How Many Credits Does the Chinese Premium TD Make? (Full Session)

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Source: LemmingRush

I made 372K Credits in the Wz over an hour, playing like I always do (but without food).


  1. Damn a long video

  2. Lemming you better respond. get the Ebr 105 btw its nasty and review it pls i need a unicum to teach a bluenicum how to play

  3. Sabin Teodorescu


  4. Lemming i love you pls dont ban me on your stream again xD

  5. When you think you’re a type 64 but then realize you are a td

  6. Cha-Ching

  7. Hicham Gouchida

    Review TS5 please

  8. This thing is pretty good I guess but I dont like TDs so this is a no for me.

  9. as a side thing, i dont play a ton of mediums, so i dont know where they stack up, whats so bad about the centurion I?

    • Griffin Faulkner

      It gets ammoracked if you so much as sneeze at it, it’s a massive target, and if you aren’t hull-down everything pens you.

      On the upside, it’s decently mobile, has excellent pen, and the turret and gun depression are both excellent.

      I think the biggest problem Lemming has with it is that you just can’t be aggressive with it. It’s designed to find a spot, set up, and just keep firing. Pushing through the open is a death sentence, and as I mentioned it’s a massive, squishy target.

  10. Lemming can you play the AMX 30 B after it gets reworked? would really like to see it

  11. Lemming, please tell me where I can buy that RNG. Thanks. ;P

  12. I’m the 13th comment! Wooo

  13. Dude, I’ve had RA since birth. Now we have two things in common since we are both pretty humble!

  14. Azegul Star Rider

    This tank is a beast if played right. A real money maker with a big hitting gun. It’s very good if played aggressively rather than as a passive sniper.

  15. If you run a complete f2p account, prepare your heart.

  16. Lemming your gf is Russian? Did WG send you her for a bribe to work for them?

  17. Tommy Halfniger

    Reserve stock only works if you have premium account. It should be like f2p can fill it up to 500000 and p2p could fill it up to 750000 or 1000000

  18. Hey lemmingrush would you be making a vid on the P44 Panterra anytime in the near future.

  19. u need to have a lots and lots of patience alying with that tank .. i have one though hahahaha

  20. @lemmingrush 1:03:00 reserve stock: the idea of the lock is to make sure they aren’t handing out more than 750k bonus credits per player per week. its a common thing in games like these in asian markets, though most chinese versions would require micro transactions to open it at the end of the week, WG opted to just make it work like a weekly cap instead, with no micro transaction required, because it’s built into a paywalled premium already.

  21. “I am the humblest mofo of all time, there is no one who is more humble than me, past, present, or future, so fu. If humility was an Olympic sport, I’d win all the golds, so there.” XD

  22. TaurusTheKing 72

    What do you think of console wot?

  23. “Is her name Ivan?”
    “No but her father’s name is Dmitry (Dimitri?) (Dimitry?)”
    I dunno why but that was hilarious

  24. You and i both had the same freakin reaction at the same time when you shot the t-43 on Emperor’s Border while going Reeeeeee on him xD

  25. Lol that snapshot and fire on the T-43!

  26. Thoughts on the LT-432?

  27. It's not what you think

    I like they way you drink your drink at 4:42. It reminds me of my friend whenever she drinks coffee in her super long sweater.
    Life laugh love cunt.


    i have wz and i love that tank!!!

  29. ‘All Cent 1 drivers useless’…

  30. Sometimes your snigger sounds like the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs.

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