How Many Badgers it Takes To Destroy 15 Manticores? | World of Tanks Badger vs Manticore

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Manticore vs FV217 Badger. World of Tanks Face Off – Epic Battles, Fights Versus Battles.

► Shout-out to the mega-hype-epic DezGamez community for making it possible!

I know exactly what you were thinking today… “How many Badgers does it take to knock out 15 Manticores?”
Well, do not worry, I am here for you with The Comeback of the longest-awited Face Off series!

Enjoy the Show!


  1. I got you covered boys, I knew the questions you asked and nobody answered, so here we are! 🙂
    Let me know what you would like to see me doing next time, because *FACE OFF IS BACK BABYYYYYY!* 🔥

  2. Now, how many manticores it takes to destroy 15 EBR 105s?

  3. Ever found a game where good players were punished and bad players rewarded ??? = Thats World Of Tanks ***

  4. We need to see 15 chieftains vs 15 Obj 279e’s

  5. Can you do 279e vs chieftan

  6. I would love to take part in something like this! Looks super fun!

  7. Todays the day!

  8. Editing this Video was a challenge and all, i get it….
    but the real challenge was finding 15 players, that have the manticore researched xD

  9. how many Emil can kill 15 St. Emil

  10. It’s been too long since we’ve had this kind of madness👍😂😂😂😂

  11. How many amx 50b’s does it take to ram kill a maus using down hill speed?

  12. Ezzaldeen Al-Basha

    thx for the video

  13. now show this again, but from 300 m+ distance… RNG goes brrrrrr

  14. How about some black market faceoff? like T22 vs QL or something

  15. Finaly!!! These episodes are finally back, i hope. Thanks

  16. He did it! The mad man actually did it!


  18. My prediction was 7

  19. Davor Damjanović

    Rly happy to see this series to continue after long time

  20. i would like to see how much damage you could get from one ram. would be interesting

  21. I think you shuold have used HE instead of HESH. More splash would kill more manticores in fewer shots

  22. i can sleep well now. because i know how many badgers are needed …. xd

  23. Our prayers have been answered!!! Thank you Dez for bringing us the solution…

  24. Dez manticore vs e3 would be better because of armor😄

  25. You should do these tests as real battles. There is a YouTuber who does all WOT Blitz content and he does lots of really fun and interesting match ups like this video but he usually does full battles where players can do whatever they want,=. Like how many Maus to win a battle against 15 tier 6 wheeled vehicles.

  26. Finally 😍

  27. Shows you the power of numerical advantage

  28. How many T95 can kill 15 EBR 105 👀

  29. Finally someone answers the important questions

  30. they found all 15 manticores on EU, truly an achievement

  31. Thanks for bringing this type of video back!

  32. also try this against T110e3’s

  33. RedArmoredBear M_E_K

    Dude, how someone can take part in those videos? Have to do something special, or just to have the correct tank?

  34. Always More Badgers

  35. man i really mised this content…. good to see it back

  36. id like to see how many strv103b to kill 15 manticores

  37. Thanks Dez.
    If the MM ever puts me in a game against 15 Manticores I’ll know what to expect.

  38. Focus fire? badgers shoot from left to right?

  39. Honestly, I would of used the Tortoise which doesnt have a horrible lower plate, might of been a more successful comparison 😍

  40. Ahhh how I missed these crazy videos, the reason behind discovering Dez to begin with

  41. Now foch b vs mantacore…

  42. up the ante, allow the mantys and badgers to move

  43. congrats worked hard for it..more vids like this 1 plz..have a awesome day

  44. Without gold it should take 1

  45. There was no focus fire from the badgers.

  46. Diatonic Delirium

    Manticore is a mythological creature that was said to be unconquerable. The mighty beast is best known for its strange but magnificent features. It is often said that the beast had the head of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion.
    Badgers, on the other hand, are short-legged omnivores in the family Mustelidae.

  47. Gratz for 100M

  48. But why is the subtitles in holand automaticaly? 🙂

  49. I enjoy the face offs

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