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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

‘HOT TRACKS’ UPDATE: https://wt.link/hot_tracks

Hello, friends! While some are getting their fireworks or Christmas lights ready and others are booking their Zoom conferences in advance, we’ve decided to roll out another big update for you. Yes, it’s been only a month since ‘New power’ came out, but don’t you agree there’s such thing as too many cool new vehicles? By the way, as a bonus to the new pack of combat vehicles we’ve prepared something special for you…



  1. optimize the game for oldest PC, pls

  2. Im very happy that you guys are bringing more and more contend in this game, but you might consider the Players. Me as an AirRB and GroundRB top tier Player think that there are to good Ground to Air vehicles in the Game. I just researched and purchased the F4C and got the Zuni Rockets to blow some sh*t on the Battlefield up. But in 20 Rounds i only managed to kill 4 ground enemies because of the Ground to Air Missles who are for me just ruining the whole game. You cant even respawn and a Missle hugges you and blows you out of the Sky. So plz take this note and make some changes to GroundRB. And also as a small Tipp the Mig21 series with there r60 need a little nerv they are just a pain in the ass to fight if you dont have flares .

  3. mariano lopez zapata

    put spanis tanks

  4. A more realistic driver’s view would be appreciated.

  5. I like this part 0:12 also war thunder you should team up with nvidia and get rtx and dlss in your game

  6. U don’t sound so good.

  7. The sight of a Buccaneer fully loaded for bear and storming past at over 500mph is a thing of beauty!

  8. So, the ADATS is just a duplicate of an existing vehicle, with fewer weapons? Why did they add this lol

  9. everyone complain about the game being broken, buy everyone keep playing. It really is curious

    germany suffer

  10. Hey Gaijin team 2 quick questions.
    1. Will you add modern day jets like the f14,f15,f16,f18,f22,f35,Rafael,eurofighter,mig25,mig 31,mig 29,su30,su 27,su34,su57 etc. And if yes when?
    2. Will you ever add new countries like India, South Korea,etc. And again if yes then when. GAIJIN PLS REPLY

  11. give us korean top tier!

  12. remove harrier

  13. ADATS be like: hello enemy vehicle, may I throw these shells at you please? And I’m sorry if it damages you.

  14. What kind of dumb ass sets the airplane controls like this? Put some realism into it. Who would defy the convention of pulling back on the stick to go up? FAILURE!

  15. You really need to nerf the ai tanks

  16. Trenton The Titan main

    song name?

  17. Farhan Taqiatsillawahiz

    How about edit weapon

  18. Gajin: “Don’t you agree there’s no such thing as too many new cool vehicles?”
    The Community: No, fix your game’s economy

    • They wont.. i got so extreme shocked as i played as a normaly Player.. i had 4 Years of Premium and with Premium its okaay but without Holyshit… i would say its a game where you need to spend every Month Money for Premium to enjoy the game

  19. type 10plz

  20. If you wan’t people to spend more money on your game, make it more fun!

    Unfair BR battles where people can’t dent their opponents, while the opponents can one shot back from very angle is NOT fun and do NOT make me spend more money.

    It makes me play other games.

    And whoever have made the Ground arcade assault have never heard the word fun, and should he/she have heard it, i belive they think it mean frustration and pain.

  21. They need to call it HOTBUGS… a lot of crashes.. then you have bots tanks (added by Gaijin to complete empty battles…) then those bots, dissapear in front of you i have videos of that.. incredible errors!

  22. dcs looks better.

  23. Fix the textures? I dont like see my tiger pink

  24. What’s the name of the song at the beginning?

  25. Nice uptade peoples who taking it have shity pc i play without graphic card and have 53 fps . You need to know how to change satessings in game and your pc. Uptade is preety good developers do how much they can but noone say good word developers do this all for us. Sorry for my english have a good for all.


  27. MAUS AT 6.7 please and there are plenty of tanks that can kill it at the 6.7 just lower the BR

  28. plot twist:

    gaijin kidnapped Santa Claus to narrate for this video

  29. It could be such a great game, but with the constant frustrations with uptier/downtier its only a decent game.

    I want a fair fight, not beign targetpractice to far better tanks, and today i have had 10 fights in a row as a target.

    id rather sit a bit longer in a queue than rage-quit in frustration because the game is flawed.

  30. i want the music playlist from gaijin

  31. Sometimes I come back to watch this trailer to hype myself up and kick some ass in ear thunder

  32. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  33. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

    I’m getting the mig 21 let’s gooooooo

  34. Please add Israel and Finland to the tec tree

  35. Why does the m1128 Stryker have such long reload ?


  37. how about you fix the Grind so people can actually Unlock these new vehicles, why would anyone start playing this game and stick with it?

  38. Would be cool if i could play the event keeps telling me to enable cross-play n i play on xbox so its enabled by default

  39. Pay to win

  40. Music?

  41. Next major update:

    Community: “Did you fix ghost shells, and take the server hamster to the vet?”
    Gajin: “we would like to introduce the Irish and Argentinian tech trees to war thunder”

  42. Add the A-10!

  43. This is why I don’t play the game that much can you guys shut up about the game being bad I think they already know you guys aren’t funny neither

  44. Would you be as good at improving Warthunder’s graphics as your other “Enlisted” project?

  45. Never heard the name “Buccaneer”, but it immediately became my favourite name for aircraft ever.

  46. Any emotional song ever:

    Warthunder: Yoink

  47. Can’t you make war thunder for Android?

  48. War Thunder Discord

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    Official community =SQUAD SEARCH=
    AB RB SB: 》 》 https://discord.gg/war-thunder 《 《 Largest co-op server

  49. please chinese helicopter tech tree

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