How I Save MILLIONS of Credits in WOT

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Source: QuickyBaby

Ever wanted have sale prices in World of Tanks all year around? Here's how! You have till MONDAY the 21st to do this!



  1. 100SubsChallengePlsSub

    Keep up with the shorts QB and the great content!❤️

  2. QB makes shorts now that is crazy

  3. Complaints Department

    The first QB short. And it’s one of the best ones possible he could have done.

  4. The Gym Teacher's Grandma

    Been buying 100s of small kits as im grinding the battlepass. Gotta spend it on something

  5. QB takes 30s what some may take 30 minutes to explain, this is why his channel is the go to place for wot info.

  6. Hey QB review my twitch unban request?


  8. Hold up! What is QB doing in my shorts! This is unprecedented!

  9. Man 75% would be nice too

  10. lmao ridiculous, WG is literally paying you.

  11. this assumes you have the millions of credits.

  12. His first short ever. And he’s looping his videos too 🥹

  13. YESSSS QB shorts are a perfect way to get your content to new audiences i hope it works out for you man!!😊

  14. Makes much sense to make shorts QB 😂

  15. Impressive loop for a first short haha, I love short form WOT content like this

  16. Joshua Sutherland

    Very worthwhile shorts vid thanks QB

  17. He is watching Skill secretly

  18. I’ll be the 50th comment on this short when time comes I’ll be back 😅😅😅

  19. Qb thank you for putting this in the shorts area of your page! Hate seeing tons of shorts on my feed!

  20. Sakuya in Maelstrom's Mansion

    Please do NOT loop them — do NOT join the hivemind QB!

  21. the best part of it is that if you ever don’t use them, you can always sell them for the full price back once the sale is over😌

  22. god damn will got it right on the first one

  23. One time 6 years ago I bought 20 mill on each thing. I still have thousands and thousands of each I never used

  24. “if you have a lot of credits, this will save you a lot of credits!”

  25. me spending 10 million on consumables yesterday 💀

  26. How do I get credits in the first place being a free to play account 😢😢😢

  27. Thank you! This is the perfect application of a short!


  29. The Ball Snatcher

    Welcome to the wild world of shorts, Will

  30. This could work if I had enough credits to buy consumables

  31. Thx for your terrible content QB

  32. Not everyone gets the actual time, or the finance to do that. It’s great to be a streamer…

  33. Last time I bought like 30 millions and I always have about a year of “stock” of consumables.
    Best deal ever

  34. Shorts!!!!!!!!!! Yes❤❤❤❤❤

  35. Me that doesn’t use Consumables, Equipments, Gold Rounds, Skins: *I don’t lose any credits🤑*

  36. Been using this tip since 2015 and I slowly bought 4 tier 10 over the years

  37. Love this format for your content

  38. Nice loop 🙂

  39. Another note on buying consumables at 50% off is that they stay the same value after the sale. E.G. you buy them now for 50% off, and for whatever reason you need credits again later, you can sell the consumables for 50% off of their full price, not losing you any credits.

  40. QB has joined the shorts club XD. Nice job man.

  41. I remember the good old days when premium ammo would also go on sale.

  42. Nice job on the loop.

  43. Long dead on the vine game.

  44. Short & clear. That’s it!

  45. Even if u pay too much of consumables, u can sell them back after the discount is gone, ull get same amount of creds u spended back

  46. First short and already doing perfect loops.

    Pro move right there x)

  47. QB please make more shorts. 🙏🙏😁😁👍

  48. Jan-Erik Sepponen

    Good advice when you have a million or 2

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