HOVER BATTLE TANKS (Crossout New Weapons & Faction)

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  1. “Now this is podracing!”

  2. Its pronounced ic-ar-is as in the Greek myth

  3. cross out is now too weird for me

  4. OMG that left middle rocket engine is triggering me so much

  5. Crossout in Xbox sucks ass

  6. someone needs to make an HT-95 Levkov with this.

  7. Q and E to strafe.

  8. I 16 TYPE 10 CMON

  9. Reminds me of Battle: Los Angeles alien crafts.

  10. Icarus because of “Icar” that was flying into sun in Greek mythology.

  11. Phly you’re a great player but you are certainly not an intellectual.

  12. use the jet engine with wheel

  13. Am I the only one that yelled out physically “ik-er-uh s” to tell Phly. As Icarus in the Greek dude who flew too close to the sun and fell to his death? You know? That dude?

  14. Can you drive over the poison lake?

  15. Type 32 Nekomata…. Battlefield 2142 anyone? need to pach this game 😀

  16. Phly, you can strafe using q and e with the vertical rockets.

  17. Ayye crossout! You should play that build against actual players Phly

  18. ay-jis
    also that blue gun completely outclasses all cannons… i feel this new faction is a little op

  19. Ic-a-ris is the pronunciation of Icarus

  20. what if you put the 20mm on center of mass of the hover vehicle? should be more balanced, and not want to turn. you have force in an a-symmetrical build in this vid, which may be why it’s squirrelly

  21. yay im not late 😀 also your awesome phly please make more videos to entertain us

  22. Flubbering Philistine

    ick-ah-ris (icky duh wrist)
    ee-jis (evil jist)

  23. I hope crossout becomes like the original robocraft… that was great up to the megas, then after that the devs straight up fucked all the players in the ass and reworked the whole fucking game

  24. simon dont look at my last name creep


  25. Phly try mixing the GL lasers with the minigun not the 20mm, and see what happens, and you can also Q and E with the hovers.

  26. You can hover over enemies too! Another player tried & tested melee weapons to limited success! I had suggested the big buzzsaws underneath the build!

  27. Really phly the new war thunder patch is out!

  28. Build a helicarier

  29. Backseat driving challenge: in realistic GB Kill atleast 2 tanks from a bomber or attack aircraft by going to machine gunner view and looking fowards with C and flying the plane with keyboard commands. Attempt #2

  30. Hey can you do a build of tires on the from with jets on the back so you turn from the back?

  31. you should remake the A-10 with the hover things on it

  32. Still trying to look around with C lol

  33. Raad Khan Mohammed Ali

    hey phly do the combination of firefly sherman and the firefly.

  34. eek-car-rus is how you pronounce Icarus I believe.

  35. Hidden message: of u fly like phly, ull be fine:)

  36. Long range builds will be sooo OP

  37. You know what they say.
    *A pump of Dawn and its Gone*

  38. Pronounced Ick Uh Ris not Eye Car Us.
    Pronounced Aye Ges not Uh Gee Us.

    Just saying this to help not to hate.

  39. Soy de River soy de River yo soy

    i really wish you readed the description, you always miss out the SPECIAL ability at the end of the description

  40. Those two middle thrusters were NOT #SAF. *triggered*

  41. Now time to put a rocket booster on a hovercraft and confuse the enemy by flying over them 😀

  42. guys stop with the, (Attempt # x) just because one guy did it and was funny like a year ago doesn’t mean its always funny, dead meme

  43. dawn of children is comrade

  44. thanks for vid Phly, glad to see u trying crossout again 🙂

  45. thanks for the vid phly glad to see you trying crossout again. you got me hooked on this game.

  46. I got the feelning people are going to fight more the craft itself than enemies. 😀

  47. Future of tanks

  48. Phlydaily, i heard on one of you vids that u have kamikaze blood on you. challenge. try to kill 2 players in crossout

  49. What happens if you make a hover halftrack with jets in the back and tires at the front?

  50. it’s pronounced ‘ICK-A-RUS’

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