Hot Potato Launcher – HWK 12 – World of Tanks

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  2. Wow, I’m early!
    Heat Seeking Potato Launcher needs to be nerfed LOL
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  3. 2 views 5 likes nice

  4. Favorite line to say when I low roll or miss is ” what are these potatoes “

  5. Enjoy your sunday everyone 🙂

  6. Easy clappers.

  7. Why is the graphics so low?

    • i think the graphics are fine, its the bitrate since its probably upload from the stream, so it might have gotten compressed twice (twitch AND youtube)

    • @Jure Knežević unfortunatly my pc died, so running a back up one so quality is lower, hopefully fixed in a couple of weeks.

    • snowisthebestweather

      I have to watch on 480p because of crap internet, so I didn’t even notice…

  8. That’s amazing, 50 more people can finally see circon in colour without all the static 🙂

  9. I like to imagine that the heat rounds in this tank are baked potatoes fresh out the oven

  10. nice content bro

  11. amazing video keep up the good content

  12. So much potatoes went straight into the oven – Circon might open his own KFC.

  13. with this little shitter i did the last Obj279(e) mission 3x ace in 15 battles


  15. CoronaFlexes

  16. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Fritz: Hans We need to load more potatoes on zis tank

    Hans: So how much potatoes do you want me to load ?

    Fritz: *JA*

    • Krystian Olszański

      Gunter : load them all you fu… f… of the man

      Hans: Ja i will load them you didnt needed to be so mean “tu du tu du tu “(sings going for a crate (dum dum potatos from Zurich))

  17. 6:00
    “Heat Seeking Sweat Potatoes”

  18. Oh look, yet another 15-3 rout. Why the hell is this game nothing but one-sided matches suddenly? it never used to be like this. FFS WG, not like there’s enough problems with this game.

    • Stop it, PLEASE STOP IT, idiots are playing, sniping with heavy, pushing with weak TD’s and lights, so game is not wrong for their stupidity.

  19. Use HE ! That’s a real shell speed meme !

  20. I wasn’t aware the Hwk 12 was a TD!

  21. Hi everyone, any idea where I can get a working version of the MoE mod?

  22. Art of Stormdancing

    HWK 12 is by far my favourite light tank. I just love it so much.

  23. Why are these guys yoloing through the field like this, wtf is going on

  24. Bro I’ll gift you 70 subs if we can meet behind the maus 🙂

  25. Sweet potatoes !!!

  26. How can a gun with such slow AP pen anything?

  27. korean jezuz nice reference from jump street xD

  28. Play more NON premium tanks, it is more interesting.

  29. the lighting in your place is making you look like the unibomber on camera. very cool.

  30. Guess all that golfing practice comes in handy

  31. Best buff the HWK 12 ever got was the introduction of British lights.

  32. Launching Spuds like there is no tomorrow!

  33. Glad you are getting better

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