee?
    You know, there is another underappreciated light tank at 3.3, the AMX-13 (PHL-11)! The only thing it lacks compared to the Chaphphee is that Magical reverse speed.
    Go out and grab the 3.3 AMX-13 (PHL-11), you won’t regret it!

  22. I subscribed less than 6 months ago and Youtube already unsubscribed me, nice. Good thing you still show up in my feed and that I pay attention..

  23. This tank was the hero of our Girls und Panzer Saunders team

  24. Since the APHE buff. It make this tank more fun.

  25. Brian Lavrens Watson

    Gaijin should remove the timer penalty on spot. 9 out of 10 times it triggers even when looking at enemy tanks. it serves no purpose in the game.

  26. Colonel Overkill

    I once talked to a fellow that went to Korea. He was in a chaffee and topping a hill on a road took a hit from a T-34-85. It hit the mantlet, glanced off and didn’t take any spalling just a loud bang from the impact. He said they then all immediately shat themselves and got the fuck out of there in a hurry. It had gouged a chunk out of the mantlet and turret cheek but didn’t punch through somehow.

  27. Mimikos-senpai drifts

    Plz phly play the m5 a1

  28. No, the best spot in Finland is Mansester.

  29. Phly, I noticed that 80% of the time that you miss a shot, you shoot too low. Just trying to help. : )

  30. Illuminati confirmed?

  31. The name is cute ?

  32. I fucking love watermelons

  33. A couple of weeks ago I found out that the Jagdpanzer IV is a beast, if you are toptier hardly anyone can pen your front.

  34. Phly give the Cromwell Mk1 a chance, it’s the one you skip because you’re halfway spading your mk5 and then you get the Shermans.
    Low speed stabilisation, neutral steering, medium tank armor and light tank speed, everyone else is playing checkers and you’re playing chess.

    Seriously British ground forces have slowly been getting better over the updates, (did Gaijin even adjust the BRs when stabilisation was introduced?) I’d give them another look before Gaijin nerfs.

  35. its a warcrime to drive the Archer like that.

  36. Phlydayly: There are no tunguskas running around the map

    Me: but there are tons of hellcats

  37. Ahhh lower BR vid, me likey 😀

  38. Everybody asks Phly to play what they want.

    Not what he wants.

  39. The bitrate/compression on 1080p is so garbage on this video.

  40. Баин-жорикмажорик Цыденов

    Россия детка

  41. Why cant my mates see my phly logo on game? Anyone

  42. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    the JGSDF Chaffee is also Available and faster! its equal that to the US Chaffee

  43. Chaffee has been one of my favorite tanks in War Thunder for years. That speed (especially that reverse speed) and a decent gun has netted me more than a few kills. The 50 cal is just icing on the cake.

  44. 4:35 lol he shot a smoke shell rip

  45. my name is my name

    they really need to STOP taking away the fire and smoke from destoryed vehicles, tis REALLY annoying

  46. Chadphee

  47. my name is my name

    WW2 is still the best in warthunder

  48. how about the M41A1 now?

  49. the thunder league M 24 is one of the sexiest tanks in the game. Take a piss 2A5.

  50. Sherman m4+f6f5 tinytim rockets play pls

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