How Many Games of World of Tanks are Winnable?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m asking, and answering, the question how many games of World of Tanks are actually winnable?



  1. Hey everyone! Glad you’re enjoying the video and adding your comments! I want to add a couple of things that I wanted to feature in the video but forgot. Firstly the win ratios of the top tier players on the other team.
    ASTRON Rex: 64%
    AT 15: 55%
    Emil I: 52%
    Progetto 46: 51%
    This is why I wanted to feature the round; as the battle was so hard because each of the enemies top tier players was a good or exceptional player. Hence why the battle was on the “80% win ratio boundary” even in a good match up.

    I also wanted to note I contacted the Hummel player on my team after the game and congratulated him on 7 kills, without him the battle would have clearly been a loss. 7 kills was also an account record for them and I was chuffed.

    • Ok but can you actually play chess? I appreciate the comparison sense I play chess, I only ask because you’ve mentioned chess as a reference a few times now

    • Hey QB — Happy New Year! Particularly enjoyed this video because it seems that so many enjoy “stat shaming” other players when they are on a poor team. It made me wonder the topic that you addressed. The one aspect that you failed to mention in your video is your computer build quality and your internet service. I recently upgraded my video card and monitor and have noticed approx. 8% increase in my shot accuracy. My overall numbers are up and I am sure that over 1k games my Win ratio will increase too.

    • @jhesser33 well, you can judge i tank for tank if the enemies have better or worse, furthermore having the xvm is vital, because it allows you to see how many good or bad players there are…

    • good video to start 2022

    • @Edvin Strömberg , True, never go in expecting to lose, try going in with a positive attitude, because it might be that attitude that makes the difference… 😉

  2. I get sessions where MM gives me teams that have no hope of winning. This can go on for an hour or so; across all tiers. Yesterday, I decided to play arty for the first time in about a year and won every game for an hour or so. My conclusion – the MM algorithm matches you with players to effect your chance of winning, depending on what or how you play. It’s not just random and it certainly isn’t fair and sometimes it’s just plain dumb. I don’t want to sound like a moaner but I had top damage in my BC-25-T in a game where our top 2 “heavy” tanks were AMX-50-Bs and the enemy had 2 Object 279es! How the hell is that equal MM?!

  3. Relax mate take time for you and the wife

  4. Very good video. Even though you explained very well how winning and losing in this game happens, there are still people even in this chat that claim the game is somehow rigged to make some players lose or win more games. Those are probably the same people that believe the earth is flat, vaccinations are some kind of evil ploy or believe in some other strange conspiracy theory.

  5. Hmm…you didn’t really factor in all the differences. The ratio is different for you with all your perks and an average player. For an average player…meaning no premium account, no premium consumables, 1-2 equipment pieces on the tank and not the best choices, mediocre crew with maybe 6th sense and BiA (I’m playing since 2013, got 30k+ games and don’t have a single crew with all the skills)…it might well be 7 out of 10 games that are absolutely unwinnable. What fun can a player like that have? If you take 10 buckets of hot water for your bath and you spill 7 of them, how much would you enjoy that bath? The game has clearly become pay to win and you wont be able to have fun is you don’t pay…not to mention the missions. This is the game where you simply MUST rely on your team, there is no way around that. And especially in the missions for 279e where you must have a constant good output for 10 straight games, you can bet your grandma’s ruby ring one of those 10 your teammates will mess up big time. This game hasn’t been fun for me in a really long time, it’s become more of a business thing where I’m driven by impossible goals.

  6. 12:37 you were lucky arty didnt focus you. well and the fact that m44 was doing something strange.

  7. hmmm.. Idk.. not enough spreadsheets to prove the point

  8. In my regard, battles results aren’t random enough.
    There’s a tendency to losing games.
    I’m a… not great player but it doesn’t make sense (if you think in odds) how very often i don’t even win 4 in 10 battles.
    Statistically that shouldn’t hapend… right?!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

  9. Qb, I think you missed some factors also. Like how tired you are. If you want to play well, you should think about it, how tired you are, how can you focus that day… How your play style fit to the… Let’s call it the “daily meta”. By this I ment, some days majority of the players are rushing, some days, majority of the players stay behind, or just want to survive. This changes time to time… As flexible you are, and as easily you can switch your style, you can improve your gaming. But yes… There is the biggest factor you cannot impact… RNG… but let’s not get into that one now

  10. If you auto win 40% of your games then in the same time you auto loose 40% of your games

  11. I am 10% lower than I used to. I just dont have the patience for this anymore.

  12. Everytime this winrate topic. World of tanks has just an insane amount of players that think they are good but are actually utter trash. And these players just dont want to admit that they deserv their negative winrate. It is the lack of a constant ranked mode to show them how bad they are.

    Look at league of legends for example, in the lower elos like iron silver and gold more people have a negative winrate only from there you start seeing alot of people with better and better winrates.
    And the really good ones have insane winrates and are able to solo win games like “RAT IRL” at one point with a 98% winrate in 200 games or so.

    Same applies for wot, you can win games solo but you need to be really good at it and if you are not good, well you deserve the lose.

  13. so, basically you are saying the game is rigged and we all know it. tell us something we don’t know. like how much wargaming pays you to make your content. any high profile youtube world of tanks player is in on this scam. you all bad mouth wargaming but still have that status. rename your channel to omicron fingers.

  14. yep i think win rate as a stat mattered when games were more balanced years ago. most players dont have control over 15-1 games.

  15. Nice, always love game theory in things , this is a good video

  16. I was today years old when I found out that QuakyBaby’s name is Will. It does suit you Mr Sir

  17. If you are just a little competitive then of course you want to win, especially in this game where winning means faster progress along the tank line you are grinding, means more credits (so you can afford to use more gold ammo and “large” consumables. Besides nobody likes to loose, especially 15:0, 15:2, etc. (which is the current meta of Wargambling products).

  18. How good is your computer? Do you understand the role of the tank your playing in beginning, middle and end game just like chess. Time of day and day of the week you play. How new or rare is the tank? Good review. Remember the team you win with could be the team you play next game.

  19. There are days that no matter what u do, you will loose almost all games anyway. But next day you will win for example 80-90%

  20. Antanas Rapkevicius

    As a single player the win ratio is pure garbage. A year ago I ran a test: created 2 completely new accounts, got myself T54 mod 1 tank on both accounts. On one of those accounts I played completely trash – every start of the battle I would go suicidal, drive right to the enemy cap, maybe spot 2-3 tanks, if lucky shoot twice and die. Literally. Every single game for 500 games. On the other account I actually tried my best to play the tank, averaging nearly 1k assist and just over 2k dmg a game. played for 500 games too. The results were shocking – on the suicidal account I had 61% win ratio, on the account I played to the best of my abilities the win ratio was 43%.. Stopped playing WOT for good soon after.

  21. WRONG QB.The ratio of wins with no impact is 30%.I know from experience.

  22. You must have been hitting the bottle again mister Qb because the 122tm is not meta.

  23. This feels like an economic class on zoom meeting, all other factors remaining equal(and in wot there’s plenty), the more skilled you are ,the higher is your win ratio

  24. I ended up with 35% WR in the evening with my Skoda T56, I broke the math 😀

  25. Higher WR isn’t about having one good idea. Top players are consistent.

  26. Tell your bosses at wargaming that peeps have actually spent their own earned money to upgrade or even most certainly had to buy a new PC to keep up with this crappy game. what does wargaming do? just gives it to us right up the turd cutter!!! maybe a year of free premium just for what we have done and sacrificed …? i quit eating some nice foods i like, just to have been able to upgrade my pc… and this crappy game they still put out… meh
    i know you wont say it because you are on the payroll like all the other fancy kommunity kontributors.
    wargaming is a ripoff company and the sad part is you are part of it.

  27. Map knowledge is what’s winning games. Good map knowledge gives you that extra moment, to be in good spot at the right time and make difference. I dont have map knowledge, so my WR usually sucks.

  28. Interesting approach, I hadn’t thought about win ratio this way! Perhaps this makes it a bit easier to get over those 15-0 battles. Those battles are going to happen, and the best thing you can do is to give it your all in the next game I guess.

  29. sometimes i win 35% sometimes 60% and i have an average of 51% 52% in my opinio it can depends even on the period. for example my winratio has dropped because a lot of players aren’t that much good they came back only for crismas infact i noticed like befor crismar there ware like 100-200 people waiting for the battel and now in crismas they are 500 (sorry for my english from Italy)

  30. I only know that tech tree tanks(non-tier 10) are very hard to have more than 46% win-rate, especially you opened your exp boaster and desperate for a first victory

  31. One thing that I have been wondering for YEARS: It feels like there is “a curse” upon some of my tanks and that is somehow “prediced” if I will suffer with them or not (prediced = rougher matchmaking). No matter how I try to play them, no matter how good crew and equipment and no matter if played them five years ago or now, but they just have a crappy average win ratio and it stays that way.

    The obvious reason is, of course, that I play them in a wrong way and maybe the law of average hasn’t “hit” yet (even after some hundreds of matches, in some cases), but it either feels that there is a curse or some WoT wide conspiracy against me!

    For example:
    – Kranvagn 45%, 137 matches: 57% with Emil II and 54% with Emil I. I also have 52%+ for T65, T57 and T54E1 which are somewhat similar in style).
    Pains me every time QuickBaby says that anyone should be able to kick ass with this tank! I would really want to love this tank, like I do the similar ones, but…
    – Indien-Pz 30%, 121 matches. This has been the most awful tank for me and after grinding this tank line, I think I quit WoT for a year. I absolutely hated this tank. Again, I have really good/average win ratio for Panther (62%), Panther II (56%), Leopard PT A (52%).

    Now I am going through the same with P.44 Pantera all over again :D…
    P.S. I am an average player with 52% win ratio and 22k matches.

  32. Any isuues with the games where 3 to 4 have 0 zed for QB damage in a round at least 4 out of 10 matches?

  33. Christmas weekend: 25th 30games, 23wins, 26th 32 games 11 wins. All with pretty much the same tanks…

  34. fun = never look at your kdr

  35. Stubby Seven Three

    “Win Ratio” is a bad measure of the quality of a player/tank, the “K/D” ratio would be better but that also doesn’t tell the whole story either. I consider a “Win” to be something depending on my role in the game and how stupid/glorious my death – did I spot in my Light or get an itchy trigger finger and give myself away, did I valiantly hold a flank against superior numbers but eventually get overrun etc. My own win ratio and KD are pretty low, but at <4500 battles I'm a Noob anyway and am often low tier in stock tanks with crews still training their 1st skill.

  36. That Hummel had a beast game – 7 kills!

  37. Me and my 46.40 percent win rate being an average/good player

  38. I like this calculation approash and analysis stance towards the game . With the gameplay as well to highlight your arguments it becomes very informative and also interesting perspective.

  39. Kpz is very good tank

  40. My lose streak every day is about 20 battles and like 7 wins. Usually I would blame it on myself and move on like “oh I played badly” or “I was in a wrong position at the wrong time” but the more I play I realise that I’m not in a 1v15 and that the other 14 players on my team just seem to be worse than me, and that’s not me trying to flex like “oh I’m so good” its just that they are. I played a game where a dude playing the Jagdpanzer E100 wouldn’t push a 7hp defender (or just fire HE or HEAT at him) and we lost that 1v1 like tf?

  41. First class video. This is a great example of why Quickybaby stands out amongst other content creators. An excellent knowledge of the game, very clearly presented, insightful and very helpful. Thank you.

  42. Sometimes I feel like the MM is rigged. I looked at the teams after few 1-15 losses, and every time my team was way worse across the board in terms of win rate and personal rating. Wouldn’t the MM engine try to match similar level players on both sides? Or there aren’t enough players in the game to do that and they just match the tank levels/classes.

    You really have a chance to significantly influence like 25% of the games ino. Huge chunk of the games are 1-15/15-1, where your damage, even if it’s high, doesn’t contribute to the loss/win.

  43. Win or lose. I hate the people running that mod that tells them percent chance of winning due to team’s rating. If you think you’re already going to lose, why would you try very hard to play your best?

  44. Yestarday i lose 18 games in row on a platoon.
    Im not a pro player (1500 wn8 recent), but.. 18 loses im row? Wtf…

  45. Der Diskriminator

    I have 2 more variables to add:
    1. Play with good PC equiptment, so good ping, good fps, clear graphics, good controlls,
    2. Play in a good condition instead of exhausted from a hard working day, stressed, ill…

    probably even more

  46. What about losing strealks??? How is that possible that some of us can lose like 10-15 battles in a row, no matter which tier tanks server?? What is that bullshit??Pure rigging nothing else thats why i hate this game because fckn cheating like that..There is miuch more than your equation. Im at almost 53k battles and i refuse that bullshit that this game is not manipulated rigged by MM. It is.

  47. Rained all day yesterday, played for hours. Most games I finished top 2 or 3 with several top of entire game damage and kills.
    Won maybe 3 of every 10 games. Many games I doubled the damage and/or kills of my entire team.
    I’m good for a top 3 finish any time I’m reasonably motivated (not losing half the team in the first 2 minutes)
    I’ve got just under 40 percent win rate despite this. And never use gold ammo, using tanks that are generally regarded as lackluster tanks.
    So how is it a player can do nothing and hit at least 40 percent yet I’m generally a top of team and/or board player and I’m just under 40 percent?

  48. Definitely not my kind of video but I can appreciate the thought process and explanation.

  49. You forgot to mention the team that’s to good. The team that runs off like Jesse Owens en kills or crushes eveything in it’s way. If your’e in a AT 7 or 8 or the mighty TOGG, the battle is over before you can be part of it. But hè, those are the cheap rounds… 😊

  50. What about players that “pay $ to play” vs players that don’t ??

  51. I have noticed if you play the 1st 100-200 games fully pimped with good crews aka pay2win then you can get really good win rates around 60%
    Then playing the same tank past that they same always seems to happen where you will drop to 50%+

    Overall the games are rigged in a 15-to-5 simulator as fast games = revenue and noobs get to enjoy wins.
    Noobs generally spend $ and its something WG focus on.

    I think maybe 10%-20% of the games are maybe on a level playing ground ad those are the ones you need to win.

    After you have played for a a while and become an average+ player it all becomes a bit sad and sorry.

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