How Hard is the Legend of the Hunter Challenge in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Legend of the Hunter challenge for the AltProto AMX 30 in World of Tanks is coming this Friday but how hard is it?



  1. This is going to be the first marathon in like six years that I’ve passed up as suffering through randoms is just too much for my mental health to endure and I did the Strv K marathon from start to finish without spending a dime. Hell I even did the 122TM marathon despite not having power for three days due to a winter storm so I am done with all this. Too many suck4fun and loss rigging bots on these days.

  2. Is there an awesome dude like QB but for WoWs ?
    Starting the game and looking for guidance.

  3. I get 200 average alright this is a piece of cake

  4. stage 7 is literally for FV4005s when QB said get your best tier 10 tank , lmao

  5. why is the comp eu only? was the kv2 one too?? so lame.. all of us help u get the gold then u only reward eu wtf

  6. why is the comp eu only that so ridiculous

  7. A GrindAthlon for a cat in a bag, can’t happen to me.

  8. Oh quickybaby how you underestimate my terrible skills lol

  9. yet more content pushing the selfish play style that does nothing but push team players away from the game… well done WG.. once again, unable to read the room.

  10. I don’t even have a tier IX or X so I just gotta grind the exp version. Gonna try and get the price down, but I don’t have my hopes up.

  11. Why are these always around exam time

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      Well for Americans, this will start right after Thanksgiving, all schools are on break and any exams would be done prior to the break.

  12. Retropaintball clips

    Marathon is always hard enough to make most players to buy it out, another strategy by wg

  13. how much is the tank before discount?

  14. I’m going to tape my eyelids open for this one

  15. Not bothering with it. With a 40h work week there is no time at all for it.

  16. Will finish this marathon in 3 or 4 days, ez 😀

  17. great vid and info but i will pass on this tank. happy turkey day..

  18. Just buy it

  19. Boring same as before dont even participate play it for fun. Gameplay mechanic that you need to compete againts team mates it is such a BS

  20. Yeah i dont wanna make it

  21. World of tanks is the most interresting game i ever played.
    1. It’s extremely pay to win, more than any game i ever played.
    2. It’s the game that reward players for their playtime the most from any game ever. (free premiums, free crew members, free 5x XP days, millions of credits, free premium tanks and much more)
    3. From time to time it feel like devs just hardlock you from content that you can only aquire if you pay money. (stupidly hard missions or timelocking from play like in mirny-13 in 2020)

    • 1. I haven’t noticed any P2W in this game. All the best tanks, equipment, etc. are completely free. Most can’t even be bought in real money but have to be earned.
      2. This has gotten quite ridiculous lately, but it’s a good thing. Makes the grind easier for F2P players.
      3. Some ultimate end game content, yeah. Just like it should be. I haven’t played Mirny so I don’t know about that.

  22. Got excited, clicked the video, saw french tank, left.

  23. The event gonna start during end term exam for me, Kek. Might as well gave up

  24. wuhu gold spam week once again

  25. Event marathon like this will always result a very non enjoyable rush hour teammates
    Where almost everyone just go ballistic from stage 5 or 6

  26. i get wery tired by grind exp again and again and again, it is time for them to give us something new. I remember old maratons…4 nations with every nation u need 150 kills and 150.000 dmg ,i want it again,much more fun

  27. Having no Tier 9 or 10’s and being below average, means I wont be getting this tank.
    Wish I could move my 6 years of tanks from the Console to my PC account. I miss my T34-88

  28. This encourages incredibly unhealthy behavior. For teenagers with no access to a credit card this is either guaranteed frustration or doing nothing else than playing World of Tanks in every single moment of free time (and probably most of their nights, too). Exercise and fresh air are overrated, right? What matters is having “a sense of pride and accomplishment”.
    Wargaming: in partnership with McDonalds, forging the fat kids of the future, today!
    … maybe I shouldn’t complain too much though, otherwise next time we’ll grind for a *chance* to pull the tank from a loot box. Nothing like surprise mechanics for even more pride and accomplishment.

  29. They should cut out grind point off their 9 and 10 off because they chose that line not 6 too 8 tiers no points for them.

  30. James Sunny Crockett

    Intresting fun fact for me is that UK based QB is counting in Euros 10:33 🙂

  31. If you try mastery in tier 10 tanks then does exp count toward base grind if you fail ?

  32. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice

    Let the impossible begin.

  33. This tank looks like it’s actually not good at all, I’m not going to waste my time on this thing

  34. playing randoms during maratons is the worst time ever to play wot. gazzilions of red players play, and from 4 minutes games, we will have 2 minutes games. absolute clown fiesta incoming…..

  35. The real question is, WHY is this game so expensive?

  36. Its a bid sad if you dont have tier 9 or tier 10 tanks yet

  37. Personally probably going to grind to 3-6 then bust out the card

  38. I would like to thank QB for keeping his video titles actually informative and true to the video, without unnecessary use of capital letters.

  39. I think QB used to have more subs and views. Oh well it seems that ppl are tired of pay to win. Too bad bc it was a good game…

  40. The reason wargaming makes these so hard is because they dont want tou to finish it. They want you to get to stage 5 or whatever and buy the tank

  41. Next days we can expect eruption of stupidity during games…

  42. It’s not a question of how hard it is, but how tedious.

  43. How much is the full price, do we know?

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