How Many Trees Have You DESTROYED? | World of Tanks Statistics, Valiant – 10th Anniversary 2020

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Source: DezGamez

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The waiting time is finally over, ACT V, the final ACT celebrating World of Tanks 10th Anniversary is live!

Let me know your interesting statistics!


  1. So.. How big of a lumberjack are you!? 😉
    Happy to see I was able to help out so many of you with my previous episode, happy to do that! Stay tuned for some Steel Hunter action!

  2. 89 maps but I see the same 5.

  3. This entire event is just a big disappointment

  4. 26K trees 180k shots

  5. 60,000+ Trees felld I am like a chainsaw! 🙂

  6. My M10RBFM met the valiant at long distance and with ap I was able to penetrate it several times with not a single bounce !

  7. 26.2 destroyed tanks / battle? Why I do not believe this, considering years of average 15-1/2/3 battles, base capturing battles…?

  8. *WHY THEY F**** NOT TELL US OUR PLAYTIME in HOURS* :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
    so sad about it i guess i have more than 20 k

  9. 3:15 Green peace: Hold up O-O

  10. i reinstalled it for the new patch but after 6 battles i got so fucking annoyed with all the shit thats wrong with this game, so i uninstalled it again yesterday. it would be so nice if wg wasnt so damn full of shit

  11. i compleetly forgot to buy those tanks back i only have 1 compensation

  12. Just realised this kinda spoiled it for me.. ah whatever

  13. twice as much as you, played for 3,5 years

  14. You cant buy the A46
    It literally says on the bottom Purchase unavailable and you sayin “you can buy it right here”
    Figure things out then make a video mate

  15. So a shitty T6 for holding on to coins and a badge for getting all 5 golden keys.
    Only good to come of this is the cool 3D skin for my T30 then
    Glad I didn’t actively grind for this and just completed those missions playing the game like normal.

  16. The valiant is actually pretty good well armoured

  17. I’m sorry to look a gifted horse in the mouth, but this Valiant is TERRIBLE.
    It’s slow, all the modules and crew die if you get hit once, and out of 20 games 17 were TIER SEVEN.
    Is Wargaming having a laugh? It’s very, very difficult to end up in the top 7 of the team with this turd.
    Oh and you won’t pen anything unless you spam gold. (like a mothertrucker)
    Yes, I already had the gift tanks but tried to play the game, and win that A46.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if that one is s.hit too.

  18. I try my best not to destroy trees :c

  19. I bet those seal clubber Luchs loves shots fired is like a million lol. Don’t let them fool Dez those 89 maps are just different versions of the same maps. Different game mode same map.

  20. Can’t wait to maul this thing with my Matilda.

  21. 89 Maps but in reality we only got to play like 5-10 maps in this bad map rotation….

  22. 60000+ trees felled, it stops counting after 60k apparently, but it also statea I am a “Distinguished Woodcutter”

  23. I am sad.. i thought we Beta players get the tier X tank as rewad 🙁

  24. Really looking forward to the steel hunter vid. I really liked it last year but sadly no HE autoloader tanks this year 🙁

  25. Andreas Gustafsson

    I am a Distinguished woodcutter with 60000+ trees felled. 643659 shots fired with 84184 tanks destroyed is 7.64 shots per kill. @DezGamez had 7.85 shots per kill.

  26. demounting kits for credits are nice thing…

  27. -65k tree.
    – valiant is a big pile of sh… and we have to play 20 battles with it or spend our coins.
    – steel hunters mod is too hard to grind because only 10 last players recive points

  28. Dude, awesome content!

  29. god dam it now everyone iwll have a bt7a always loved to be one of the few people having it

  30. “…so many maps…” Really? I only see the same 12…

  31. Act V = “Meh”…

  32. This event is a kick in the balls for everyone playing for years now…

  33. Bard Kuźnia Dram

    The only special is that whole “anniversary” is just a big scam.

  34. “How many trees have you destroyed?”
    “How many breads have you eaten in your life?”

  35. this was the most disappointing 10 year anniversary I’ve ever seen

  36. Speaking of coffee – what blend or kind of coffee do you drink?

  37. >60k trees, there is no figure greater than 60k 🙁

  38. With Gold spam the Valiant is kinda OP ^^
    5 Battles
    100% WR
    1826 Average XP per Battle
    4 Ace Tankers

  39. 13 vs 14 Valiants
    Who can bet that?

    ofc my team lost, bc we had not enough Valiants.😂

  40. If you’ve shot 272,084 times with an average reload of 7 seconds, you’ve waited for nearly 1,904,600 seconds. That’s 22 days waiting on reloads.

  41. I started playing a few months ago and I’m at around tier3 to 5 on a few tech trees plus I have 1 tier6 premium..with that being said these new gift tanks will just drain the credits I have just to equip

  42. These presents were pretty meh tbh. For being 10 years I was expecting way more. Seems like we got better gifts in past anniversaries.

  43. Christmas event > 10th anniversary event

  44. I wish WoT console got this much love😭

  45. I must not like trees and contributed to destroying the WOT environment 60k !! LOL!

  46. If we have 89 maps, then why are they so repetititve and boring?

  47. 60000+ trees felled

  48. the A46 is trash :v

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