How Many Credits Does the Object 252 Make? – Object 252 Session Video

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Source: LemmingRush

Hope this was informative to anyone looking to buy this prem tank 🙂


  1. This is with premium so then you can get this amount of credits easy just take another tier 8 premium tank and you wil do the same on averge

  2. love the videos would love to platoon man! thou I’m no unicorn lol

  3. why does the 1080p looks like shit? i cant even read the team chat… can you do the same for the M4 Rev so i could see real money earning potential in that tank 😀

  4. NoHomeLike

    The main thing that balances out the gun and armor is the gun handling. Woo, boy, you need to aim for so long to take a shot, having more armor than an IS-3 really doesn’t matter when an IS-3 can peek-a-boom at most distances

  5. wait how did you open that session stat chat box?

  6. It's what you think

    I love your videos you cunt. Keep up the good work.

  7. I love the Video Lemming. I can learn on how to play this tank even more 🙂

  8. [MFG] Clan Channel

    Why is the video quality so low? I have it on 1080p but its still pixelated as fuck

  9. no commentary, li liked it, thx, picked up some tips on sidescrapin on that corner, thx bro

  10. Terrible video quality, my eyes hurt

  11. Jasper van Houdt

    Have you been set on fire in the Defender?
    I have played between 60 and 70 battles in it but haven’t been set on fire a single time, so I decided to take the prem consumable, bringing my reload down to 12,12

  12. Why would you block the FV304 for shooting you?

  13. good video content, quality? I like the no commentary style, makes me watch, and observe the techniques. I also enjoy watching the tooning with tankers because you get to see the game and heat the discussion as it happens, not editied after the fact…

  14. Darwin's Arbiter

    i like it, i feel even in a defeat you can still come up in a possitive credit balance, incidentally decided to use mine w/o any wn8 rounds for the purpose of just grinding credits. hlf tempted to get the defender variant but , i must resist my wallet is thin this month lol

  15. 2nd game profit not 109k

  16. 1st game you put profit and rest dont,why!!?

  17. AnonyMouse Poaster

    So aside from credits- do you recommend it LemmingRush?

  18. my defender doesnt work

  19. Reverse side scrape. Epic

  20. I don’t have the 252 as I did not feel that I needed a 4th premium Russian HT. But stil my go to tank for income is the SP. As I still have no issues getting 70K profit with it. As the ammo is cheap as chips vs anything else.

  21. hahahaha i was the t57 heavy who told you to get a pools medal so i can be in a youtube video

  22. I legit was not going to buy it, but after seeing it in action I had to have one. I LOVE it. So much fun to troll tier 9’s and 10’s with. Out Brawled an E75 and the Liberte (spelling) at the same time 2 vs 1. I almost felt like a good player.

  23. People Are Stupid

    I remember a slut driving this tank and saying to me uninstall the game when I driving lvl 6 heavy tank. Why are there too many sluts in the world?

  24. why not use jasenkrasen for that (however its spelled)

  25. would have been more efficient to just record the data in Excel lol.

  26. Tiln TheModerator

    1:57 the 252 does not reverse sidescrape well, but it does normal sidecrape well.

  27. nice fight as always rush 07

  28. gumaromartinez456

    Whats your opinion on the 110.

  29. Rush, is it ideal we buy the preset packs, or just the standalone tank itself?

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