HOW AM I ALIVE? (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

– How am I alive?

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  1. first

  2. sup baron

  3. Last hanz standing

  4. Second

  5. 33rd

  6. Baron you are best You tuber EVER

  7. play the KV-1S pls

  8. BARON BARON! how do you get your golden eagles?


  10. Kill them all

  11. I like last man standing

  12. Last men standing reminds me of Fury

  13. Baron=BEST world war theme gamer

  14. 13th! ecks dee

  15. baron will you marry me? oh shit you already married slick I forgot

  16. first dislike yes again

  17. yeah, no one was asking for last man standing, everyone thought it was a
    bad idea when announced, and yet there it is

  18. Baron I have a challenge for you. On Eastern Europe, join a realistic tank
    battle. Drive into the river in any AA and shoot down the plane before you

  19. What is your favorite Sherman tank, Baron?

  20. +BaronVonGamez last man standing: I hate it, but if you could drop off
    crewmembers to allied tanks if you have more than 2 crew.

  21. Happy Friday ladies and gents. I gotta recover from this cold…but should
    I show off some video of me firing fully automatic ww2 guns?

  22. BARON BARON! ill suck ya left nut of a titty fish if you run for president
    of gaijin

  23. im in favor of last man standing. keep it out of arcade but make it faster
    in RB and FRB.

  24. that would be nice

  25. Last man standing if you have the Panther or a tank that is hard to pen
    from the front of the tank you sit in the drivers position you do not get
    killed only if the enemy flanks you ,and take shots like a boss.

  26. Baron please stop saying “Last man standing” when you still either have 2
    or even 3 people alive at one point!

  27. I don’t like the last man standing thing I was in a leopard and was
    fighting a m10 god the fact that I was able to first take out his engine
    then his turret ring I drove around him looking for a good spot to pen and
    kill the last guy but no I was were the front of the gun was boom one shot
    took out 3 and my turret ring or was it two I don’t know but my turret ring
    was fixed boom im dead… all I said was
    in my next leopard and got him as well as two others but then a plane
    killed me so total first life 2 kills one assist second 3 kills

  28. Why do I love the elevator music?!

  29. Last man standing is a screw job to german tankers.

  30. Baron please play Dicker max PLeaseeee!!!!!!!!!! ı love you

  31. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    baron i challenge you
    try to put a tank on top of the maus or e-100
    please try it and make with a small tank

  32. Damn you and your high tier stuff the highest i got is IS3

  33. Hey guys, so war Thunder is a game With Tanks, infantry and planes?

  34. Alexander Vynogradov

    I really like the last man standing thing.

  35. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    by the way nice music during gameplay

  36. Sorry you sick Baron. I’m sick but I subscribed and like your videos. But I
    don’t know if I like the last man standing thing.

  37. I think it should be before the match ,where you are selecting your shells
    you, can turn it on and off depending on the map or tank.

  38. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    Every time you called LMS you weren’t. Please just look at your crew count.

  39. Germany is shit

  40. I hate last man standing

  41. Yo Baron. You weren’t last man standing that much (eg.: Kügelblitz it was
    only like 5 seconds…) Also I like it cuz the tank is still operateble
    with 1 crew member

  42. last man standing is great!

  43. The amount of times you said you was on ‘last-man-standing’ when you
    weren’t is SO cringey. xD

  44. Is it just me or was the music a little bit too loud.

  45. Lol you and Orange are both sick! What is this virus?

  46. that was awesome ??

  47. Dick butt Nick butt

    I hate the last man standing I would rather be dead then have 1 crew member

  48. it’s a double edged sword

  49. Last Man Standing isnt bad idea, but its not fitting every tank, they
    should make it different for each tank class at least, extremely low reload
    rate on medium tanks, slow driving on light tanks, slower turret and
    traverse on heavy tanks, such things make it better i think

  50. Mario A. “zup33r” G.

    i think its cool but would be better if they let you get more crew members
    in the cap zone just like re-fill the ammo if they apply that it woud be
    better than just being a pillbox in the center of the map

  51. Don’t strain yourself, mate.
    Take a liter of warm water (about 55°C), put it in a thermos, add half a
    good lemon’s worth of juice and one tablespoon of honey (or one and a half
    if that won’t be sweet enough for you). Keep it nearby and take sips
    whenever your throat starts to feel particularly rugged.
    Get well soon 🙂
    P.S. Sorry for gaijin metrics, i don’t really have a hang on this whole
    ounces-pints-whateverelse thing.

  52. 82ND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. baron why haven’t you played with phly? really miss those adventures

  54. What do you click to use last man standing? I need to be informed please

  55. take the music off can barly hear your voice

  56. I don’t like last man standing.

  57. U should of flu over them low style

  58. i love last man standing

  59. the mk103 stands for Maschinen Kanone. so its M K, not mark.

  60. 5:11 and 6:03 yeah, totally last man standing baron –‘

  61. NOBODY likes last man standing damnit.

  62. Baron, either you don’t understand what last man standing means or you
    aren’t looking at how many people you still have in your tank.

  63. I hate last man standing

  64. I don’t like the last man standing because it is not real. heck if your
    tank git shot through you wouldn’t still be in the tank anyway

  65. Can someone explain me why I can’t penetrate a M4A1 (76) W with my 76 mm? I
    fired him both APCBC and AP, that penetrate 127 and 155 mm, but they
    bounced… This is really strange because I can penetrate easily an M4A1
    with the 75 mm… Maybe the armor is too sloped (the angle is quite
    high)… I have the same problem with the M4A2 (76) W.

  66. why does he keep saying last man standing even though it’s not?

  67. you kept saying you were in last man standing when you weren’t

  68. So how does everyone feel about “Last Man Standing” in War Thunder? While
    I’ve gotten kills while in last man standing, and it can sometimes be
    interesting, I still am not in favor of it. How about you?

  69. I know this was recorded yesterday because I was that M47 towards the
    beginning lol i loved the kugel assault, i nearly died.

  70. Tiger 2 H is the best looking tank in game.

  71. Personally I really hate that “new feature”. For real, I prefer to bailout
    than having to deal with “last man standing” it’s just annoying when it
    bugs and you can’t change between driver and gunner.

  72. I Don't Understand Math

    Will you (anyone who sees this) go to church on easter?

  73. What’s with the weird map in the second clip?

  74. Sherman firefly vs. Sherman 76mm with you i the 76mm with phlly and slice

  75. I want a leopard so badly

  76. Last man standing is hilarious, I was getting shot for at least 5 minutes
    before 4 or 5 tanks finally killed me! I literally couldn’t stop laughing!
    But yeah anyways its pretty gay lol.

  77. last man standing is good,once i was an ace in my m46 tiger patton going
    for YOLO runs and killing everybody.But most of the time is just anoying

  78. I like last man standing

  79. ive wanted it for like ever but i feel that its a better feature in
    realistic and simulator only

  80. what is with the really loud music ?

  81. Damnit dude, last man standing is when you have only 1 guy left not 3

  82. Personally I don’t like the LMS feature. Especially since they added it for
    RB and SB but not for AB. It’s unrealistic yet they put it into the
    gamemodes that claim to be realistic (or at least more realistic than AB).
    It might have its place in AB in a different shape but definitely not in
    the other two modes.

  83. i like last man standing before fixing that they should fix BR and

  84. When you’re in last man standing, the poor remaining crewmember is
    reloading the gun, reparing the tank, extingushing fires and switching from
    gunner to driver everything at the same time…. it’a so illogical!! PLEASE
    GAIJIN, remove it!

  85. I kinda like it now I won’t get one shot by most tanks


  87. going to say if you over pen you can still hit a tank if there is one next
    to it

  88. I like one man standing

  89. I don’t like it. I’ve gone on some big kill streaks with it, but I felt so
    cheesy while I did it. It’s also super annoying when I can’t get that last
    crew member. Also, it messes up sometimes when say I’m down to two crew, my
    gunner gets killed and I’m trying to drive away but it forces the crew

  90. What’s up with the terrible loud music?

  91. I hate it is not usefull so yea no thz

  92. i love the last man standing. hush baron! i silence you!

  93. Because you have more chances of staying alive

  94. whats with the music i dont think it just fits in. i loved your content but
    you have changed soo much

  95. What’s your fav tank in wt

  96. If your tank gets shot to shit, and you’re the only one alive, you aren’t
    staying in the tank. Let alone moving in to what used to be your buddies
    lap through the field of viscera that is that crew.

  97. god shoot the ammo with heatfs…instead of shooting the same spot twice
    with 7sec reload when the crews cant even relocate at that speed… which
    means youre just wasting your ammo..ammo shots are pretty consistent 1 hit
    kill with heatfs

  98. last standing soldier DK

    I like it but it dont work all the time lol

  99. Baron, use binoculars my friend!!! ;-)

  100. Primarch Alpharius

    Crouching panther hidden Baron

  101. I think last man standing should be a crew perk you have to unlock just
    like every other ability such as reload speed, vitality, etc.

  102. Brandon “The Alaskan Devil” Johnson

    Fuck last man standing. How do you kill a hull down king tiger whos in his
    drivers seat? Oh yeah you dont so you try to flank then he gets into the
    gunners seat and kills you. Fuck last mans standing.

  103. Михаил Куницын

    я придумал, как лучше учить английский – смотреть видео англоязычного

  104. The power of LEOPARD!!!!

  105. iam Abraham_Mx in my maus Bl, the M47’s is fuking campers. -.-

  106. iam Abraham_Mx in my maus Bl, the M47’s is fuking campers. -.-

  107. how somebody can be this noob.. i guess is because he never have to grind

  108. How you didn’t die … Simple you’re #TheGodDamnBatman

  109. What tank is this?

  110. In my opiniom the Music isnt that good

  111. I love the last man standing mode, it is an amazing addition!!!!

  112. Planet AtWorldWar

    I like the last man standing because in some tanks you get hit once in the
    turret and everyone dies and it’s game over but with the system you have a
    better chance now

  113. i personally like the idea of last stand. it gives players a second chance
    when your whole crew is wiped out in one shot with instant KOs instead you
    still have a chance to get some more sp to spawn in another tank.

  114. Stop saying you’re on last man standing when you have more than one
    crewmember left damnit! This bugs me way more than it should xD

  115. How could you fuck that up BAron? No need to show yourself to everyone, you
    should have picked off the ones you SAW – not roll out of the forest..


  116. Last Man Standing would only make sense IMHO if you could get your crew
    members back at the capture zones (i.e. like rearming)

  117. Baron, just because some of your crew dies doesn’t mean you’re in “last man
    standing” lol. You’ve said you were on LMS multiple times and still had 2
    or 3 crew left

  118. I personally think the “last man standing” function is a good thing for
    many tanks, for example the low crew amount such as the t-60, 70, and 80
    tanks desperately need this function. Realistically speaking this is just
    another step of realism to the game, but also allows for more tactical game
    play from both sides in order to take out a tank quickly enough to slow it
    down or completely destroy a crew in one shot. (I’m looking at you russian
    tanks.) I could go on but this post kind of seems long enough

  119. My personal opinion is the chance to regain crew at flags not the full crew
    maybe one or two crew if last man standing or if there two crew maybe you
    can get one crew back like but that’s just me I am willing to get hate or
    stupid comments back

  120. Norway-tarantulas

    Its realy Good i killed 3 tanks with my tiger 1h with just 1 man

  121. I like the last stand idea as it makes it more realistic cause one guy can
    somewhat function a tank but it does make getting kills harder

  122. last man sucks, yes it more realistic but its not fun at all because you
    become completly useless and just makes you not want to continue with your

  123. i quite like the last man standing
    good games baron btw lol

  124. 10:35 That’s so cringe worthy haha, that opportunity though

  125. can u Play the T-92

  126. ALL vehicles with 2 crew members should have last man standing. ALL
    vehicles with any more then 2 crew members DO NOT get last man standing.
    that is my opinion on how they could make this mechanic work

  127. The N0o_b game r :3

    I would love it if we could get new crew members at spawn

  128. I hate last man standing.

  129. yeah last man standing sucks

  130. Baron, what game mode do you play? In realistic I don’t have SP?

  131. u should ply with me

  132. Last stand should only be in realistic and or simulator.

  133. I think it is alright but should only be avialable for tanks that have 4 or
    less crew members inside because tanks like the tortoise are like inmortal
    with the new feature

  134. I feel like the majority of my crew gets 1 shot and my last guy takes 4

  135. No I hate it

  136. You’re really bad at identifying being in last man standing…all three
    times you said it in the first battle you weren’t. First time you’d only
    lost one person, got put into LMS later, second time you had both driver
    and gunner, and in the kugel you only lost the driver, and a second hit
    LMSed you.

  137. Is that legit at 13:44? Pilot killed in the first shot, seems like hacks

  138. LMS is COMPLETELY impratcical!!! in any and every situation if a tank is
    hit and penetrator once that crew is GONE!!! Either dead or pacing the fuck
    out of that hunk of metal! I believe a leopard 2 was penetrator by an rpg,
    the driver lost his foot and that tank was essentially nocked out. it’s a
    pain even if you are alive cuz everything takes forever to do and I’ll
    usually just J out anyway.

  139. Idontneedtotypemyname forreasonsofsecurity

    Last man standing is like a sort of I like it but at the same time I don’t
    like it. I have about 23 kills with 1 crew but it makes for an annoyance
    when you can’t find the last crew.

  140. get rid of the music it ruins the commentary

  141. ”Omg there are so many enemy tanks” @10:18 ….. lets drive forwards so
    I will expose myself to all of them 🙁 You could killed so many more
    baron at that point in the game :-(

  142. You have shit aim. Really. That conq should have died in the first hit

  143. lol that’s me in the chieftain deslence :D

  144. I love last man standing it’s glorious fighting to the death plus I used to
    always get 1shoted from across the map

  145. Quintin Baumeister

    Last man standing would be better if there were a way to replenish crew at
    the spawn

  146. Galaxy Mustache gamer

    Baron can we bomb run in warthunder sometime?

  147. accumbularate DoP

    I kinda wish that War Thunder would split up German tank teams so Leopards
    wouldn’t be fighting Chieftains and M-60’s. It feels weird :/

  148. I love you baron

  149. I hate LMS.

  150. i have navy

  151. Hey baron do the p 61 next

  152. that means batman will win in batman v superman

  153. if the wait time between switching was shorten just a little it may be
    interesting but I’m totally on board with it

  154. last man standing was LITERALLY in the trailers for the game. you know,
    that one line about “you will not die, you will FIGHT BACK” and that
    asshole in half a tank rams into another tank because hes the only guy
    left? i’ve always wondered why they had something like that in the trailer,
    but never in the game. now they do, and i think its awesome. its not that
    hard to deal with, you just have one more guy to take out. if the tank is
    moving hes in the driver position. if the turret so much as twitches, hes
    up in the gunner position. easy stuff to figure out.

  155. im sorry I relized i made a mistake I meant I’m not totally on board with

  156. Last man standing just isn’t fun. It’s not fun for the person shooting you
    and it’s not fun for you sitting around in a useless tank.

  157. Love the Last Man Standing mechanic as it adds some realism but I would
    like to be able to re-crew the tank at the cap point as well!

  158. What is the music at 14minutes onwards?

  159. I love the red alert 2 references, such an awesome game.

  160. Baron, why does everytime you get shot, you automatically say “im in last
    man standing” you had 3 crew, and then two, and so on, does not mean you’re
    in last man standing….

  161. Tune it down with the dumbstep pls. It’s a bit hard to hear what yer sayin’

  162. ffs skip the music

  163. JagdPanther is the sexiest looking tank.

  164. Last man standing on sim and or realistic only

  165. I hate they add last man standing

  166. Perfect ambush position…”Ok, i’ll start at the back so they don’t see
    me”…..*shoots the tank in the middle of the formation so the Conq sees
    him* xD

  167. Just find ammoracks to ine shot

  168. hey no no you sold 5oj soal to us make us videos slave… just kidding rest
    up man rather have a sick resing you tuber then a dead one man :3

  169. I dont think last man standing even works for ps4 players ( including me).
    which is unfair.

  170. I’ve been sick since last Saturday at least I had theses videos to watch

  171. I don’t understand at all how the last man standing thing is bad? Apart
    from being able to shoot, repair AND switch to driver at the same time….
    Is he pulling the trigger on the way to the drivers seat? XD

  172. I might suggest using Buckethead as your background music, he has a huge
    catalog and search support per genre, might be an enhancement,,,

  173. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    It’s bullshit I’d rather be killed outright than have to sit there waiting
    for some ass hole to finish me

  174. It takes forever to kill tanks, I think it should be removed

  175. Looped footage at the start of the vid Baron

  176. C andyforBreakfast

    I dred last man standing more than death. I dont like it.

  177. So according to Baron every time you get hit and lose one crew even if you
    have 3 left you are last man standing?

  178. More of the “chill” music instead of the loud dubstep in my opinion =) keep
    it up, Baron!


  180. Ólafur Mikaelsson

    T-35 are so not sexy there disgusting

  181. Tony Andre Karlsen

    Play the new nashorn or dicker max please!

  182. baron, baron, how much weed do you smoke when playing war thunder! I know
    you do cuz I do and you are terrible like a stoner, sit awarness and
    such!!!! :)

  183. Why you not link song?

  184. I think last man standing makes the game really difficult but is
    realistic,should be removed from the game and left only in realistic

  185. they need to remove it. in real live the tank is already useless with 2

  186. Anyone else feel like the engines of the Horten is just…staring at you?

  187. i dont get why people bitch so much about last man standing. i mean if you
    really hate it that much just leave the vehicle if you are down to one crew
    member. so just leave it in for the people that like it, you are not forced
    to take advantage of it after all

  188. No last stand!

  189. last man standing is more realistic and i believe it makes it better for
    gameplay, just my personal opinion

  190. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    At first I thought last man standing would be great but it makes you such a
    retarded tank:/
    Also it takes longer to kill but at the same time I think it’s ok and they
    shouldn’t remove it.

  191. Is lms only in rb and sim?

  192. i played yesterday and i play three Battels in my tiger e and in all three
    games with the first shot i only had 1 crewguy and a damaged turret i dont
    like it that the tiger gets pent every hit

  193. platinum Squirrel

    How to make last man standing fun: play epic music

  194. I dislike last stand becuase it slows the game to much

  195. Nestoras Zogopoulos

    kirov statement appreciated :)

  196. ricardo osorio cisternas

    i like the lat men standing because i have more chance in my pt-76

  197. Last man standing is when you have one guy left, baron you said LMS when
    you had 3 and 2

  198. the most OP vehicle in WT HO 229

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