How I Play Tanks I HATE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of . Today I’m talking about how I play the tanks I HATE and how to make them bearable!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. The IKV is also not that accurate so you miss a lot of shots.

  2. chrisangelo maderal

    Well thank you quicky this really helped me realize how to play underrated tanks its really been a straggle to play those kind of tanks (sigh) thanks quicky

  3. lol I love that tank, have had some great games in it 🙂

  4. When I grinded my way through the Swedish TDs, tier 6 was one of my favorite xD

  5. I know how free to play players is the painful grind lack of exp my tier 8 stock WZ 111-1 FT still has stock gun its really painful i cant even pen defender??

  6. Black prince tho…

  7. Hey QB! Have an idea to throw at the devs. See if they would allow the premium time to be savable like a consumable. Sometimes we unlock so premium time, but due to work schedule or family needs there isn’t time to put into playing. If we could activate our premium time on our schedule it would make the game far more enjoyable. Rather than losing the premium time.

  8. 65 was only tank i liked on swedish td line :/

  9. You did not mention blueprints. They take of the research cost of tanks. I think the universal blueprints are usable on any tanks. If you scroll over a tank with a partial blueprint you will see that it gives a discount on the research. I am doing the TS-5 marathon and have had quite a few blueprints drop.

  10. the tier 7 is even worse then the tier 6

  11. I like how he started to call his regular account the “pay to win account” xD

  12. Why do people hate the ikv 103 and ikv65? I loved them and did really well in them. Then i got to tier 7 and it sucked

  13. How the hell did he get 2 marks of excellence on a Tank he hates

  14. Hmm I really liked the tier6 especially after the tier5 and was completely let down by the tier7
    My friend really likes the tier6.
    I think that for tanks I hate I try to find battles were they’re doing well and look at more, ace games.
    That tells me that the tank isn’t bas

  15. What I’ve done for years now is just have about 5 tanks im grinding at any time and just play them until I get my double, and then go play my fun tanks. Currently i have 7 tier 10s with about 10k battles played mostly without premium so I think its working pretty well.

  16. I actually really liked the ikv, I had lots of fun going through it

  17. yes… the grind to the ‘good’ tanks… but these horror tanks can be fun to play now & then; if only to help you appreciate the ‘good’ tanks.

  18. You should also be mentioned… If you’re having problems with low penetration and you can’t really do much in the way of damage because of that… You can always move up track a vehicle and then pull back while your teammates take him down getting you the assistance damage for tracking and helping your team that way.

  19. you can buy x5 boosters? where?

  20. This tank is OK. It’s the one after that sucks.

  21. hm i quite liked the ikv 65 ll and i am a free to play player

  22. Love this series.

    In a free to play account. Nearly every other tank suck

  23. My tip for stock grinds which you don’t like or frustrating tanks: Wait for times 5 XP events and then turn on your precious personel reservers en quickly go through them.
    Also in general you don’t have to play all tanks in WOT you can select the lines you will enjoy and focus on those. Even if you would let’s say prefer heavies and only play those there is so much content to go through.

  24. Since this marathon is so easy for you, you should run it again on your main account once you finish it on your free account. 😛

  25. I can sympathise, QB. I started on swedish tanks just to get the UDES, but I stalled right at this 65II. It’s nowhere near as bad as the previous two tiers (those howitzers… between the time when you fire the shell and the time when the shell lands, your target has moved so far it’s practically in the next map.) but I just ran out of steam. Still, the tank itself isn’t spectacular. I’d honestly rather use the Churchill GC. Best thing about it is I understand where the design of the oldschool Warhammer 40K rhinos came from.

    Currently trying to grind sixth sense on a T-150. People laughed at me for using the 107mm gun on a KV-2, so I got a T-150. At the start it was fine, but now I’m wondering what the hype is. Constantly penned despite the more armoured turret; tracks fall off if you breathe heavily on them; for some reason too many of my shots – shots that used to be sure things – are now bouncing or whiffing off onto the wild blue yonder… I’d rather just use the 107 gun on the KV-2 again, at this point. Only keeping with the T-150 because I’m so close to 100% sixth sense. The sunk cost fallacy has gripped on hard.

  26. or just play warthunder 🙂

  27. the Tiger(P) made me snipe for basically every single game.

  28. I hate the AMD the same way you hate the ikv

  29. For me, i have always enjoyed the challenge of playing well in “bad” tanks. 🙂

  30. Play it like the good tank it is, duh.

  31. Just free xp though them

  32. I playing through the 110 at the moment, but since it’s a T8 tank, I’ve been using in on Frontlines when available. I wait until the end of the FL battle, when I’ve reached as high rank in the battles as I think I can, then I play one round with 110. This way I’ve got the tracks and the engines and the turret unlocked. I’ve played 5 battles in randoms, when it was 3x or 5x for the first win. I went with our T10 heavy tanks, loaded HE, tracked some enemies and let my team take care of them, also spammed gold ammo as much as needed because I wanted that victory. With 110, I don’t really care if I win or lose, so I go all-in, if I die and get 200 xp for the first win, I don’t care, but if I succeed and get 2000 xp, it’s worth the risk IMHO.

  33. Jasper Who Knows

    This tank and the Ikea 90 B are what prevents me from going up the Swedish TD line, I’m good with camo snipers, but atleast my SU-100 had armor

  34. You need over 60.000 XP for the Ikv 90 B… 🙁

  35. Hey QB, this kind of content is super useful and really informative! It provides a really nice look on the game from a free to play point of view and helps us get the most out of it so thanks! Maybe not the most fun videos for you to make either so we appreciate it bro, keep it up!

  36. am almost there!

  37. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I dont know why but i dont encounter any problems playing the stocks tanks in this Swedish td line

  38. Strangely enough this is one of the tanks that i do seem to enjoy and do well in. I’ve not got a full camo crew yet but with a camo net im at 58% camo when stationary , effictive sniping from bush

  39. The Bearded Baby

    i do free2play, but someone owed me 40 bucks so i got some gold and got the FV4202 and full crew and stuff and i had like 1000 gold left so i guess i have some free xp, i still feel bad for buying that tho

  40. Perhaps you are bad, not the tank!

  41. Hi QB, your videos are very interesting and all of us can learn a lot, BUT please try to talk a lot less than usual. Sometimes I have the impression, that you are in a contest “How many words/min can I talk”. This is very exhausting, especially for non-natural speakers. 😉

  42. You sound like a rich person has to live couple of days like a normal poor person 😀

  43. YEAH u still have 6th sense

  44. I grind 2x with many tanks and then use gold for free exp. I try to get good gold deals when premium tank appears i want

  45. I honestly like my IKV 65 II. I wasn’t very good at all when I played it but it was the first tank I ever got a mark of excellence on. Something about the tank just worked for me I guess.

  46. This tank is little tortoise…but yet again its nothing like it xD

  47. This is why I barely play this game. Some tanks like this are a choir to play. When I play a game i want to have fun

  48. Any more tips for the stock T54?I am suffering in that tank.

  49. Its weird that QB hates the ikv tier 6 so much, I like it, plays like a tier 6 stugg maybe not as good

  50. 5000 free xp per day… lol

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