How Gaijin Can Fix War Thunder

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After the recent backlash about economy changes, Gaijin asked content creators for feedback on War Thunder in general. That got me thinking about everything I would change if I were in a position to do so.

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How Gaijin Can Fix War Thunder


  1. I once made a team slayer map in Halo Reach that my friends called “pretty damn bad” so basically I’m qualified to comment on game design I think

  2. diesel fuel tanks shouldn’t be explosive because diesel doesn’t explode except when under very high pressure and last i checked nobody intentionally pressurizes the diesel tanks on combat vehicles to make them explosive. after burning for a while yeah they could explode but i think its bullshit that a solid shot shell can pass through a diesel tank and have it immediately blow up as if it were nitroglycerin

  3. Christopher DeHart

    How is nobody talking about us being stuck with the SAME GAME MODES for a decade

  4. Nanya Fahkinbiznes

    Remove top tier CAS. Thank you

  5. Video 10 of asking to play the Sturer Emil

  6. Dealman Development

    I mean, they could give HE another purpose by allowing them to blow those pay-to-win bushes off of the enemy tanks. It makes absolutely 0 sense that they ignore all kinds of physics and remain on the tank no matter what. Or hell even MG fire or planes doing strafing runs.

    I’ve despised the bushes ever since their introduction, they look ugly and use the same textures as bushes on many maps so they are absolutely an objective advantage.

  7. 39th time requesting for you to play the sherman.

  8. Don’t forget bushes were also originally sold in bundles, so early adopters got an advantage. Still salty they took free flag decals away then brought them back for GE.

  9. alexander ragnarsson

    Too make warthunder great again. Stop this “fear of missing out shit”. They are doing impossible events and the rewardsystem is demolished. Also update the matchmaking with skill instead of only br. If you suck like i do in toptier. Put me against other players who arent good in toptier. And stop this marketplace madness. The prices on everything is ridiculus.

  10. They don’t fix it! Never thrust Russians

  11. daydaydominater

    I think another way to combat 1 death leavers would be to put a minimum rank requirement to use a purchased premium vehicle, what i mean by this is in order to use the premium vehicle you must have at least one tank unlocked in the previous rank, this would force the new players to actually play and learn the game before they decide to play top tier, die, and leave because they only have a single vehicle to use. I think 1 death leavers are a core issue as to why top tier is nearly unplayable, impossible to get a fun and competitive match when half the lobby is gone in the first 3 minutes

  12. If they fix things, I will play for more than 1 minute…

  13. it would also be nice to no go against people with 1k hours+ . who kills 70% of your team in 3.7

  14. The idea of reducing hitboxes for rounds its pretty good, but it should reduce the amount of spolling too since less material of the round enters the tank

  15. Please play the Foch

  16. I agree with most of what you suggested. I’ve been playing for 4 years and one thing that frustrates me the most is maps! Getting the same map three games in a row is ridiculous but it happens a lot. I’ve also been getting the same 3 or 4 maps over and over in a playing session. I have tried unchecking all the maps, liking different maps, banning maps but the problem persists. One night I went through and disliked 4 maps and then got three of those 4 maps in my next three games. Absolutely frustrating.

  17. day 11 of asking for spookston to play sav m/43 (1946)

  18. Look, if they fix the game all the masochists will go to WoT, and they make up like 90% of the player base.

  19. Simon "Ghost" Riley

    if they are gonna make it harder to get planes i think they should nerf missile spaa

  20. If anyone noticed what they did to air assault arcade; Gaijin made it so if you have an 8.3 plane in a 12.0 lobby, you get way more points for damage and kills. This way its balanced so that even if you dont have missles and arent as fast, you can still compete for good rewards. They should apply this to ALL gamemodes.

    To stop players from just brining overpowered 3.0 vehicles to make crazy rewards, it should only apply to your highest BR vehicle.

  21. You have very valid points that I agree mostly with. Only thing I would change is introducd an ground only mode, instead of making planes harder to obtain. I just want the option to not be helpless to someone that can press space. I have played long enough and had these encounters often enough, that I don’t think the current mode with planes is something for me. What I also find very odd is, there are already plane only and naval only modes, only tanks have to fear the wreath of planes. So level that and I’m happy

  22. Generally I like those ideas but in two points I have to disagree – firstly with bushes, all should be left but usage should be limited to 1 or 2 per tank, gap would be filled by camo nets, another one with spawning, this should be completely reworked to either fixed slots (let’s say two-three tanks, one plane) or to fixed classes (let’s say as tank you can choose everything but for planes only one class would be available)

  23. I would change the sound, and mostly the crew voice. I don’t think it has changed ever sinds it released.

  24. Maybe allowing me to fucking have an opportunity to shoot the enemy would make me happy

  25. they wont change shit

  26. Make it so you can instantly remove someone’s bush with a quick burst of machine gun fire

  27. Gajin… Pls fix.

  28. I think that talisman idea is really good because earning extra sl in tech tree vehicles is miles better than playing the select premiums

  29. I am one of the 20 guys using decorations to actually decorate my tank. If you take away my mad hatter’s hat, I will quit playing.

  30. Y’all think gaijin gonna change is what makes me laugh

  31. I hit a T-28 with the 75mm gun on the M3 Lee. I hit the small turret, and it did nothing. I raged after that. Why gajin why 🙁

  32. I use bushes as my tank’s hair

  33. Literally all a better update package than any Gaijin “hot fix”

  34. Never got the bushes hate, however I think they should be either earnable or purchased with SL so they are not looked behind a paywall

  35. i think attack drones should be on top tire only and not below its just so anoying getting killed by something you cant do anything to at like 10.0BR where not all players have a counters for them its like giving some one 2 more free kills. or do something about i dont know if i am the only one who thinks this ?

  36. For what you say about the “if it’s benefit for the gameplay then add it” i totally agree on that and i’m gonna talk about a specific tank the AMX-30 they should add the optic stabilization system which is already include in simulation (for all tanks not only AMX 30 and with their stabs) in realistic battles yes other tanks would not have this but this would just balance the AMX-30 and made it a bit less hard to play

  37. Make it so that you have to bring in 3 tanks and 1 aircraft when you try to get into a game

  38. I just want the grind to be shorter

  39. Add camo netting

  40. The only CAS I hate are Su25 and Helicopters. I also don’t like how bad my American AA is when I try to lock a Mig or G91 and can’t for whatever reason at any range. Otherwise everything else is easy to deal with. People need to learn how to aim AA and need to understand that they can’t rely on random players who spawn in AA to shoot down air. They suck for the most part..

  41. One thing that got suggested (and I think is genius) is that you shouldn’t have negative SL at the end of the match. Say you perform badly and died early (like in a bomber or a fighter plane). Well, instead of loosing the last 3 matches’ worth of SL, you simply don’t earn SL. I think that would be great for the grind, and for allowing players to use vehicles that would be impossible to use otherwise, like the B-29 whose sole purpose on this world is hold the player from achieving jet bombers before lol.

  42. Fix the map design and use the rest of the tools the CDK has.

  43. How gaijin can fix Warthunder… replace all the higher up bastards with less greedy, and stupid people. Also Navy needs either a Repair cost rework or major increase in SL gains

  44. I haven’t played in two years but if they implemented the stuff you said, I’d reinstall in a heartbeat.

  45. CaramelCrunchy99

    I put a 150mm howitzer, point blanked an enemy, went through all of the ammo on his left side, and out the back of his tank, he then killed me. This was 2.3BR, solidshot round. What. The. Fuck. Gaijin.

  46. Nicholas Esakson

    In regards to BR compression, I am a huge supporter of changing the BR range for a battle from 1.0 to 0.7. A 1.0 BR swing made sense when the game was smaller and there were fewer vehicle choices, but right now there are sooo many vehicles that they step on each other’s toes. With a tighter BR swing, max up tiers won’t hurt nearly as much – it’ll be a more fair playing field

  47. APCR seriously needs an angle buff
    IRL it had roughly the same pen against sloped armour as solid shot

  48. Iam_TeilzeitGott

    they ask for feedback for 1000 of other problems so they can do there economy patch again when everybuddy is diverted

  49. Remove repair costs.

    Never going to happen, but repair costs are just bad game design.

  50. The issue with everyone’s suggestions is “make the game even just slightly easier”, but GJ doesn’t want that, they want you off guard, angry, and susceptible to those impulse buys of GE for premium and vehicles.

    There’s a reason supermarkets are laid out how they are with little signage, the more mentally tired you are the more likely you are to buy something you don’t need, or even don’t particularly want. This can happen in as little as 20 minutes.

    It’s happened to me more than once, I’m broke as but if I’d had the money I’d 100% have spent it to alleviate the grind for sl. I got a ton of vehicles unlocked but unbought because I can’t afford the tank and training the crew, and as rp gain is more than sl gain you can never even them both out.

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