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Source: OddBawZ

The Aubl/74 in Thunder is an Italian Light Tank that sits at only 6.3 battle rating. That’s the same battle rating as a Ferdinand, Tiger II and the Pershing!

The Aubl 74 is fast, really fast! It also has a 90mm cannon that fires a HEAT-FS with 250mm of penetration. The penetration might be lacking but the trajectory of the round is really flat so it’s nice and easy to aim!

The real downfall of the Aubl74 is that the gun handling is pretty awful. The suspension is bouncy, the tires are bouncy, the gun its self is bouncy. The whole tank feels like it’s balancing on Gnocci.

However, the fact it can cross the map 3 times faster than a tank and it can more than makes up for it!

The Aubl 74 is a super fun vehicle to play and you should definitely get it!

Music 1:

INTRO (00:00)
GAME 2 – IT’S SNOW FAIR (17:54)
OUTRO (26:31)


  1. Odds I’m thinking of becoming a patron 3rd tier so you read my name out….im changing my name to “SCOTScantplayFootball”
    Hehehe I just want to see the backlash from your fellow scots when you read it out every day! 😁

    • Maybe “scots can’t beat the british” 😂 …no no that would put your life in danger!¡!😂

    • LMAO! Someone said they unsubbed today because of the joke I made about shooting that guy in the intro. This is a breath of fresh air!

  2. Italy is such an underrated nation

  3. FlakPanzer 38 t and Do 17 Z-7

  4. AveragePalmTree

    How do you grind out nations? How long does it take?

  5. Buongiorno is correct
    You said bongiorno ..

  6. Another Drawing

    This game is so stupid, they passed the AML90/Elant90 at 7.0 but Aubl is 6.3 ! Why gaijin !

  7. Och! Odd, you had some serious Italian bias going on that first match! WTF?!?

  8. Crunch ButtSteak

    problem with the nuke is the way gajin has the game set up the person nuking is just taking away credits from people. money is hard enough to earn that people will do anything for an extra kill.

    • Crunch ButtSteak

      now if you made it so a nuke kill rewarded whole team with extra xp and creds based on how many enemys were left i think it would happen less

    • The Nuke gives your team 10,000SL and pays for repair costs for the lost vehicle, btw. It benefits your teams grind so much.

  9. Why when i play this tank i have to shoot 20 times before killing a tank, and also 122mm oneshots me, not like you. Sad italy main noises

  10. Holy ads! I had one pop up every 6min watching this. LoL
    Br ranking and spread is trash. Welcome to WT.

  11. Mfw when my IS-2 bounces 3 shells from it and proceeds to send the Italian crew back to the Pope.

  12. Only a problem since they removed the MM locks: Now “Germany” gets to face them I bet it is in need of a change 😀

    Still, you need to fork out £300 and buy the AEC II to see how that thing fits all the way up to 6.7. Might have no pen at the front but who needs it with a stabilised gun and pretty good all round functionality (depression, traverse, reload, mobility, no armour best armour). Meet an AUBL in the AEC II and that that AUBL is dead!

  13. I find it really hard to play this vehicle, solely because of that gun handling.

  14. Richard Savidge

    What kind of lukewarm piss drenched toe rag shoots a friendly nuke from the sky.

    Great vid Odd! Wouldn’t mind seeing the chieftain for a vid if poss.

  15. Just watching your vids for the intro.

  16. Sir.Jimmy Rustlington

    Your commentary is what sells this channel. I never leave without having laughed over something said.

  17. Where did you get the pet rock from? And is there any significance to the number on it?

  18. Charlie Tomlinson

    Wait is that a 90mm straight up slapped on and wider R3

  19. @9:38 you surived because that Cent 1 didn’t have a stabilizer.

  20. Where did he get that rock??

  21. Sucks your team won’t let you nuke. I’ve only been in one game where someone got a nuke– but our team ran back to spawn to watch and nuke guy was escorted by the fighters in the air (obviously the way its supposed to work)

  22. THANK YOU Mr. WT-Ambassador for another great vid 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  23. “the gun fires above the crosshair”. Ballistics!! 😛

  24. it is just an r3 with a gun IT HAS THE SAME HULL

  25. 17:33 We need T-34 Drivers Hatch Compilations! They are awesome, the Russians should have made entire tanks made just out of drivers hatches!

  26. Brian Mascarelli

    Italy has a pretty sweet 6.3 lineup. I mostly roll with HESH.

  27. 1st match: typical Wehraboo team spawn camping while holding none of the capture points. German mains are short bus special.

  28. Hey odd… maybe instead of the m26 i’ve been suggesting you could do the StuH 42 G and the duck or the stuka or something like that?
    the StuH is at like 2.7 and has a nuclear shell, or you can use HE and just over pressure annihilate anything

  29. Vener Sulejmanov


  30. I feel like when you get a nuke you should be immune to friendly fire. Or make it so the person that does it gets a *hefty* penalty (five or six figures SL). Too many salty players that wanna ruin your fun

  31. Im from sweden and just whant to give you 1000 tumbs upp. Love your work 😊

  32. BloviatingOnion 77812

    Artillery is mental… I got killed by artillery 2 times in a row via splash damage or direct hit in a jumbo

  33. Passively killing people

  34. Bad Goat nation

    I hate the heat in this tank this isnt for you if you dont know weak points

  35. “As a Scotsman that made me happy” as another Scotsman, too fucking right

  36. i edited this name

    3 arty kills in 1 match meanwhile my friend is crying in the corner after got arty by a teammate 2 time in 1 match

  37. I think you mentioned arty needs to be nerfed a bit. Agree, it seems too good at present. Probably time to entirely re-think how arty works in this game.. maybe a tech tree. Dunno – great vid anyway

  38. Awesome vid

  39. 1 8 6

  40. Cinnamon Noakes

    If you wanted a slightly larger Eland 90 with a slightly weaker heat shell and access to hesh at a lower br, here you go

  41. Cinnamon Noakes

    Easy fix for the team killing of nuclear aircraft is just make it non-tangible to friendly aircraft, making it unshootable and unramable to “friendlies”

  42. The reason you didn’t cap at 9:47 is because of planes decapping the point after crashing into it

  43. The HVG 60mm m300 round needs a damage buff that shit is nerfed to ground 76mm rounds delet but 60mm baby farts

  44. Francesco Boselli

    Me an Italian seeing Odd playing Italian vehicle: *happy Italian noises*

  45. This guy’s actual name is : NoBawZ

  46. As a Scotsman that made me happy lol

  47. The Gopnik Fish

    Petition to make Odd’s new IGN “WobbolyObboly”

  48. I don’t think arty needs toned down in the slightest. Before, it was worthless, it’s highly destructive to tanks if it lands near them let alone on them, especially with open vehicles due to concussion forces, not to mention potential hearing damage. This game tells you when artillery is coming down near you, players need to learn to GTFO.

  49. why does ur tank have a rock

  50. 0:50 me after a year of lockdowns and nothing else to do at 10pm

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