How I feel about my Youtube channel and World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m talking about how I feel creating content on World of Tanks and what my plans are for 2020!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I have these “i don´t enjoy this game” days every day.

  2. Only 32 years old lol, I’m 69 years old and love playing this game.

  3. Great year!! cheers for all the hours of “terrible” content. I think you would be amazing on TD2 as well. That game with all the builds, you would be crazy good at it 🙂

  4. Tldw, im a veteran, wot is great, watch more, i dont need a job.
    In the meantime world of tanks is in garbage state, pay to win, no balancem bots and cheats everywhere.

  5. In b4 QB just slowly turns into jingles but tbh I would really enjoy content other than WoT from you. Doing just WoT is soul-crushing at least it is for me. I cant speak for all 600k of your subs but don’t be afraid to branch out and do other things.

  6. World of tanks is a love/hate relationship, sometimes wot gets drunk and beat my ass but i still love it so i stay (can’t describe it anymore pleasant sorry)

  7. I just turned 40 Quicky, be afraid, be very afraid haha

  8. Glad for your content but screw wargaming. Hinting at a holiday black market so people would buy loot crates. All the gold is pretty much useless. And no the video didn’t say 2020 preview it was a well deserved / holiday video. Lowlife greedy wargaming . Everyone figured the black market guy stealing a Christmas globe ment a Christmas black market. Plus no new tanks on advent nevertheless for gold.

  9. I think you should try another games, CP2077 on April maybe. WOT maybe can stand about next 5 years i think, because WG treat it so good and it dont have too many rival games, especially as good as WOT.


    I would really appreciate if you were to help new and low paying players (me) understand the tankrewards tanks when they are made available. How to best create the crew, how to progress the skills to be most effective as one is working the tank and what the person can expect from the tank with a reasonable crew.

  11. 32? Wow… I’m 10 years older than QB… lol

  12. Qb, thank you for making the choice to continue. Watching your content is always a pleasure, between yourself and lemmingrush my skills are constantly improving in this game. I think it’s important in life to be honest with yourself, congratulations for finding the quiet space to make the decision that serves you the best, between your education, your love life and your passions. I wish you all the best for 2020.

  13. Play for free. Feel the pain.

  14. I watched your YouTube channel since 2014 and I still like your content and wot since then thank you for everything…happy 2020

  15. mohamed amine chakroun

    Im a 5 years subscriber since 2015 I still remember watching a T29 replay

  16. QuickyBaby
    its still not a new dacade. You have to wait another year 😉 Let this be a good 365 days for you and youre wife! Chears from Poland.

  17. Looking forward to all the nerfs this game needs, Gold ammo changes, arty changes, wheeled vehicle changes. And the removal of XVM. This game might have a future. Looking forward to that

  18. I love this game, I bend playing for almos 2 years now. Hello from ??!

  19. Fair story Will, keep up the good work and my best wishes for you and your wife Tanya..

  20. only virgins go to tankfest?

  21. long story short…i enjoyed your videos for years but 13min. to feign around? rly?

    tell the truth! WoT gets less and less players and your wife wants to get a baby and/or requires more time from her husband…so you are forced to get a *real” job like an engineer or jurist. Cause you cant save your pension as a streamer – as no one can. Thats all…
    But yea…you told that to the community in a nice way…the way how todays people need it to dont crash mentally 😉

  22. Thank you too QB, for providing us great entertaining videos to watch! Happy new year!

  23. I do love your World of Tanks content. But I would also love to see you play other games besides it. Still, thumbs up for the great content!

  24. Roli Fenyves Roland

    Sending all the best to you Will, Tanya and your family. Amazing years, will tune in for more <3

  25. World of Tanks has developed a community that…unites to roast the WG balance department. Because they are completely clueless.

  26. Have a great new year QB. Its funny, but as you were talking about gaining hints and tips and showing your UDES gameplay I realised one thing I’m terrible at is re-positioning. i find a spot and fight in it, win or lose, whereas you see opportunities and thats something I need to work on. I often watch your Ace tanker games and think “but that’s the spot I go to, why don;t I have games like that?”, but its the small things like that which make the difference. Keep up the entertaining content, hope the year is a good one for you and your family.

  27. Why does QB not play with Jingles anymore? Didn’t they both rip into WoT and lose their CC with WG?

  28. Will, You are really great person. I love to watch You playstyle, movies, and i am grateful for Your opinion about game. Wish U happy new year 2020. GL

  29. I get home from work and prepare something to eat and I see a new QB video. This is pure happiness. Do not take it from me!

  30. Keep it up Quickybaby, love your content!???? Happy Nee Year

  31. Thank you QuickyBaby, your content is always entertaining ?

  32. Pepijn Langevoort

    Can we please get a superpershing review

  33. Thanks QB, help me playing World Of tank

  34. Fix your gun

  35. Hey bro, your content has always been Top Tier. Sincere, intelligent, and meticulous. I first learned about your videos since, man, not long after the first time I heard boy nachinayetsya!

  36. i love love love the daily videos. i know they are so difficult to keep up with but they are so great to look forward to . Maybe find a good medium with weekday uploads or something of the sort. love oyou QB thanks for the amazing content

  37. At first i wanted 2 write a Troll comment….
    But tbh good for us we have a QB in WoT.

  38. Maarten van Roest

    10 years. I watched all videos for at least 5 years and yes the quality gets better.
    Keep it up. Thnx for all the effort.
    MeShadow_1 eu server

  39. Well done QB. Good luck to you and all my fellow tankers. A great game

  40. You could Play with some of your viewers

    -tonitoni100 (i know its a BAD name but i was 10 when i Made the account)

  41. What About top 10 sneekist tank?

  42. Hey QB I’m a fan from Hong Kong. Learned a lots from you about the game, your videos had been accompany with me all these years, thank you for all of your hard work, its really a joy to watch. Happy New Year!!

  43. Nerf wheeled vehicles

  44. Dimitar Petkanski

    Good finish of the year and the decade! Wish you all the best and do not stop to make your useful content for all of us. Let the next 10 years being even better for you and your family.

  45. Keep up the great work Will, look forward to another year of QB videos. Best of wishes to you and your wife for the up coming year!! And a happy NEW YEAR!! to all !!!

  46. Craig Householder

    Quicky, I’m a 53 year old man. I love game and I’m a horrible tanker… My best tanks at about a 55% win rate but I love your videos and I love your horrible content! I’ll never be as good as you but I love gaming and have fun all the time! Your horrible content makes me enjoy the game that much more! Thank you and thank your lovely wife and family!

  47. Thank you so much for all you’ve brought us this year. Your tank review videos have helped me both in the field and in the garage time and time again.

  48. Do us a favor and close the channel dicq

  49. we dont give a fuck about your YT chanel

  50. fuking p2w loosr

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