How I Grind 1,000,000 Silver Lions PER DAY In War Thunder | War Thunder

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Source: Seeker Head

Nothing about this was fun



    i get 1,000,001 silver lions per day

  2. I’ve tried this with fast attack aircraft but get shot down sooner or latter, sooner usually.

    Why not being shot down?

  3. The Whole time, I never knew about this. And I literally wasted those challenges for nothing…

  4. so, how come when i killed a bunch of ground units, it didn’t count?

    • You don’t see if it’s completed or not until the battle has completely finished. Additionally, there’s vehicle rank requirements. See wager details.

  5. americano sovietico

    So nice that you warned about discord sound

  6. Charles Courtwright

    you have no life

  7. Weird how no 1 thought about asking what to do if your playing what 90% of the people are playing, ground forces.

  8. How do you get the wager doe

  9. This game is horseshi*

  10. i find that using the f82 works aswell sense its super fast so you can get in and out fast, but just dont die or ur wallet will combust

  11. I’m soooooo glad that I found this video

  12. Lol. Like and subbed for the mic fry comedy excellence.

  13. I’ve seen numerous amounts of F-84Gs/Bs doing exactly this.

    It’s absolutely ruined games for the majority of the time playing atm.

  14. Holy shit man, you get a like, sub, comment and all. Where is the Join Now button?
    All of this…. and not for the video but for that discord sound warning.

  15. Im just stacking sl boosters and playing 30 min helicopters with an ka50, i usually get between 1 and 1.5 mil

  16. just checked my wagers and have 14 these ones lol

  17. Nah the way to get lots of sl quick is to take and rank 1 or 2 light tank to 8.3 and kill BMPs and stuff like that. 20k for 1 kill is no joke.

  18. just another reason im never coming back to the game

  19. now if we can find a way to get 10k rp consistently

  20. Or just get a Premium ship and play naval.
    USS Moffett that you can buy with warbonds this battle pass is excellent for this.

  21. Loladin Masterpowah Lammer

    Yeah I’m still awake 🙂

  22. Can you do this metod on 4.0+?

  23. how do you get this wager?

  24. What about bombing the bases in the back? Dont u get alot for that even without a wager?

  25. Укус спидозной шлюxи

    Dude, you have a lot of quality and informative videos, but you only have 2,000 subscribers, I want to get 100,000 subscribers as soon as possible

  26. But the repair cost

  27. MamaRussell ThePie

    Dare you to talk about how shit the f5e is atm. . .

  28. Sooo can someone write it down in a comment for me

  29. update: dont use this, american teams at this br consist entirely of attackers with (presumably) the same purpose as you, this is impossible and you wont be able to do it anymore


    6:12 they are not camping the airfield, the map is so small that attackers can get to the middle of the map while the fighters are barely leaving the airfield, if you are fast enough you could even get a kill while the early jets are still low and slow

  31. “nobody else goes for ships” well I guess my luck even goes to tips because everybody goes to ships so that sucks

  32. Bro I actually fell asleep and woke up again and continued watching and then you said “thank you for continuing watching the video” and I.. good night. 👍🏼 Good vids

  33. I am still awake, great video !

  34. Is this console too??

  35. additionally, I find that playing earlier than normal for your server usually means less players are on. So I’ll have games where I meet people who’ve been playing the game too long at 8am and people who barely have played at 5am. It also helps that there isn’t a lot of people on earlier too usually. I’d rather have games where theres only like 5-7 people per team, instead of 12.

  36. how do I get that wager?

  37. Βʟᴀɴᴋᴇᴛ ɢᴜʏ

    Gotta try with my AU-1, in 2.5k h i have never touched one

  38. Still awake, kinda interesting. Might try this when I next play WT

  39. Sure but isnt fun.

  40. theres also one were u get the first and last kill just speed in get the first kill and then wait and get the last kill if your team wins but if u are losing just die as u kill the last target and hope someone else doesnt get the last kill or buy the ka50 and play heli ec city with a booster and get a million in half an hour.

  41. I find it way easier to do this in ground rb because I suck at air rb, just fly over to the enemy airfield and shoot AA because no-one else is doing it.

    • When I first tried this I got 3 fails in air rb on the 2nd stage, then in my rage of how much I suck I had a big brain moment when I decided to do this in ground rb. I made it to stage nine because on one made I couldn’t find the AA before I became a fireball because of trees. I use the P 51 at 3.7 with mk.ll cannon to do the wager

  42. Can I use my A 36?

  43. I prefer using my skills tyvm
    I fly A6M5 and get average 100k per game

  44. grind grind grind…. lol warthunder turned into the perfect chinese game?

  45. Can this work with helicopter as well?

  46. فارس القحطاني

    Dose AA that doesn’t move count

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