How I’d Fix World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Last week I detailed why I thought things have been going downhill the last two years for World Tanks; here’s what I’d do to fix it.


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hi everyone, please keep in mind that this video is just an opinion, it’s very likely yours will be significantly different on at least one, several or all points discussed. The most important thing that we as a community can do is to recognise the failings of the last couple of years, react to it and provide as much constructive feedback for the developers as we can. If we can find points that we can all agree on then surely those are the first things that should be changed.

    I’d also like to note that I don’t pretend that what I’m suggesting here is all novel and much of it hasn’t already been suggested, this is just how I feel and I’m trying to sum up the picture holistically. While I’ve been more critical of World of Tanks in the last week than I’ve ever been in my six years covering the title I know Wargaming have a lot of brilliant and hardworking staff spending their time considering these exact issues. Nevertheless I hope this instigates discourse about the future of the game and in turn the community can come to some kind of agreement. If this is possible the resulting feedback could be pivotal for the developers to make the future of World of Tanks prosperous.

    • Just took all fun from game and after 50k batlles and dont play animore,soory but big F to wg they kill game and fun

    • QuickyBaby You are so fking right! And I have one idea, how to change arties.

    • Arty is killing the game

    • QuickyBaby I would lower the signal range, to make them move, so they have to be closer to the fights, not just sitting at the red line. I would lower the module damage, because they kill 2-4 crew members with every single shot. Maybe some damage nerf, because they still can deal 600 damage, and the M44 and the Grille and the GW Panher are talking shots quite fast, and they have high damage (200-300) in every 15 second. I would lower the stun duration on high tiers, because to be stunned for 20 seconds can easily kill your tank. For example the T57 Heavy. If it is stunned its useless, because its gun handling… I would lower the stun’s crew damage or what is it. So if you are stunned, your stat didnt drop that huge. And I would also make the missions easier, because if you lower the damage and the stun duration, you have to make the missions easier as well. And I would limit the number of arties in the battle to 1 or maximum 2.
      And maybe the arty’s screen only refreshes in every one or two seconds. So they cant so exactly what is happening in time, but only if they are more than 400 méteres away, or if the enemy is not spotted by you (you=arty).
      The other balancing idea is my good friend’s idea: arty can choose two modes. 1: more accuret shot, with less damage but faster shell velocity, because of the angle of the gun. 2: higher damage, but less accurcy and lower shell velocity. Because of the bigger angle.

    • How to fix premium ammo: just make a limit. Like you can buy 30% of your ammo premium. This will reduce the gold spam, and players need to think, like should I load the gold, when theres a tank destroyer in front of me? And it will reduce spamming gold rounds at lightly armored vehicles.

  2. Would it be a good idea to add the counter battery system that armoured warfare has for it’s SPG’s? Making them move between shots and keep repositioning or enemy artillery will see their location narrowed down with each shot until they can see them? It would alleviate some of the pressure on “normal” tanks as army would spend some of the game focusing on eachothers bad plays and make artillery less or a point and click adventure.

  3. A Random Guy On The Internet

    3/5/7 is better because if you’re bottom tier you don’t have to worry about 5 top tiers if they make 5/5/5 , you only have to worry about 3. If there are 5 top tier tanks the experience of the bottom tier players wouldn’t be so pleasant.

  4. If you really want to nerf the economy, you gotta make grinding a hell of a lot more fun before you do that. Otherwise you´ll speed up the decline of this game even more. Nobody wants to get stuck in stock tanks or just bad tanks for long, especially not the F2P players.

  5. ”Why rush people up .. to meet tier 8 tanks..?”
    Yeah, why do you think..? Cannon fodder.

  6. used to be so proud of my T34-85M when i got it years ago. Ok it has a far worse gun than the regular T34-85, but you could actually work with it and you got punished if you didnt aim for the weakpoints of your enemies cuz otherwise you just could not kill em.
    And about frontline: yep you are right i have unlocked many T8 tanks but wont play em a single time in 3-5-7. I ll only play em in frontline till they are at least not stock anymore.

  7. Liking the new Quiçky the avenger some nice points. Just limit the perks etc at low tiers

  8. Today the game is just total cancer with leFH, e25, is3-a and defenders…

  9. I’d love to see QuickyBaby as main game dev in WG, well we all know that WG is too self-obsessed and too proud to accept their mistakes and which is most importantly- to admit their faults. Good video, keep going!

  10. Good idea’s, I hope they do the things mentioned. It would bring back more people to the game and make it less frustrating. Personally in regards to the SPG’s, I did find it really annoying dying in one hit. but it was better then now. What I would have done was just lower the damage done to 70-75% of what the old system was, this way if you are at full health, you could not be killed in one hit, which still kept you in the fight.

    Now I would have adjusted this based on the health of the heavy tanks. Now this still means mid tanks could still possibly be killed in one shot or almost if balanced correctly, and light tanks more of a definite due to them having very little armor, but what the mid tanks and light tanks have in advantage is speed so it would balance the things out. Also I would, once using the old system also adjust the splash radius and get rid of the stun thing, getting hit by SPG is hard enough without having to spend 20 seconds trying to get back into the game.

    I believe this will make it more better game play, please note this it just my idea and opinion.

    QuickyBaby I would appreciate what you think of this and long time fan of your show, keep up the great work.

  11. Can’t we all just, in a form of protest, not play the game during the holidays? Then you have time with your family, and the advantages WG gives during this season will eventually come anyway again.

  12. Thanks QB.
    You get a little unfair flak sometimes for being ‘sycophantic’ and not being outright critical of WG when it is warranted, but you have today put that right.

    I think your views are well reasoned and fair, and would without doubt improve the game overall. Keep up the good work, and it is clear a lot of thought and effort went into this video, I hope WG are listening.

  13. That’s nothing, came across a player that over 7000 battles in his Leichttraktor. His 2nd most played tank was the Cruiser III at just under 4000. Total battles just over 42000 and highest tank that wasn’t a premium was tier 6. Only 176 battles in that tank. Only 77 and 1battles in his 2 tier 8 premiums.

  14. Careful Qb considering Wg seem to always do the opposite what you suggest,greetings from Sweden.

  15. Oh god. No not 555.
    That would be awful. I don’t want to have to deal with more tier 10 tanks in my tier 8s. That would suck

  16. QB…your recent videos are 27% better. keep up the pressure.

  17. On the point of gold shells, my suggestion was to nerf alpha on pen increasing gold ammo and to nerf the reload and/or pen on damage increasing gold ammo, and then limit the amount of gold ammo you can have in your tank based on alpha damage.

  18. I’m sorry your patient has died.

    WG messed up

  19. WG pls watch this video!!!!

  20. arty are a lot worst to the game now then before. the stun is CANCER!!! they hit all shoots. damage. kill crew menbers. stun!
    i prefer be 1 shoot . then be stunned and whit no crew all game!

  21. Actually Mr. Frampton,( hope i spelled it correctly) I think you missed the point of seal clubbing. It is directly related to player ratings, after the first 5000 games played it takes forever to make your rating rise. Perhaps completely removing this metric of player competency? It makes the game a school yard.. You go to a Skirmish and get passed over because of your rating. Your rating is everything to the clans in WOT deserved or not. These numbers do nothing to enhance game play except for the devs who need the statistics. Also I loved Frontlines i cannot wait till it returns.

  22. Great video thanks it’s to the point and so true. New players like me with only 4000 games struggle.

  23. Bloody well said QB RESPECT at you

  24. Hands up who thinks WG is about to kick QB out of the CC program ?

  25. WOT need separations in 3 tier MM classes 1-6 7-8 and 9-10. MM 1+1 except 6, 8, 10 which will become top tiers and none of the different tier classes see another say tier 7 never meet 8 and tier 8 never meet 9, or 10. Low Tier tanks PVP need replace with PVE except for competition modes for players organized teams. XWM need to do a separation for stats in the different tier classes so stats say from tier 1 class didn’t show in tier 2 or tier 3 matches so stat padding became useless as well (no one sees it in high tier class battles). About these premium vehicles as an owner most of them nothing special. Reason for legendary status is a poor policy of WG that in general premiums are worse. Non-tier 8 premiums, in general, are “garbage” except. these so called “OP” which are regular tier avatars, just with premium perks. They should become as good as regular the same tier. A defender is decent, but not good it just worst version of IS-3 …. it seriously lacks mobility of is-3 need buff to is-3 level. I think it is time for tier 10 premiums as well.

  26. Hello Mr quacky baby. (Please read!)
    First of all. Thank you for finally making a stand against WGs bullshit, You’ve inspired a lot of the community and I think its been making a difference.
    I have had a idea to fix a huge issue with the game that I would like to share with the community and this feels like the best place to do so.

    The idea is Ammunition loadouts per gun per tank…

    So as we know that gold spamming is an unfortunate tumor of the state of the current matchmaker. Top tier tanks are able to roll over the smaller tanks with ease, as a result the players in the bottom tier tanks have no other option to be competitive than to spam gold “It doesn’t matter how good you are at World of Tanks, any idiot can press ‘2’ and penetrate your armour.”

    The current state of “Gold ammo” is one of the main reasons that the World of Tanks E-sport scene is a joke.
    Most players will agree with me, Gold ammo as a concept is a joke.
    There are two ways to ‘fix’ “Gold” ammo.

    1. Re-balance Gold (controversial)
    change the stats of gold to do 20% more pen than standard ammo and 20% less damage than gold ammo.
    The real life version of APCR ammo has a smaller core that penetrates the tanks armour, thus would do less damage.
    (historically accurate, but not for HEAT)

    2. (what i think should change) Change how players can get Gold ammo
    This is a more time consuming fix but WILL improve the game vastly.

    The idea is that each gun per tank has its own SET or load out of ammo (set amount of standard, gold and HE)

    M4 (equipped with 76mm m1a1) would carry (80% ap) (15% apcr) (5% he)
    M4A3E8 (equipped with 76mm m1a1) would carry (70% ap) (25% apcr) (5%he)

    *same gun but balanced for each tier*

    the result of this would be:
    – every player has gold, and thus everyone can hurt everyone (every player is useful)
    – every tank can be balanced with this:
    – overpowered tanks will carry less gold.
    (252 U: 95% ap 2% apcr 3% he)
    – weaker tanks can carry more gold.
    (Churchill BP (17pdr): 47% ap 50% apcr 3% he)
    – stock guns can carry more gold.
    (Tiger I (7.5cm Kw.K 42 L/70): 55% ap 43% apcr 2%he)

    Players will be more inclined to be cautious to what ammunition is being fired. (saving your “gold” for the defender or VK 100.01P)

    The ‘difficult’ part is the economy. All ammo should be free (like most other games) to balance this, less money should be given to players at the end of a battle, and *or* more expensive repair costs.
    Balancing Gold and tanks this way, would keep the uniqueness of all tanks, but balancing them. This approach to balancing will also help to fix the issue with premium tanks, because you are not technically changing the tank, rather just limiting the combat capacity.
    (I’m sure we would all love to see e-25s spamming a little less gold.)

    I honestly believe this is the best possible change for world of tanks in its current form.

    Using this approach could help with the looming issue of power creep, simply change the ammunition load out to contain more ap and less apcr.

    Anyway TANK you for bothering to read this message, I hope I have given you another idea to put out to the community or at least something to think about.

  27. So i am sure that lot of people would like you to be CEO, but there is one meme on 9gag where boss sits in conference room and everybody kiss his ass and there is one guy on the end of table said something smart, next picture hi is dumped out of window. So i think you are that guy unfortunately. I agree 100%, no 1000000000% but greed is stronk!

  28. A suggestion about Arty.

    BRING BACK PRE-8.6 ARTY. that’ll show people what TRUE arty annoyance is.

  29. RNG is WoT´s biggest problem.. It gives WG full control of the game results. Who wins and who lose is total up to WG. RNG makes WoT an one arme bandit game. It could be a E-sport game!

  30. 28:40 mate please understand that not EVERYONE has prem account and lots of prem tanks and boosters etc. For example I have a few tier 8 prem tanks and even if I use cred boosters but without prem account I get very little profit (without using prem ammo or prem consumables), also not much xp.

  31. Not bad Quicky, not bad…

  32. How about instead of giving everyone a 100% crew and skills at lower tiers, lock the crew skills and experience. Make sure nobody has a skill untill T4 or T5. Also, crew skills could be uniform for all, so everyone gets buffed or nerfed to 80% or something like that. Just some thoughts I wanted to share…

  33. @QuickyBaby: Premium AMMO FIX.. Simple.. Very simple a flat % total capacity per tank.. a low % 10-15% Why does no one suggest this..

  34. Whats to figure out about gold ammo?
    Removed and tanks rebalanced with weak spots so you can rely more on skill.

  35. Loving these

  36. Great points here. However I can’t see anything happening soon. My clan commander who is also a cc told me the other day there’s a rumour wg will be selling bonds for cash in bundles on the near future.

  37. QB how about removing all premium rounds and nerfing all OP tanks so that a normal round can pen them. Chears and keep it up.

  38. I agree with (especially 2 first points):
    1. Return weak points (now we have to shoot premium, otherwise we are losing whole health without doing damage in corridors).
    2. that something should be done with mentioned OP premium tanks,
    3. Bonds – why best players are receiving additional advantage?
    4. MM.
    I dont agree with:
    5. completely removing skills from low tiers – I was learning which skill is useful on low tiers – maybe there should be limit of 1 skill till level 4. Maybe every new player should get 1 free binoculars, camo net and tool box, so that it would be not so difficult to play at the beginning.
    6. Tech tree OP tanks. Now they are much less OP than previously. 3 years ago when I started to play, I saw T67 that killed 12 tanks (it had 400 basic view range) in my battle. But after nerf, I never was in the battle when T67 had more than 5 kills. So my opinion is that wihout good skil, even with experienced crew, it is not so OP, it is something like russian T28 from level 4. And as a new player I liked to see which tanks are better, so then as first I tried to research them.

  39. Hi QB, the worst of the boxes is that users report the drop rate getting much worse. Thats the real scandal as WG is selling it as the same product. I even believe that is against eu laws but hard to proove.

  40. Actually the FCM Pak is a total shit due to its incredibly low speed, so I’d keep the tank how it is

  41. The game will be playable if they remove UPGRADING there is nothinng more annoying than having to play a shitty tank juat so you can make it not so shitty i am ok with optional guns like derp guns then increase the exp cost for the next tier tanks because its so annoying to be a low tier tank in the game and to be unupgraded it feels so pointless.

  42. Buff the germans

  43. I spent 22 Swiss Francs in 10 boxes and got the defender. I was so happy. BUT yet ive played 12 battles and Ive NEVER been toptier.

  44. I wrote this in the WoT Reddit page 4 months ago:
    As unpopular as this thought will be. Tiers 1-3, NO Premium Ammo Available.
    Tiers 1-3 are the learning tiers. They should not be populated by the stat padders with the available credits to go bulling new players with Premium ammo.
    What would this entail is, once a player has progressed past 1000 battles. The Match Maker should (wishful thinking,) should eliminate the potential of the higher experienced player, seal clubbing the new players and making them say screw this game. Please note I said Experienced not Skilled. Yes there is a difference. Experience = time (battles) played. Skill = How well you have spent that time.
    Now Tier 4, No holds barred. I do like the idea of that another poster stated that Premium APCR should over pen a target and cause much lower damage depending how armored the target is.

  45. Vote QB 4 president!


  47. Excellent video. Regarding weakspots, I remember how fun it was in a T32 to meet a Tiger II – the T32 had lower pen so it had to aim for the machine gun port and cupola; the Tiger II had to angle, wiggle, move, hide the lowerplate and machine gun port. In the end it was FUN!

  48. I think, they should ,first of all, removed arty and compensate people with spent credits and xp and allow people to choose whether they want to use that xp on other tank line or compensate as free xp. Arty is now a lot more toxic than before and i afraid they won’ t change it for a long time(maybe for 2-3 years if this game will still exist). Next thing, they should remove from tier 7-10 HE guns. In high tiers HE guns make you so frustrated because they can see a tiny part of your tank and still does 300-450 dmg and destroy your track, whereas you can’ t fight back. And for HE guns don’ t need to aim at enemy’ s weakspots. Anyway, good video, you pointed out the main reasons why this game becomes more toxic than ever.

  49. I think the AT8 was very powerful, I have an average of 47% winrate and when I played that tank on my way to the Badger, I got a 56% winrate with it.

  50. For the stopping the seal clubbers section…. I wouldn’t arm the seals…..
    Wouldn’t it be better to disable equipment slots and limit the amount of crew skills available at tiers 1-3?

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