How does A Unicom set up his T-62A in WoT?

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Source: LemmingRush

I actually didnt start out with the intention of copying sliphantom for the thumbnail, I thought I was coming up with my own unique Idea, until I decided to just double check make sure it was unique.. lone behold I figured out how to make his thumbnails.. xd

Anyways, as always if you have questions youre welcome to let me know.

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Please include:
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
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  1. lemming my favorite beaver humper?

  2. nba4fun DOCTOR WHO

    The Deadeye Perk enables the Gunner to increase, by a fixed amount of 3%, the chance that a shot will critically damage enemy vehicle modules and crew with AP, APCR, or HEAT shells. It does not work with HE shells. If two Gunners on the vehicle have the Perk, the effect is not cumulative.

    If combined with the Eagle Eye Perk, you’ll be able to get an idea of how well this Perk is working.

  3. Sid The Spacesloth

    which would you recommend Food or automatic fire extinguisher?

  4. More of these!

  5. So, I have some questions. Maybe it is me, but the M48A1 seems to have the most useless camo on the planet. I have my view range beyond 450, and always get spotted before I can see anything even when stationary in a bush. That is with gold camo. Is the camo skill really going to make that much of a difference that I should prioritize it over firefighting? My top tier meds are the Patton and the Action X and I have never thought that camo skill would make enough difference to be worth it. Still get it for those? Also, I am close to the T62a or Object 140 though I am leaning toward the T62a due to the turret. For the average person, any reason to go with the 140 instead?

  6. obj 140 or t62a… the object is so ugly, although it seems to be better

  7. is it the same with OBJ 140? also which is better T62 or 140?

  8. lol crew names

  9. I wonder how many will get the Pz. VII refference you once had to fight on with just HE at 4:56 😀

  10. lol wow different opinions eh? Myself i love being cheeky so run 6th into full repairs into full camo then snap shot, smooth, etc, then BIA then Firefighting (yeah its a really good crew) any view range bonuses. For equipment vert stab, rammer, and optics cause doing 3.5k with additional 3k spotting is nice even though im doing nothing differently (or “feels” like im doing nothing differently i defiantly play around the 480M view range). Im surprised about the jack of all trades though, i dont find my crew getting knocked out so often even the driver more so the ammunition and fuel tanks.
    Also quick question is it bad that i carry 10% HE in most tanks that have the room for it (140, 62 etc)? Cause i do often swap to it for unarmored targets like WT series and some lights.

  11. Off-road driving reduces terrain resistance, wouldn’t it be better all around for an already mobile medium instead of clutch breaking?

  12. do you prefer the 62-a or 140? reasons why, they are insanely similiar in terms of dps and general armour value, it looks like flat gun stats are roughly the same; dispersion etc. so my question is, is the firing on move better? or do you just prefer the extra turret armour

  13. Krisztián Mátraházi

    Ivan Ivanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrov

    *nice crew names :D*

  14. Since the med-kit is going to be a must have due to the stun effect of arty in patch 9.18, jack of all trades is becoming redundant.

  15. Why did you pick Vents over Optics? I mean it is still a medium… I am just curious?

  16. I’m going for two Russian Medium tanks: Object 430 and another one, which one do you recommend? T-62A or Obj 140? which would be more useful in say, Clan Wars?

  17. Another great video Lemming! Do you think running vents, v-stab and rammer are the best choices? GLD a bad idea?

  18. Can you explain the whole crew resetting thing again? After you reach 5 perks if you reset your crew, will it keep the old perks and just train the new ones?

  19. >Clicked video.
    >62A master race

  20. +LemmingRush will Jack of all Trades still be as usefull in 9.18 (with reusable consumables) in your opinion? Really like your vids btw 🙂 // jelspeed

  21. “Unicom”

  22. I have ramming maxed on my is-7 and it’s the best skill I have imo, I’ve killed so many 50 B’s and poorly armored tanks by ramming and several E100’s that are low health, lights and meds kill themselves by bumping me and I can track enemies really easily when brawling.

  23. Hey lemmingrush can you do an E50M game? I want to see how you play it

  24. did anyone notice lemming has 47 HE shells in the depot?

  25. Make more of these please

  26. wheres the kv2

  27. Smooth ride is so weak I decided to drop that skill everywhere

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