How I Tank : 17 – Ammo Mechanics

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Source: osirish

Despite there being many types ammo in WoT, it all falls under just 4 types of mechanic.

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  1. you have taught an old man a thing or two . i just hope i can put them into
    practice …. good tutorial @osirish well done

  2. Ty for all that :)

  3. What about APDS? OR APFSDS? how do those work in Game?

  4. Ok it ii epic, absolutely epic work….

    … but you are screwing up normalization. 5 degree normalization means
    that the armor is 5 degrees closer to 90 degrees not 5 degrees closer to
    zero. Hence for example at 27:25 it means that the 40 degree armored plate
    is at effective 45 degrees not at effective 35 degrees.

  5. Thank you, Filled in the a lot of gaps in wots ammo. Again a great tutorial
    for the average tanker…..

  6. 1:46 – HEP is programmed as HE, not HEAT
    19:26 – Basically the primary and premium ammo is based on historical data.
    But HE is typically set at the primary round’s velocity instead of it’s
    much slower IRL speed
    23:31 – True….but the way that’s worded may be construed by some that all
    guns of common caliber size are set as they are solely because WG whims it
    not because they are at least trying to reflect some real world performance
    characteristics as well
    34:34 – Stranamechty’s charts show they do lose pen over distance

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