How Can I Still Enjoy This Game After 10 Years… RAMMING!

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of E-50 ausf. M Ramming Setup Gameplay with New Field Modification. World Tanks E-50M, Tier 10 German Medium Tank.

Many times I get questions like how do I still enjoy playing this game after all those years… Yeah, sometimes it getting boring, but trying out new build, off-meta equipment setups makes a lot more fun! 🙂

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. What map is in the second clip?

    Thank you , Dez


  3. Jack of All Trades doesn’t work if the commander is the one who is dead. It applies for every crew member. If the member is dead all he’s skills also are not active until healing.

    • Finding this out stopped me from ignoring my wounded Radio man, screwing up your BIA, repairs etc

    • @zGJungle i legit never noticed any drops in DPM (seen in reload times) after having one of the crew members with BiA killed in battle, so I don’t think it affects such stuff

  4. It is true ramming is the most fun when i first got the e 50m i couldn’t stop playing it with the ramming

  5. Idk man…many changes, but still if ur in t8 tank u have to fight a t10 tank…they really need to change this crap…its anoying
    As for the Chech Slovakia t8 heavy tank they need to rework its commander hatch
    Anyway…i still love ur content
    Still trying to play like u…Happy 2022 Dez

  6. all the wot creators are on a ramming craze lol

  7. Nope the game is DEAD only some Nickel Heads play this …

  8. nerfed with lots of new vehicles bt stil agree with you it’s stil worth playng DEZ

  9. Just thinking what other vehicles that this ramming setup would work well with at other tiers…. hmmmm.

    • centurions do more ramming damage than e50 they are more than 10 tons heavier kill loads by ramming them in mine.

    • @Sarah Slavin Thanks. 7/1, 5/1, or Mk 1? I like the 7/1 but haven’t played it much lately.

    • @Sean Inness the 7/1 or the AX both as heavy ax is a bit quicker so. Just take a ram when it presents itself, objects 140/430 lose a lot of hp, though my crew do have crontrolled impact for reduced damage taken.

  10. Slovenský Tankista

    i needed some ramming action today. thanks DEZ. 🙂

  11. Enjoyed as always 🙂

  12. Not enough people play this game to have fun

  13. 20th! Yeah! Hi Dez, keep up the good work!

  14. thank you so much Dez for putting up great videos. If it weren’t for your ideas, I would’ve raged quit years ago. You help keep this god forsaken game still interesting after over 10 years of playing. Thanks bro!

  15. I find ramming opportunities are very rare in my E50M too

  16. even after 10 years i have only 11k battles lmao

  17. Does this also work in the tier IX E-50?

  18. 17:18 what did i hear? Oh gay?

  19. Dr.O'neil ܐܬܘܖܝܐ

    What is ur MOE mod ?

  20. You enjoy it because you get paid, I am not good and have played since 2015 . You make good content and you should be paid for it but somebody like me, the ebr’s and power creep ruined it for me.

    • tl;dr playing bad so doesn’t enjoy the game

      I’d recommend playing with a friend who can act as a mini field commander like you see in clanwars. Just being able to listen to a better player improves your results

  21. I’d put Spall liner in the second slot
    Or better yet. Replace Spall liner with Modified Config. Keep the medkit but remove the repair kit.

  22. Mailand and Iyouxin shortly had a lot of fun with ramming and holding W 🤗😂

  23. no 10 bot teams in a row for dez.

  24. Simple answer, its ur payday, your nice content about his game is what puts bread on the table. But for the rest of us its really an interesting question. Gold spamming noob players infesting any map and any tier, the unbalacing in +2-2 matchmaking… its awfull. I dont give them any money coz of the clear signs of the greed and lack of care about the community but we still play it and keep it alive, we are all dumb xD

  25. Whats the name of the mode that shows you MoE procentage?

  26. As we all already know: Dez only plays WoT to increase Deznation to take over the World one day.

  27. Oh, i know you, you’re the guy who is good at reading articles! Hello!

  28. Can you do a Speed Build on the EBR ? I wanna see madness here.

  29. I am actually playing it for 10years now:D

  30. I believe that “Jack of all Trades” allows the Commander to do the job of any crew member taken out and not the other way around.

  31. Why nobody talk about mm these days? There is a huge problem!!!!

    • TehButterflyEffect

      Because it’s been royally screwed up since 2014 or 2016, so nobody remembers how much better it used to be.

  32. What cracks me up Dez, is how you make these meme builds, just for laughs, and then proceed to finish among the top three on your teams. LOL.

  33. omfg look at his insane crew lolol

  34. AusCan Plant Support

    Not worth going into battle without a med kit for me. E50/M are great tanks, really fun, the tanks operate kinda like a kid on a sugar rush!

  35. TehButterflyEffect

    I think it’s amusing how important people seem to think equipment is. It makes a tiny difference. 10% of 15 is still only 1.5, and the smaller the number you are increasing by 10%, the smaller your bonus is. Really the only equipment that makes a big difference is the spall liner or improved hardening, because they both allow you to take one extra shot into certain components, or you take 10% of the HE damage or ramming damage you otherwise would have taken.

    Anyway, my point is, don’t sweat the small stuff. This is not a twitch shooter and a reloading difference of .3 seconds isn’t going to give you a noticeable advantage. Don’t use gold, learn to aim, and have fun.

  36. I do enjoy a good ram myself

  37. Yes. Im quitting bc this game is toxic and unlike world of warships wot doesn’t have PvE.
    That’s why the game is a shit, forcing people to farm grind using only pvp???
    Wtf after 10 years WG is lagging behind no PvE game is broken subscription model is ridiculous etc

  38. محمد السعدي

    all that crazy build but when he ram 279e he had equal amount of damage . 279e should be removed from the game

    • You assume 279 didnt have some of the anti ramming perks he did like controlled impact, field mods. 279 also has better raw armor if not weight too

  39. Cant c yr tank choice

  40. 1100 exp game ! and only got 1452 credits profit if you dont have the premium account lol, digusting game

    • Yes, he is using most expensive consumables that havent been bought on sale

      If he bought the kits on sale, he would have gained 21k or 35k with small kits

      Tier 10 is not profitable anyway and were ignoring the +50% festive bonus

  41. Dez what is the cammo on your E50M?

  42. Day 130 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  43. How about trying the same build on KV-5?
    I will try it 🙂

  44. Truth to be said it is totally different for you-it is your job. Maybe even main source of income. Better than work in construction 🤷

  45. Ofc you enjoy, your hobby is your job?? Too bad this game is a big cheater game by WG.

  46. i Use LT-432 for ramm 😀

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