How I Play the Map RUINBERG in World of Tanks

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  1. QB or one of his mods perm muted me for teasing about the conflict between you and him on his stream. Only ONCE I said one thing and got perm muted…

  2. Personally, I play on Xbox One and 95% of the time the Majority of the team goes Town

  3. Congrats on 40k

  4. Expert gameplay

  5. Rare thing coming around nowadays

  6. That girlfriend of yours is screwing us

  7. Nexus reeebangbang

    I made a crappy meme video for you @lemmingrush mind checking it out?

  8. Can you please stop tell players how you play maps. Because on west field when you said if you spawn south you go north if you are in a scout or med you drive up the hill to win the north. Ever sence you put that video out everone tries to go north and every team im on get steam rolled and then cries and cant figuer out why they got out flanked. Most player are idiots and cant make that play. They leave the south open then get out flanked and are not skilled enough to cover the south. I appreciate what you’re trying to do but most players are not skilled enough to make the moves you do and don’t know when to go back to cover the South they don’t have map awareness.

    • *MrPeabody* if what you are saying is true then why did all the meds and scouts only start going north when they spawned south after his video came out? And yes youtubers have a big influence on the game. Bigger then you realize, more people watch his vids then just his subs. Do you get my point? Do yes the chances are hi

    • Are you sure that it only happened after YOU saw the video? I know better. Your logic is as flawed as the assumptions you base it on.

    • EURIPODES yes its after the video i have been playing this game sence scouts had a 4 tier spread so your statement is flawed

    • Wow, that long huh? I’ve been playing since closed beta and have the gift Sherman to prove it. So your statement is flawed. Oh wait. That’s not really a rational argument is it? Did you know all ravens are black?

    • Anthony Ware u talking about in his cent video? Cuz 34k people saw that video. And some probably has more than 1 view on it, so lets say 30k people saw that, do u know how extremely small the chances are that any of those players that went north even know who lemming is? Nevermind be part of the 30k players which saw vid
      And not all of the people listen to his advice regardless
      And such a small % of players of that 30k is online at the same time, or even on the same server, so getting the same map as them and battle is extremely rare,
      Also the south flanking north happens like 10% of the time ..

  9. Oh no memes

  10. I heard from voodoo that you’re not doin to well medically. Hope you get better man

  11. I was wondering, no clue if you answered this question before. Which tank would you prefer and why the Obj 140 or the T62A? Iv looked and haven’t seen a vid in your uploads on this so I figured I’d ask. Love your vids by the way

  12. Multiple Different Aliases

    At exactly 7:40 within this particular video, please briefly affix your focus upon the kill feed.

    A Unicum Jagd tiger-driver has been conceived,

  13. Is this game worth even trying F2P at this point?

    • f2p no. I would suggest if you can spare the 10-12 bucks a month to get some premium time

    • Dalton Cooper those 10 bucks,…if you won’t be spamming gold, you will be okay with ‘premium time’ like twice or 3 times a year, the time, like summer holidays or something where you play the most and you will earn some credits for later. Alternatively, buying premium tank is not a bad idea too.

    • I’m still playing F2P, although I do bought Progetto when it was available for discount (along with few gifts, marathon tanks, and few that I bought from CW/contest gold). I never pay for premium time since I never find myself in a dire need to get money or spamming gold ammo which require prem. Just recognize tanks that mostly require gold to work properly (T57 line, T-54, 183 brits, etc), and play anything else, you’ll be fine

    • Im full f2p, you will get 600 gold doing mission, which you can use to buy 4 more garages slot when they are on sale.
      I recommend you check WG news once a day, because theg sometimes give good boosts(exp. missions for Kursk and world cup voting)

    • As for garage slots, eventually you’ll get more free slots than you need. I already have dozens of unused slots

  14. Who else thinks ensk is the worst map

    • marcoadmiralis _

      You cant just call a map worst if you cant play in it

    • It’s ruinberg imo, followed by fishermans bay

    • WhiteBaron777 I disagree with Fishermans Bay.
      I know wg fucked up the city, but the rest of the map is fine.

      I had really good games playing the mid (when there is no arta), or rushing down the 1-2 lines with a fast heavy like an Obj277/T-10/WZ5A.

    • Ilmari Miettinen

      Ensk and siegfried line

    • Captain Superr Thicc

      i would put them in a little different order because i quite like ensk:

      1. Erlenberg
      2. Province
      3. Mines
      The others arent really so trash that i would complain about them being in the game.

      Widepark was still trash even for tier 2, i as a professional statspadder should know

      And just for good measure, WG PLS NERF ARTY FFS

  15. Thibault Giesbertz

    are you gona play with the MAHOU vs FAME?

  16. titties hard

  17. If i have turret armor i play the F4 corner from north and the G1 H1 corner from south, i find this one of the most enjoyable maps atm

  18. Hey lemming, I challenge you to play without a mini map. I think it would be entertaining

  19. hey dad thanks for the video

  20. Jag killed his own Leo PTA lol

  21. What mod let’s you see the win8 in the end plates?

  22. Can you get sponsored by a squeaky chair company?

  23. Agree with the crew skills I gave up on smooth ride long long ago even after a lot of unicums would argue for its inclusion. For snap shot I’m more inclined sometimes to use it, but only on really bad tanks or tanks I’m having particularly bad bloom issues. Otherwise nope it’s junk.

  24. LemmingRush you know what would be awesome is if you posted more of your music you make in FL studio if you kept up with that 😀

  25. So play Rashan or get out?

  26. Most of those metals on the left are just beginner “I’m doing my job” medals. (I.E. Do your HP in damage, break five modules, etc.) Some of them are also for interesting circumstances. (I.E. Have four enemies damage you and survive at the end of the battle, take out an enemy at the same time he takes you out, etc.) In any case, they’re not important to remember for someone with your skill.

  27. Nice vid, but I prefer seeing the vids you have about how to play certain maps as bottom tier, because that is how about 90% of our games are.

  28. I have been saying smooth ride and snapshot are useless skills for years. They are so overrated.

  29. It's not what you think

    Reply to me you cunt

  30. Why always you or QB were using some OP médium shit russian meds when doing these kinds of videos? There are a lot more other tanks Tier X that players use and no new idiotproof meds with shit broken armour and RNG advantage.

  31. Samuel Carbonneau

    Do you still stream on Twitch? If so, could you upload your streams on Twitch so people who can’t watch them live can watch them later? Thanks!

  32. That Skorpion G needs to contact a suicidal thoughts hotline

    • he was full HP, he has a turret, he can easily detrack the JT if things go bad and run. Nothing wrong with being aggressive in his case other than maybe waiting for more support and working together, because in the endgame the most important thing is that people group up and fight together and not spread out across the map to give the enemy several Xv1 engagements (which the Standard B recognises as well who did the right thing too).
      Also he had full HP, opposed to the others, so it’s his job to establish contact with the enemy and provide that information for his team, so props to him doing that as a TD because most average players will sit in a bush and wait for the battered Meds to get the spots (which may often get them killed). That already shows he is probably an above average player, because he was actually moving. Only thing he may have done better is to wait a couple seconds for support. I’ve seen plenty high level players “rush in like stupid” as well, sadly in WOT that’s a thing …

      So LR could’ve just formulated this differently and not let the Skorp get off so badly (though he said he did a good job in the end).

      Lemmings play wasn’t exactly brilliant in the beginning, he noticed that himself (it was very much Yolo), seing the Bat Chat in the enemy line up should make you very wary of that initial position because that can go horribly wrong at the start. Bat Chat clip, double track will end a Unicum just as fast as a Tomato out of position. But generaly that’s a good position to start off (and from the other side, it’s good to counter that) by spotting/proxyspotting the people doing that play).

    • Florence00pi /r/wooosh

    • Florence00pi yeah the skorp did actually have a brain and balls of steel but he was a *little bit* too aggressive. He should have waited for lemming, that’s all

  33. Thanks Lemming, love these types of videos, can you do one for Ensk. Also another question/suggestion can you do the map from both spawns. For example on Ruinberg I believe from the other spawn you have a disadvantage going field, so usually I end up going city and hitting their heavies as the come in down the usual corridor, and just play back and forth there either falling back to defend base and from field or pushing once we have enough momentum, is that the right play?

    • It’s correct that you have a disadvantage, because the side Lemming started on can snipe city safely down the middle alley, which the other spawn can’t.

    • What I have noticed is that the south spawn is better at defending the base because there are a lot of hulldown positions where you can get shots at the enemys you tries to cap/rush the base.

      Another thing I have noticed is that if you spawn south it is MANDATORY to win the city, otherwise it is gg.

      Tip 1: G1 is a really good place to get early shots on the city but it is not arty safe. However it is safe from the people who is sniping across the central alley.

      Tip 2: Do not play the central square unless your team is outnumbering the enemy on the city. If you don’t finish the enemys tank on the city fast while playing on the center you will get rekt from snipers across the central alley.

  34. Nerf Lemmingrush!

  35. North side of course you take the field and win XD

  36. ruinberg? people strugle with one of the easiest maps? man i’d rather have info on how the play those shitty desert maps, they are off for TD’s and arties in some cases.

  37. If you safe stowage after brothers in arms. Always. Some tanks are just made of ammo racks lol.

  38. I usually go to F 0 in a fast medium or light.

  39. I went on the other day and I found out that smooth ride and snapshot do absolutely nothing to your dispersion on the move and turret rotation on high tier tanks, which already have pretty good dispersion in the first place. These two skills are only useful with lower tiers and TDs as their dispersion is horrible and the 3% actually mean something

    • Post the complete link that says that.

    • Paul griffith use the compare tool on and set, for example, 2 obj 140’s, one with those two skills and one without. Remember to also set it to effective values instead of base values

  40. Whats the mod that shows post game wn8?

  41. Hey Lemming! Great content, keep it coming 🙂 Could you tell what mod are you using to check WN8 after games?

  42. Václav Čermák

    People like you make the game look so great and fun until you get the 3:15 team and crush the mouse against the monitor. However, enjoing your videos and learning.

  43. what is you mod to see WN8 oif the game in the end plates ?

  44. hey LemmingRush, whats that wN8 mod? Thanks

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