How I Became A Father in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today in World of Tanks I became a father, here’s exactly how!



  1. Note to future self. If a maus has somehow managed to flip their tank, use them as a giant wall instead of trying to put them back on their tracks.


  3. Finaly a o ni vid

  4. QB, we all know that you are da daddy! 😃👍

    Cheers, Bro.

  5. Wtf is this story about father and son?? Did you lose it?? Wtf?? Its not even funny.

  6. that was a poor game.. content is getting lackluster on this channel 🤷‍♂️

  7. Radovan Dragović

    I already expected an only fans video…

  8. Your videos are getting creepy

  9. Source of Arrogance

    I love your face when you don’t want to interrupt the voice of commander. It looks so funny 😂

  10. So no Quickybaby Baby?

  11. Confucius says: parent is the bow, child is an arrow, you can launch it in your preferred direction but…
    RNG:esus “interrupts”: …rest is my job

  12. 12 minutes of my life I will never get back… ffs with the stupid battles. Wow, he flipped. -.-“

  13. To be fair, and as a parent myself, children follow our examples, and you did dive off the hill. There’s a life lesson mate.

  14. This type if game is normal in ftp. 😃

  15. You ever see an E25 shove it’s 75mm into a TOG II from behind and blow its load? I have! I think that’s how Tortoises are made.

  16. – Quickybaby: It weights 100tons, thats so much for tier VII
    – 150 tons weighting tier VI O-I: yeah man, thats so much

  17. QB: “Saving a Mauschen “son” that keeps disappointing me.” Welcome to fatherhood. Lol!

  18. Kawashima Arisaka

    It seems that your son was not as good as

  19. Thanks for telling people how to kill the black prince. I now can’t wait until i get past the black prince. Lol

  20. that player on the mauschen typical a player who just barely on 5000 games manages to unlock a high tier tanks and they always “flipped” their games everytime they played.

  21. Oops

  22. This video is coincidentally timed! I just found out I’m going to be a father! Our first kid due in December!! It’s gonna get wild!

  23. Steptank i’m stuck, please help me!!!😂

  24. Solomon Gorringe

    What a weird thing to say, what a weird video. Child?
    off putting

  25. Congra…. Wait 😂

  26. exactinmidget92

    how the fuck do you flip a maus?

  27. Feels bad man

  28. no new outline?

  29. QB, stop waiting and make a little QB with that lovely wife of yours. You won’t regret it.

  30. Killgore _Trout

    worst click bait ever

  31. Arturo Espinosa

    My advice: don’t send him to college.

  32. children, full of responsibility; can’t kill em.

  33. “Father!?!? What!? B-but, O-Ni-chan!”

  34. Children are often disapointments

  35. now we are going to be waiting for the story on how you became a father irl.

  36. Your son is a Muppet

  37. Hi everyone, it’s QuickyDaddy, and welcome back to World of Tanks…

  38. As soon I saw this video, I thought ‘Oh god’

  39. social3ngin33rin


  40. A game froflm apr 04? 🧐😬💪🏼

  41. This was one of your funniest vids. Thanks!

  42. Totally got me

  43. Some players are just not worth saving, they are more hinderance to the team than help.

  44. KentuckyFriedJohansson


  45. 90% of German HT players are new to the game or just bad, and their only goal is the play the cool tanks they’ve heard of from WWII.

  46. And your crew is? What level are the children on the Quicky tank did not show his level 7 crew again poor guideline for this show

  47. You’re the best father he could ever have. You can tell him what to do but ultimately their life

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