How do you F**K This Up, WG? + T57 and T110E5 quite Nuts with New Equipment

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks T57 Heavy and T110E5 with experimental equipment are quite crazy! New Set of Equipments – Fire-Control Systems, Mobility Improvement System and Survival Improvement Suite. How to Get Experimental Equipment and How good is it?

One of least waited features into the game and even then WG founds a way how to completely mess it up… Oh boy.

What do you think?


  1. As of now, the issue has not been fixed (at least for my accounts, didn’t receive anything yet)…
    Were you able to get them at first? And of course, DO NOT disassemble anything right now.

    • @Deth Lok If this were the case then it makes absolutely no sense adding the in game UI for starting up new reserves during battle, when they run out during that battle. (I think you are mistaking something: you get the bonus at the end screen for your activity done BEFORE the reserve ran out)
      In case YOU ARE RIGHT, then WG is even more malicious because adding the in-game personal reserve menu makes it look the way I explain above and makes players use up personal reserves unnecessarily!
      Dunno which is worse, I think it is much worse in case you are right!

    • I had my kran all 3 exp equipment and it is OP…try it Dez.

    • This is their way of buffing the t69, now you gotta play it 😀

    • Nothing here either.. EU server. Been playing since 9am this morning and its 12:30 afternoon here, still no message.

    • I have equipment, and it seems that I must have been able to complete the mission yesterday (cos I have an extra 200 components), but I searched for ages for the mission today, and I couldn’t find it. I thought I was just being an idiot, but I’m glad I’m not the only one with issues

  2. rustedniddleslinger

    Your team will still die in the first minute of the battle no matter what equipment you have on your tank

  3. I’m on Asian server and got my equipment but no missions.

  4. Falcon14 Blessed is the mind to small for doubt

    Caliban please.

  5. To be fair I can write even crazier script. Using ChatGPT lol

  6. Thanks for the Info Bossman

  7. Wargaming are clowning themselves now lol

  8. do it your self tank O.P buff. more blow out games. obsoletes all the other equipment that players have spent money time on getting. i have some good ideas for wargaming. but would they listen.
    one is have a skill based league system. two have a separate choice , random old school world of tanks session, or the modern new tech tank jet booster, flying, submarine tank game.

  9. Its great to see the company sticking to their values

  10. As of yesterday, I’ve officially quit WoT.

  11. Very soon we will have bond and bounty experimental EQs that very thought leaving a sour taste in my mouth

  12. So the issue I have with this is that it throws the class bonus slots out the window. And gives the tier 8+ bonus slots to lower tiers effectivly. My T71 now has god like traverse and speed, and my T-22 now has a mobility, scout and survival slot bonuses at the same time. And it makes it even more retared.

    That they wanted to add this is fine. It’s that they did not take into account anything people said when they removed it the first time. Made balance changes that did nothing and added it back without asking or testing.

  13. There is sooooo much in the game now that puts a completely insurmountable barrier between new players, old players, and unicunt players. For the casual ‘couple of hours in the evening’ player who has a job (and therefore MONEY) this is a big ‘fuck you’ because they’ll scrape and scrimp for just one tier 1 experimental module the game will seem pointless while unicunts will have entire vehicles kitted with tier 3 making their vehicles equivalent to an entire tier or two higher. A tiger facing an E-75 and expecting to accomplish something…

    And NO ONE asked for this. EVERY CC that I’ve looked at the past week has said “NO!” yet WG, in their typical style, does not listen.

  14. i got the new equipment wtf

  15. 2nd day of the mission for the components for the exp equipment and i think wg pulled it out…didnt get the chance to have a go at it today.

  16. Well after playing 9+ yrs I give up.

  17. My daughter got the improved equipment but I didn’t, seems to depend what time you was active on the server.

  18. Now all videos will be amazing but im sure if i trade my equipment for that the tanks will fail even.more or at least the same…this is all for us to see and believe stats are true. But this game is all faked with fake stats and fake random rng

  19. Can you try STRV 103B with expirmental Turbo, bond rammer and bond vents ? I think this would be awesome

  20. This is.another way of wg boosting their fake ass created heroes by buffed rng and fake stats to pump more their heroes and nerfed more the acc pre programed to be their hp pinatas

  21. I got items but not missions

  22. The best part is that I didn’t even get the equipment because they already froze giving out the equipment XDDDDDDDDD. Fuck wargaming giving out these OP equipment pieces and not giving it to anyone else at least for logging in.

  23. T57 heavy back to meta

  24. Just miss all time I spent in this game instead of war thunder, wich I like way more actually. Cheers mate

  25. 2:52 Pretty sure most Indie companies are far more competent than WG ever has been.

  26. So now maybe Foch 155 will be 2.4k dpm??

  27. WG and balance..right.. It’s one big shitshow there.

  28. Your 100% right Dez, this will make little difference to the average player but will push Chieftain and 279e to even more ridiculous levels, no need to choose between turbo or booking gun handling anymore, HP or less fires and ammo racks, nope just have both. . They will all be using both those modules fully upgraded in no time with bond gun rammers while little Jimmy trying to grind his Panther 2 will just rage quit after getting put against them repeatedly, I have so many mates that quit or stopped playing tier 8+ because of those stupid tanks, I’m pretty much just playing tier 7s now.

  29. I got the equipment and the missions direct.

  30. wargaming moment

  31. Small indie Company

  32. Wargaming = S N A F U

  33. Where are the new maps? When will the rebalancing promised 2 years ago come through? When will WG offer OP tanks to players not in clans or who don’t have the chance to get them? AND THEY RELEASE SOMETHING NOBODY ASKED FOR! Death of WOT has started. I will use up what I have, but time to look for another game. Shame really. A compromise could be to restrict Experimental Equipment to tech tree tanks only, not premium or reward vehicles?

  34. to be honest that t57 aint that much better than mine with bond vents, stabs and bounty rotation

  35. AMX 13 57 with the new equipment, should be able to be a quick sniper now?

  36. Caliban full gun handling build?

  37. this seems like it would buff Char futur 4 a lot

  38. did they unpauze event ..cuz i didnt get my equip

  39. WoT is a joke. The number of riggers and hackers makes the game unplayable.

  40. It is a cluster fcuk

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