HOW CAN HE WIN? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today PlzenskaSkillaPico is going to do everything he can to win in World of playing the !



  1. Numero uno thanks for the content man

  2. I love being quick on a quicky video.

  3. bourrasques always find a way to win.

  4. 8th to watch the GigaBaby

  5. yes everyone understood the noodle language

  6. Because no one cares about those

  7. Dame this game was crazy
    The borrasque is kinda where the auto loaders started to go crazy

  8. Guys, check out FBPrime on YouTube. He makes really good World of Tanks content.

  9. the borat just finds a way

  10. Somebody tell QB not everyone has the credits to dump on 2 sets of equipment lol

  11. What crew and equipment set up ?????????????? Wasting my time

  12. My fav tank

  13. so what eq does he have on it?

  14. What an incredibly luck end

  15. Only Czech people know that he pronounced that name wrong

  16. i could never make this tank work. I dont know how people do so well in it.

    • I agree. You have to have a very good grip on game mechanics, particularly bush mechanics, good game sense and map knowledge. When I tried it on my friends account, I had an average of 1000 dmg lol

  17. The borat… one of few pillars that made this game toxic as hell.

  18. His name in not Dr Snake, but Drsnak, that means something like tough guy

  19. I think the 13 90 meant to encourage him rather than say to rush them

    • Keep in mind, that 13-90 finish that game with 0 dmg done. That’s quite hard to do if you have autoloader. So he is clearly “know” how to carry games in wot

  20. ya know u don’t know if I’d say it is overpowered. I’d say more it has an insanely high skill cap. the pen is terrible and armor is non existent. it’s basically a light tank with more health but worse camo

  21. Tomas Överström

    As a free player: god i hate this tank

  22. I played TS-5 and the caliban during the harvest event cause those were the ones that I have lol

  23. Maybe he just doesnt have the field mods yet

  24. his name is “Pilsner’s skill, bitch” and his team mate is “Tough guy 007”

  25. Ludovico Barladeanu

    Nothing special, just gold spam and idiot enemy team + afk

  26. Great game but QB clearly needs some sleep, how do you read 283k and say 128k?
    Get some rest buddy, you have been pushing out some quality vids lately and it is taking a toll on you 🙂

  27. Alexander Superapple

    a friendly reminder – the CHEATER from QB’s video is back and playing, have a nice weekend with superb WG customer service wink wink

  28. Good win but he really should of left the afk tank and killed the strv first to ensure he had enough ammo!

  29. Syahareen Sha Rani

    And this proves that tech tree tanks are irrelevant that poor Batchat didn’t have a chance ….

  30. And then there is me from Czech and actually understand what PlzenskaSkillaPico means…. and you don’t want to know it.

  31. that what destroys this game an op tank becoming a hero, sucks to play against this op tanks

  32. it’s more like Toughguy007 and Pilsen’sSkillerBit*h 😀

  33. “PlzenskaSkillaPico” = Pilsen Skill B*tch…”Drsnak” = Tough guy…these guys are from Czech Republic

  34. “just go end them”
    He’s hyping him up, stop being so toxic Elc Even and Qb.

  35. Full Gold or useless tank

  36. Not having option to change equipment load out is either doesn’t have the field mod or a replay bug. Even without equipment on you can toggle the load outs.

  37. This tank is so disgusting. The camo, mobility and silhouette of a LT but with the best gun on any T8 MT. I truly have no idea what WG was thinking with this one, it should have much worse dispersion values on both turret and hull traverse, and probably 320 alpha like most 105mm guns.

  38. Dr. Snake 🙂 amazing.
    QB: Drsnak means at czech “Rough guy” and PilzenskaskillaPico means Pilsen skills, c..t 😉 Funny nicks…

  39. Just got a random youtube commercial for a WOT cheating website, team raptor. Weirdly this is probably because I have been watching QB and Kellerman videos about the cheating problem in World of Tanks

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