How I Tank : 16 – Personal Missions

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Source: osirish

Another “talking” vid, but you requested ! If you are having a problem with a particular personal mission, let me know in comments.

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  1. Simply just stuck on LT15 for the Stug. SO you can only skip the arty to
    get the Stug? I ask cos obviously done the arty SPG15 just not done Lt15

    If I get the map and have the tank, seems my team is blind and miss the
    tanks spotted. If I have a great team I don’t get the map so fail to get
    the spots early enough example: Himmeldorf :). Or the map is channelled and
    I go left and they go left and I see nothing. 🙁

    M11 was the most difficult one to complete. However instead of racing to
    get to them I actually choose the Matilda and waited for a scout to ram me
    🙂 cos they do. Same with HT9

    Ironically I had to wait about two days to complete M15 simply in this case
    I just randomly got placed in games that did not have two TD’s in them. I
    kid you not. Incredibly frustrating to login to a battle and the actual
    mission criteria is not even present. TD12 also comes to mind.

    The heavy missions seemed easy enough. Just plug away with a KV-1 🙂
    However to cap choose the option to activate encounter battles instead of
    just doing random’s. Because you get to reset OR cap in the same place.

  2. HAHA the only time you want fail platoon… For the mission! 😛
    Thankyou! I wish the platoon missions (13 & 14) and mission 15 were a bit
    easier for lower tiered tanks. I am going to grind better tanks to get my
    stug 4!
    When do you think they will change the missions and reward tanks?

  3. td missions for t55a are so annoying… kill 3 without taking damage or
    cause 3000 damage to moving targets 250+ m away -.-

  4. haha i did the fire mission for t55a and didn’t even realize it because 1
    of the two fires was a blindshot and later i ignited the same tank again
    but didnt know about, that he was already on fire, i was so happy when i
    saw the results…

  5. The other obvious comment you make is sadly relevant – if you have more
    tanks your chances or achieving the objectives are higher.

    I say sad;y because so many of the objectives require damage of a fixed
    amount, which are obviously easier to achieve at the higher tiers. This
    indicates to me that the missions were introduced to keep the Tier 10
    players interested in order to stop them from migrating to War Thunder

    This could so easily have been made readily accessible to all players by
    making the damage requirements a percentage of each vehicles HP. Then it
    wouldn’t matter what the tier was of the vehicle selected.

  6. stuck at killing 3 spgs too 🙁 and i dont get further in arty, light, heavy
    and td missions…

  7. i really dont bother doing the missions, if i accidentally get one done i
    pick another. still on stug missions :)

  8. I have just finished watching the first Mission comments and I hear the
    word “Platoon” used to solve a lot of the problems, which is a little

    After a fair bit of feedback (complaints) WG dropped the requirements to
    Platoon for some of the objectives (but oddly made the goal the same
    whether completed in a Platoon or solo). What I found disappointing from
    the outset was that there were no objectives that had to be completed as a
    solo player. Why not, I ask?

    I have completed all of the Stug IV objectives for Mdm, Hvy and TDs (I
    confess to not being an arty player), all with honours and all as a solo
    player. But LT-15 eludes me. It is all so dependent upon your team taking
    advantage of the work you do and even creating a dynamic Platoon would be
    of no value because there is no prior knowledge of the other players

    I once got a heartbreaking total damage and assisted damage of 3,891 –
    close but not good enough.

    This objective, without Platoon mates, is dependent more on luck than
    skill. Lucky enough to get the right map, with the right matchmaking and a
    team that is good but not overly aggressive, as an aggressive team spreads
    the damage to far. I found the other level 15 objectives to be easier
    achieved with skill and maybe a bit of luck, compared to LT-15.

  9. I gave up.
    Did all the Stug LT and MT missions, solo including the platoon missions.
    Have TD15 left, again preceding missions done solo except for one or two
    accidently scored in platoons. But so far all was done on T67, so now I am
    left with the prospect of either rebuying a tier 7 US TD which sold with
    disgust or with grinding some TD to tier 7 to really have a good shot at
    those missions. Will eventually grind to Charioteer and maybe sometime will
    get HT15. So what? Just for the missions I took the plunge and started
    playing HTs, until then (10K battles WR 54%) I was playing LTs, MTs and low
    to mid tier TDs exclusively. After playing IS-2 for a few days I gave up
    completely. For me HT gameplay is about as fun as enema. So if I want to
    get a fourth lady I need to do SPG missions… except that my parents were
    married. So yeah in best case scenario I may eventually get three ladies
    and use them replace a three skill crew on my T71.

  10. I’m struggling with those two missions for the StuG: LT 15 and SPG15. Got
    the Hummel as highest SPG (halfway to T7 done), MT25 and AMX 12t as highest
    lights… All the other missions were really easy / fast done, but i’m
    stuck here for a week now… :-/

  11. i have a IS3 I dont know if i can get HT-15:(

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