How I Tank : 13 (Mods)

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Source: osirish

Don’t need a graphics card for this one. A long over-due vid for those asking about mods.

Play for free at


  1. I use Oldskools sometimes too and i liked it, im from Germany… I also
    tried OdemMortis …but my favourite is Diclovit’s Modpack! Its just
    awesome! Its in german but i think there was an option to change the
    language 😉 

  2. Good info. Been interested in your mod setup. Will be installing. Thanks.

  3. I turned off the wn8 calculator.. started to focus too much on it 

  4. if 0,9,5 comes out, do you put the downloadlink asap in your twitch
    description? I’ve already try to install the mod but when I push download
    there didn’t hapend anyting.

  5. Hah! I thought ‘OS’ was ‘Overseas’…lol
    I’ll get my coat.

  6. sabaton ghostdivision

    i use pro mod long time its awesome!!! gl with PC mate i hope you will get
    nice one 

  7. I used to use OMC but I found Aslain’s as it offers more customization
    options. I tried Promod but it s for people that need it to be simple. Like
    entry level. OMC was a bit slow for getting the 9.4 so I went looking and
    that is when I went experimenting.
    I would recommend them both though I think OMC is more your speed.
    I just built my own gaming PC for about 500$ do you think nnyou might be
    up for building your own? is my parts list. I
    learned a lot on youtube and customer reviews. Linus tech tips was a big help and Cult
    of mush initially turned me on to the picker and had basic info
    Just depends on if you wanted to get acclimated. There are quite a few good
    build guides if you wanted to check it out.
    In the meantime, why not put WOT on lowest settings and run it? You will
    want to use the mods sparingly to calibrate, but it is what I have been
    doing after my graphics card went out.
    Best of luck dude!

  8. Tryed the OMNI-Modpack? I consider it far better, because it has so many
    (usefull) options to chose from and seems always to be up to date.

    The only thing i do since patch 9.x or even before, is, that i have my own
    StatisticDisplay.xc-configuration, i changed it lots of patches ago and use
    it since then. After every install i just copy-paste it in the folder and
    have my prefered Players-Panel and TAB-Window.

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