HOW I GRIND STOCK TANKS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Playing stock tanks in World Tanks brutal – here’s my top tips for making it a little easier!


World Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download.


  1. Qb, you know the best way to grind stock tanks is to Load Full Gold and buy lots of Premiums,

    You cant play the game for long with stock tanks.

  2. Good advice, but absolutely insane result for an under equipped tank in a not so good match up.

    Never would have made it up that hill in such a slow medium. Sometimes I wonder how you get away with some of the positioning you do.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks equipment slots should not be used as a balancing factor i.e. the weight? Because that just seems outright retarded.

  4. Quickfinger’s stock tank:

    Upgraded gun
    Skilled crew
    Full equipment

  5. Bartholomew Macaluso

    keep it up and ty~! I am not touching loot boxes for sale this Xmas because I believe it is a scam this time around. If I am wrong well, I am wrong but I think WG this year is out for BLOOD

  6. Hmm, worst stock grind, either the M48, or the Cent AX actually just finally got my M48 like 10 days ago, E100 was my first tier 10, then the T110E5, Cent, M48, and lots of other t9’s or 8’s almost all of them before the Italian branch. But those led grinds were horrible back before all the bonuses you could get now, most of them were garbage tanks, same with a lot of the heavies, except the German line for the E100, once you got the VK3601, was honestly a great grind back then, like 9 years ago. Yes takes me forever to progress, mainly cause of work and being able to play so infrequently. Or just honestly getting burnt out and not wanting to play, then I can play again, all kinds of mew shit, nerfs, buffs to what I have, have to relearn some of what I do.

  7. If you ever want to experience the old T95 speed, mount a turbo and run at half throttle (double tap r then hit f). You’ll be driving at 12 kph which is about all the T95 could muster on anything other than a downhill slope.

    Interestingly enough, the top speed of the T95 was actually something like 16 or 17, it just didn’t have the engine power. So if you were in a heavy it was considered polite to push the T95 as you were getting into position. Helped you out too, cause you brought an stonking great big 155 mm into the brawl with you to help out *and* you had an extra 10 meters of speed armor to go hull down behind.

  8. It seems like you don’t grind a lot these days. The Patton tech tree for me gave 10k xp average per battle if we managed to win. + the most important thing you forgot to mention. Blueprints. You can skip tanks. I got so many I could research a german tech tree.

  9. M3 Lee was trash, but since it was low tier, not enough to be super painful. Now the JPanther 2, total trash. Bad grind!

  10. Imagine being a newbie in this game

  11. Just play a free to play account when there are events with premium days for free:D

  12. “massive reduccion of view range

    QB, we can see u have full view range -.-, Still good tips i actually do all of them and i use the suspension sistem ( now Improved Hardening) to increase capacity of tanks to avoind spend exp in tracks, always removing the researched modules so i can use it in the nex tank and so on

  13. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    I wish console was like PC with upgrading parts. Forced packages are pure cancer

  14. Victor Angelo Bartolome

    hi, can you make a guide for jagdtiger? thanks

  15. It was the t-28 to KV (KV-2) and I know I know the t-28 was a great tank but i was young and had no patience to play it then. But boy am I happy I got it because it aloud me to get far into the TD and SPG lines I was also super excited to have the KV-3 before they bumped it up to tier 7! Ahh the good old days lol

  16. That is NOT a stock tank. Not even gonna touch on the crew, they got what, 3 skills? 4? And the best part: press 2 for skill. Honestly, this is sad.

  17. I think i saw a QB sub he was camping the red line in the corner top tier. LOL LU,LZ

  18. well to be fair on EU got the free 2 weeks not NA . Just like most TWITCH DROPS NA is excluded from stuff that are in the end wot events not server events.

  19. I like QB have grinded all the tanks in the game and no im not even close to the player QB is but here are my tips for an average player. First everyday i would try and get as many x2 x3 x4 x5 first wins of the day on each tank moving on after each Xs whatever win starting with my most wanted line down to the one i didnt care much about like arty lines . Next I used all my free xp on guns for the tanks made them so much easier to play. I also used the track equipment so i could mount all the stuff on the tank and save the tracks for last . I did every daily mission that came up because all that stuff adds up to credits, crew xp , battle xp and everything else you can think of. Next i made sure to try and do the Campaign missions they again provide a ton of credits and free stuff that helps so much . I probably paid for 10 of my tier tens from the credits you get from doing the stages of each campaign. Also try and save credits to mount gun rammers or vents on a tank they help a lot . Lastly learn how the game works and try to make each game count win or lose . Its all about what you want out of the game i wanted all the tanks tier 6 to 10 so i spent my first 4 years doing that now I can just play and do whatever i want not worrying about grinding and no i didnt no life the game i just only grinded tanks never playing a tank if it didnt progress me down the line. Also move your crews to the next tank this way by tier 5 you should have a decent crew and if you want to know how to reset your crew without using gold you can watch QBs video on how to use your crew skills to retrain your crew to a new tank to 100 percent. If you have enough crew skills. Also sell your old tank and buy the new one this way you will gain ground and this way when you get all the tier tens you will have way cheaper tanks to rebuy and you will have a least a fully upgraded tank to put a new crew in. Also try and do at least one or 2 of the tier 8 marathons and get yourself a free tier 8 to grind credits in. Oh about credits i would play one battle in a premium to every 3 in a tech tech tree tank and i slowly made credits to buy stuff. Also towards the end of my grind they released more boosters of course if you have them use them. Or what you can do is take one day out of the week save your credit boosters and play your premiums or tech tree tanks that have good pen so you dont need to shoot gold go for tiers 6 to 8 . Also as QB said if you need gold and you have some credits use gold it will help you gain xp use as needed as they say.

  20. Not sure which was worse, the VK3001P back when it was a medium or the VK4501A which is horrible stock and not exactly good even fully upgraded..

  21. Indien panzer back in the days , worst ever to get the leopard.

  22. Me, I never buy the radio

  23. While I agree with everything QB said for the most part, this replay is the epitomy of farming a muppet team for easy dmg & exp. I mean, how many games have you played where a stock Pershing just makes it’s way up the hill w/o being shot at? Or any tank for that matter other than say, an EBR or Lynx or something of that sort. Games like this just don’t typically happen. That IS-2-II (or any tank there or td on the perch) should’ve lit him up like a Christmas tree.

  24. Yesterday I played my tvp and I get 6K average damage in 20 games, for only 4 wins, so please WG, stop giving us mission where you need to win games, this is too hard.

  25. definitely the bulbous headed polish tank. Ugly and stock gun sucked, no amount of camo helped it but once the gun upgraded and crew skills came up it became decent.

  26. I started off as free to play going up the Tiger line. Got to the Tiger 2 and had enough. Played the crap out of those and used free xp from that point forward.
    I NEVER played stock tanks after that even to this day.
    Currently on the grind to the 430U. Made it to the 430 so far and decided not to play it til it was maxed out. Used gold to convert xp. That’s how I will do it from now on!

  27. Hardest tank to grind? I’m currently grinding T69 and i will always remember this shit as one of the hardest, unfun tanks in the game. U HAVE NO PEN

  28. Just put enhanced track on the tank so you can mount the modules.

  29. Some of my most painful experiences with stock tanks were: Panther, Panther 2, Tiger 2, T54E1 & Leopard Prototype, funny how most of them are German haha, or is it funny… 🙁

  30. Qb you can find that spare weight just by adding the tank into comparison just like that you can avoid all the calculation

  31. The awful panther with the tier 3 gun was appalling.

  32. If you use improved gardening equipment then you don’t have to research the tracks but you do have to give up a equipment slot

  33. QB telling me to play as a supporter in my stock tanks – me in my stock conqueror as top tier getting called an idiot insteantly by my team when i don‘t perform against the skilled enemy top tier heavies: 🤕

  34. My most painful grind – Sturer Emil with a stock gun… Jesus, I think I liked the M3Lee more…

  35. Maxime King_Joung_ouaah

    3:50 : is that a jojo reference ?

  36. QB, thanks for the last few mins explaining how to check whether the tank can handle the weight of the upgraded gun and turrets or whether I need to upgrade tracks first. I have in the past purchased parts with hard-fought credits only to find I can put them on due to weight.

  37. I want to play World of Tanks that smooth, my laptop can only get 6 Fps on the lowest quality

  38. The 90mm on the amx30 was awfull…

  39. Go put a 50% crew in a stock ARL V39 and see how you feel after that

  40. The best thing would be to just buy the x5 from the monthly tank rewards. Super easy to get and bonkers xp

  41. I really enjoy watching Qwackys vids but i wish i could play against some of the teams he seems drawn against. If i tried pushing the hill in a stock Pershing the AT’s sitting at A5 would have a field day.

  42. can’t agree more on this.. pain for free to play users

  43. Centurion 1 and St Emil make me suffer

  44. For me it definitly has to be the ST-I – my nightmare of a grind! One of my only tanks I started grinding in upper tiers outside of top of the tree events….I gave up and only come back to it when we have like x4 for the first victory of the day.

    I mean, stock this tank is horrendous! And the grind is monstruous, more than 100k exp to get the top gun and almost 200K to have it fully upgraded…

  45. Quickybaby: stock
    patton: top gun

  46. most painful stock grind; Tiger 2

  47. 25 tp with it’s 48 mm penetration at tier 5. That was not great.

  48. Qb, to not waste xp when researching items, you can look into the comparison if you can mount gear and eq the gun
    it happened in the past that i researched the gun but it was too heavy

  49. I know you’re a PC guy but it would be interesting to see you over Blitz.

  50. On my STB-1 i always go top of the hill and 90% of time have incredible game. Last time i was on the hill i did 6200 damage and about 2000 spotting.

  51. T-43. You first need to research the tracks so you can unlock the turret. The starting gun is the mid gun on T-34-85, making it underpowered. There is a 90% chance of fire when penned from the front because of external fuel tanks. Also, the top gun has no improvement as it carries over from T-34-85. Though i would not mind that you only need 96k xp for T-44.

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