How Hard is the Bourrasque Challenge in World of Tanks?

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World of Tanks. Today is answering exactly how hard the Bourrasque challenge is in World of Tanks – and how long it takes!


World of Tanks is a game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Asia was sad bcs I don’t have a tier ten I have a tier nine but that’s when I realized I’ll prob have a tier ten by at least the end

  2. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET



    but some of the rewards of those stages? I’ll take what i can get.

  3. Juist gunna go after the stage rewards as far as I can. I can not get into this too deep. Gotta eat and sleep too. LOL

  4. My solution is to find another game to for the duration on the challenge and not play World of Tanks
    period boycott boycott boycott in protest of the challenge

  5. Rip im dont have tier 10 tanks and im bad at the game x.x

  6. Im sooo not playing this…..

  7. they expect player to persevere until stage 5 to 6, then buy the tank with their expected price. The mission is not for a healthy human

  8. Don’t care, it’s got no armor and it’s a light tank so that mean i’d suck in it 😛

  9. Lovely ego strokes

  10. 2:15 rage QB??

  11. First of all, this tank is garbage, only thing is really has that the CDC doesn’t is ground resistance.

    Second, fuck the marathons.

  12. I dont have the time to do this and I am retired. I will watch you on twitch when I can. good luck!

  13. Thanks for the warnings. No I will not I don’t have the time.

  14. Meh, it’s just a pixel tank, and much the same as many others at this tier. No thanks.

  15. I will just grind my tanks from the tech tree and at the end of the 10th day see how many stages i have unlocked and if its affordable for me I will buy the tank EXACTLY how the WARGAMING want it to be 🙂

  16. Although it’s no autoloader, I still prefer the Ravioli Sherman than this

  17. You’ve made these charts and shared them with us and I appreciate the videos and the work you’ve put in. I am curious, however, as I haven’t watched your streams in the past since I was trying to see how far I could get (I’ve never had the time to finish but I’ve always known that): How close are your predictions for your personal amount of time required?

  18. Agostinho Gonçalves

    im not purple and i avg 758 exp, so…

  19. well i completed renegade challenge to lvl 10 and im fre to play player tht said i hawe plenty good tech tree and prem tanks tht i hawe grindet and im not tht bad player either so i guess ill try to make these too

  20. WG needs to make money off the tank, people spent time on it. Best recommendation is play until it gets too much and then, if you still want the tank, buy at a discount.

  21. My experience average is 730, I have free time so CHALLANGE ACCEPTED

  22. I have played these all marathons thru, seens one more is coming. Would be cool to play thru one in row once but not sure is it so healthy 🙂 Thanks for the video QB.

  23. This reminded me not to return to wot, I would reinstall if it was possible for me.

  24. You know the drill QB… let’s get a Bourrasque to your F2P 😉

  25. After so may marathons, still for people to understand that you don’t have to grind for the vehicle, you grind for some discount…

  26. I will play but no more than I do now, I get what I get and the rest goes on by. Glad I’m not one of those who are trying to complete this.

  27. Ts-5 is only tank I have from marathon. When I see how easier it was in compare to this one it is clear for me to not focus on it. To get ts-5 I burned out.

  28. Did you actually burn out on one of these Challenges or the game in general yourself QB? 😬😊

  29. These missions are like a full time job. I did a few of the early ones, and they made me quit the game for months after doing them.

  30. i do 20-30% as always and fuuck it 🙂 no problem.

  31. this seems easier than wows pr grind

  32. Gg noobgaming I would have easily done all the missions in my t-95 alone but now I can’t and dont have the time or willpower to play non stop with low tier tanks

  33. Is it possible for you to track your active game time when you do this marathon? It would be fun to see how far you’d be from your estimated time. You did miss the prediction on the streamer event by a few days. And that was one of the better events to date. Marathons never was…

  34. i am going to do it

  35. Another marathon for no life players

  36. This is the time when its good not to have a girlfrend and you can spend you time with world of tanks and praying for good rng!!

  37. you are insane !!! for a tank that I don’t want to give you for free !!!
    it is better to sleep than to play this stupidity
    the game has to be fun not jail and for something you will not play it is not worth it

  38. QB’s job is to play this game.
    QB can invest 8 hours a day…cos it is his job to play this game.

    None of the mentally conscious people wouldn’t give up 10 days of their lives for this.

  39. All this crybabys in the chat….. ffs if you dont want to do the marathon dont do it. You still want the Tank? BUY IT!! This is a chance to get a Tier8 Premium for free/a large discount, dont cry just because you guys suck at this game….

  40. Just consider buying it later, after it has been nerfed.

  41. If you had timed this right combined with Tank Rewards you could have got the 7 days of premium and the free tank today from that (when the challenge starts) and not had to worry about the timings of when the premium from the challenge kicks in

  42. I’ll watch QB in pain :*

  43. 5 hours a day for an average player like me… No WG, thanks a lot, I can do without a Bourassque 🙂 And by the way, they’ve just ruined my tier X games for the upcoming 10 days.

  44. I’m rather average player with 48% wr and 450 average xp but for some reason I have 54% wr in my stabdard B and 730 average xp in a total of 400 battles in it so I guess I will do it in the standard

  45. Want free premium tank ? Rather play Tank Rewards which is way more easier

  46. 8.51 “…more average players” – (selects the 400 exp row)

    I check my wot profile… 274 average exp per battle

    Ok, I know my place now

  47. Love you QB, but who cares… I’m an adult with a life no more marathons for me. They should add more campaigns. And it’s a shit tank

  48. You are saying that the premium account gives more xp to the mission? 😮 f me

  49. play for fun…..enjoy the game..not waste my life to die for this mission

  50. But QB its BASE EXPERIENCE , so PREMIUM ACCOUNT BONUS is NOT taken into account, so that’s a pointless exercise waiting until the next day to use your premium account. You don’t even get Premium tank XP Bonus!!

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