HOW MANY Oneshots was that!? | World of Tanks KV-2 Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks KV-2 (КВ-2) Gameplay, Epic Battle / Best Replays. World of Tanks KV-2, Tier 6 Russian Heavy Tank.

Played by: Alfonso1234 [KA0S] – Fantastic work!

Today let’s take a why KV-2 is the GOAT… What is able to do in the best possible matchmaking with its massive 152mm howitzer!

Enjoy the show!


  1. KV-2 never fails to surprise.. Even in this type of matchmaking the battle is filled with regular KV-2’s legendary derp moments! 🙂 The best way to start yet another week! 🙂
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    • I have gotten 2424 base with thunder bolt with 3.4k ish damage and melee most tier 4’s

    • i marked kv-2 only with a AP shells its worth it to use!

    • 🤖 my name is robot charlie 🤣😃

    • I have both KV-2. The KV-2 and m4 Sherman were my two favorite tanks. After nerf, KV-2 is totally unusable. It is easy to shoot AP and HEAT against Tier 5 tanks. But you will get fives today in 20 games. Let’s see how it will work against one Defender, O-HO, VK-100, Lowe, 50TP, … The only thing he can do is sit in the corner and cry. His magic used to be that KV-2 didn’t care which tank he was fighting. You could have put him up once against Tier 10 ten and he would have a good game again. Today, it is only good against tier 4 and 5 tanks in the additional destruction of the already destroyed MM.

    • Brother I never get tired of watching your replays. They are the best!! Take care, the old man …..aka flea1951 NA

  2. Low roll 🙂

  3. Well I guess it is time to play some KV-2.

    IGN: coconut2011, Server NA

  4. When you’re top tier I actually think ap is better because so many lower tier tanks have overmatch able plates and their hp is still low enough to kill with one 700 Alfa shot. petooo NA server

  5. I perma deleted both my accounts because of wot dev stupidity over a year ago. after watching this video i am glad i did.

  6. no more derping around
    heavy_trike NA

  7. Truly miss the old KV-2, we used to play platoon with 3 KV-2’s and punish tier 8 heavy’s who thought they could own the game because they where top tier

    Username: dutchdestroyer5000
    Server: EU

  8. One-shotting is even harder now, since HP of tanks were increased. I noticed it in my Hetzer, the king of HE in T4. Nice play!

    Server: EU
    Username: Zero_You

  9. Happy late birthday bro 🥳
    Servicer usa

  10. Awesome game with kv-2!

  11. Hi, enjoyable video.
    Would love to get some gold to be able to demount equipment hehe.
    Semeta, EU

  12. Joseph Bellavance

    Happy birthday Dez. It was mine on te 27th.
    Username: jo_hova, server: Aisia

  13. F for that Elc !

    Username: _Ezzzy_
    Server: EU

  14. DEZ, You ROCK.
    Eu server

  15. very interesting 🙂

  16. Answering your question Dez, HE “rework” is a nerf definately
    username: 0jciec
    server: EU

  17. Legendary!!!

    NA server

  18. Thats nice. When I try the KV2 I have no success… maybe because I am not the best player at all. Well done buddy, thanks for this video!

  19. I missed the kv-2 videos after the HE rework. After this replay I am thinking about buying the kv 2

    Nick : Kleepers
    Server: EU

  20. Always fun when playin the KV-2. Name: Dave7791 Server: EU

  21. Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU
    I used to love playing the KV-2, but since the HE nerf didn’t played it much anymore. Maybe its time to give it a go and use some AP shells instead of only HE.

  22. Not many KV-2 players use the AP rounds so Hats off to this guy.

  23. Pooor Bert – Derped to death 🙁 I miss my pre nerf Bert. Fun fact – I had a RW medal in my Bert a long time ago, that scary.

  24. Ah memories!!!!!
    Username: Panos0201

  25. The HE change is killing the kv2.

  26. KV2 simply doesen care… Mate you are making my day great work!
    Server EU
    Username: samurajmaki

  27. It still blows my mind that the terrible HE changes were implemented. InfernoJack, EU.

  28. Nice replay.. The new KV-2 meta has arrived!
    UsagiNZ, Asia.

  29. The He rework makes me happy whenever I face a 60tp. But I feel sad for those KV-2s :/


  30. I love this community because it proves that we have still good intentions, and we can share good company in our world!

    Mattilovesbeer, EU

  31. That poor amx… IGN : Taliesen_ Server : NA

  32. Glad to see KV2 still working after the HE change!


  33. Missing my KV-2 before the HE nerf.

    Username: Rubiroza87
    Server: EU

  34. Meow

    strigon07, Asian server

  35. That elc played very badly considering he has 3 MOE but gg for replay Kv2 will always be OG of this game.
    Server: Eu
    Username: TheCrazyPlatypus

  36. Back in the day OI rules, now is KV2 time
    Nick: Du_Art
    EU server

  37. KV-2 is always a fun tank to keep at tier 6, derp gun so fun to playn when youre having bad games in a row

    Username: raprap272
    Server: Asia

  38. Happy birthday Dez!! Happy Dezmonth to all!🤗
    Eu: jakabdaniel7698

  39. Christian Bonares

    Kv-2 still does alot of damage even ap what?


  40. I wish i could play like that, captaingt2, EU server

  41. Aleksa Milosavljević

    Server: EU
    Name: aalleekkssaa

  42. That “smooshing” of the ELC was worth waiting for!
    IGN: Anzac5665
    Server: NA

  43. Love the content and it would be nice to see some caernarvon gameplay.

  44. I love KV-2 Gameplay <3

    Name: Starbruder
    Server: EU

  45. future proves past

    Lorindes, EU

  46. Top KV-2!
    Username: Nikopol
    Server: EU

  47. Happy Bithday Dez, love u
    cermes99 NA

  48. Spams premium AP from the start because HE just doesn’t do it until they are all low health.

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