How Long will the WINTER CHALLENGE take?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. This holiday season Wargaming invites you to take the Winter Challenge to unlock the SU-130PM for free… But how long will it take?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Quicky noob

  2. Nope Nope Nope. This “Challenche” is not 4 me

  3. Be extra carefull with the offered directive seems very easy to forget to put auto-ressuply on them and burn precious bonds when the tiny stock will be exhausted.

  4. Why didn’t you take into account that you could do your grind in tiers X ?

  5. Im in Workimg holyday visa in australia. average time to enter a battle 2 to 3 min. an eternity, so for average player, totally impossible to get the tank for free

  6. the point of all that is to play TD????????

  7. The video is boring QB sorry not my favorite, Ill pass on all of it. looking forward to your nxt video.

  8. did u take into account that bad players games last less long ?

  9. Great marketing Wargaming. “Let’s do a thing where they get a free tank if they spend 10 freaking hours a day all of the holiday season pissing off their spouse and kids and parents and siblings to the point where they all hate World of Tanks”. Great idea.

  10. I wouldn’t say I’m a bad player but I don’t think I’m getting this tank for free anymore. I usually only play for a max of 3 hours every few days. By this lovely spreadsheet, thank you for it us by the way, I’ll probably play for like 8-6 hours every day. Especially since my favorite and the ones I am good at are about tier 3-5 ?

  11. True, true, QB..

  12. I guess as for what stage I am shooting for. Whatever I get to. I’m not going to force myself to play more then I want

  13. this challenge isn’t about take tank for free, but play for your discont. WG know, how to grab your money. only no-lifers or top skilled players can have it for free. it will be again in some nice package, so 50% discount mean standard price of T8 premium tank.

  14. I wonder how many people are going to complain in the comments and act like the extra rewards and discount bonuses don’t exist?

    Let’s make a drinking game out of that.

  15. if i can get the gravedigger on blitz i can get this np hehe.

  16. My average exp per game is around 800-1000 i grind about 4 hours on weekdays and 9 hours on weekends but not all at once.

  17. I bet there will be a 3x weekend in the middle of this too.

  18. thanks Will for your commitment, i really liked how u prepared an excel file for us this is really a very good jester thanks again

  19. Stage 4

  20. Does wot life show base XP?

  21. nice, am working 4 days a week and going to school. Thanks wargaming for making it possible for students

  22. Outstanding review. And I’m not too upset; I’m a realist, and know I’m slightly above average, and will probably get to about level 5, maybe level 6, with the amount of time I normally would have played anyways. So a 50% discount off a nice TD that matches my play style is not a bad deal at all.

  23. I would have been interested in getting some of the awards along the way, but tomorrow I am going on vacation for a week and therefore won’t be able to play. Since it’s only 10 days I’ll only be able to get the first few stages. Personally I think they should make it longer, like 2-3 weeks. It would be way more convenient for a lot of people. Especially since a lot of people only play on weekends with work and school

  24. 10 days ? Well I dont need that ISU anyway, I guess I’ll only grind some exp to get some free items from stage 1-5

  25. 5 hours every day. I’m not doing this. I got 600-700 average XP and 5 hours is to big number. Thx QB

  26. Ciulinu Baraganului

    4 free?!…very hard work, i gonna do 5 levels- for half price discount- and now come the rubbery, because the WG dont give me a half price tank, they give me a package with a tank and some garbages in and so i must buy a full price tank actually from that package, and thank you WG for T50-2 package, but this” FOR FREE” charades – is trash. [sorry for my bad eng.]

  27. Can you please link us the Spreadsheet? Maybe as Google document?

  28. WoT PC question:

    So these OP’s Rewards are kinda very similar to WoT Console OP’s Rewards (as I play on Console) so does first Victory counts in the XP grind factor?

  29. You didn’t take in account that not all of you have mm like you + amount of retards that will be playing wot during this event

  30. Thank you

  31. Hey QuickyBaby, What is a firegihter directive? A special for this Challenge? ? (On the Chart, Stage 9)

  32. My Goal is to get to Stage 0. Where nobody plays this OP Tank. Wargaming wants that Pay to Win.
    Its fruststrating where this Game is going and to see from where it has come.
    Please Wargaming do your Homework
    1. get the Matchmaker done
    2. rebalance the Tanks
    3. rework your Sight System, there are invisible Tanks
    4. rework your Penetrationsystem, no more Ghostshells
    5. if there are Missions or Challengens make them realistic, not only for the very good Players
    6. More Russian Tanks

  33. Wargaming company has really bad issues about pro consumer marketing which kills community -> kills fun of game -> kills all of experience we hardly now feel. In basic rotation mmo EVENTS and ROA EVENTS are basically each month like GW2 / WarThunder / Warframe / Path of Exile … etc This is how wargaming does -> Make Event with payment option -> force to pay as it goes to get done. How does it works the best in games HAVE FUN and optionally pay mostly for cosmetics and basic stuff. So see up there if it is fair if legit size company doing this shit to you as a customer…

  34. Definitely no because I have life. This is build in that way that not so many people will achieve that without money.

  35. Thanks. Now how about a modpack update please?

  36. Glass Canon no my type ?

  37. more a sprint than marathon

  38. I was able to do the other 2 up to 90% then stopped and spent the $7 – $10. I have no tier 10 so this means I’m going to pass on this. #feelsbadman. Thanks for the math Quicky I was actually going to try lol. WG is just getting worse every day.

  39. Lmao WG what ????

  40. DECEMBER is around the corner. What will any family person do then, ofcourse spend time with family.

  41. dont hit me with the math buds

  42. WOT is crap…. 1. pay to have a premium account (thats ok)… 2. pay even more for important stuff or suck…. ripoff

  43. Not happening with school RIP

  44. Wargaming is DRUNK…

  45. From a purely monetary point of view, it’s cheaper to buy this with real money, unless you live somewhere where you make less than $10 an hour. You could grind for hours a day, or you could do literally anything else and save a little cash for this. The reward is not worth the time you put into it.

  46. I think I average about base 500-700 exp a game, so it will take me between 4 and 6 hours, I guess. Sadly, my sick leave ends Tuesday at the earliest, and I have other stuff planned too (end November to end February is the busiest period in my family concerning birthdays. IF I make it to stage 5 at least, I might buy it, but not sooner, especially considering holiday shopping and such. It’s not like I really need the tank, since I already have the Skorpion G, but a tier 8 crew trainer for when I start the Russian TD line might be a nice addition. I do agree with you QB, they either need to give people more time, or bring the required EXP down a little more/alter the tier 10 challenges a bit, since this caters more to people who no-life and doesn’t take into consideration the vast majority off people that work or go to school.

  47. Nice video QB, you are absolutely right!!!
    My target will be stage IV – 750k credits… and then “FU” winter Challenge, no way to spend such a lot of time for one Tier VIII premium.

  48. my average experience per battle is 267 rip 🙁

  49. It’s honestly going to be easier to look at this as a F2P 4 mission challenge for credits and premium time

  50. Marcin Wołczański

    Apparently that superior contribution or sth works for “get 850 xp” missions

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