How Much GRIND for Free CS-52 LIS? | World of Tanks LIS Challenge, CS-52 Marathon

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Source: DezGamez

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Yesterday we discovered that there is going to be another marathon event for a premium tank. This time let’s take a look what type of you have to complete, how much time you have to spend and what exactly is going on there. 🙂 World of Tanks LIS Challenge for CS-52 is upon us!

What do you think?


  1. Sorry but this challange is bs when you have pep tjat cheat

  2. I’ll pass on this from the get-go.

  3. I’m always jelly for the players who got theese tanks, but I know it’s impossible for me so sucks for the 75 % of the player base

  4. how i see this type of grind, is that i could never complete it, so what’s the point, yes you can get extras on the way… but the TIME… the EFFORT… its just not worth it..!

  5. So here is the simple math for you.
    4h/day x 10 days = 40h
    40h x $15(min wage in Canada)= $600

    Thus, working as a part time pizza delivery guy for 10 days can earn you at least 10 tier 8 premium tanks.

  6. 320 alfa meeeeh im out

  7. what is the point of this video? we can read and do the math ourselves!!!

  8. missions are so dump… as usual… they think all players are profy … wg team are so stupid !!! … what about peoples who have a job ??

  9. So 50 hours. Minimum wage around £8ph. £400 for a premium tank.

  10. I’m just gonna to combine farming and this marathon, because that’s one of things that let me sit and farming for a lot of hours.

  11. Luckily you get a coupon for 30% off but they inflate prices by 30-40 euro first to justify the 30% discount cuz yeah …. (They did this to jackpot 99.99 euro normal but now it was 137.77 but with -30% it was 99.99 what a DEAL!!!

  12. i thought “free” was when you get something for absolutely nothing……

  13. Marathon for professional Streamer or unemployed players. Sad. get your plastic card out.

  14. “Is free premium possible?” If you are not going to work and playing at least 23 hours per day – yes.

  15. I will do ultimate no life mod in one day and get 50% discount to buy it

  16. Oliver Crookshank

    I’m not gonna make it 🙁

  17. Oliver Crookshank

    I think they should allow toer 9 tanks as well

  18. /me checks his average XP and gives the marathon up without even trying 🙂

  19. It is easier to go to work for 1 or 2 days
    and buy it.

  20. During the Renegade Marathon. I am a working man and still did the challenge.
    Result is I got sick when i reached stage 8… i just bought the remaining stages and thankfully the Rene is so fun to play and became one of my go to tanks to earn creds.

  21. again a marathon impossible to complete for 80% of the player base, I’m so tired of these, WG should just admit their game is p2w

    • Again people complaining about _free_ rewards. I’m so tired of these, WG should just ban them.

    • @Stubbari Free? How’s playing average 5-6 hour per day of this game free since you are working for that. Free would be you log in and you get it. I’m not asking for that but get your facts straight lol

    • @Jin- Maybe the _free_ was in Italic because it is not 100% free. Obviously it assumes that one would play the game even if there was no event going on. If you don’t have a PC, electricity etc. , then of course it’s not free.

      But as I was talking about WG banning them that should have been an obvious hint that I was referring to those who play the game. They get free stuff. This is free stuff.

    • @Stubbari We get it, you don’t have a life and you can play 6 hours every day, but most people have other things to do

    • @Péter Nagy I usually play like 2-6h during Friday and Saturday. If you divide that for a week then 1-2h a day. If you don’t have time for your hobbies then maybe you should ditch them?

  22. I left this game like 2 years ago, and from time to time, i want to come back. I played quite regularly and were pretty decent.
    It is worth?

  23. So Borat is BBQ. Roger that

  24. it’s ~40-50 games/day with avg 500 base exp.. f u wg… i miss march of nations.. 150 frags/150k dmg with each nation.

  25. You got jobs? Lose the jobs!
    Do you have a shit bucket? You should!
    You go to the bathroom, you dont play WOT. You shitting in a bucket, you’re playing WOT.

  26. Thorsten Schmidtke

    The calculating of the average amount of time you have to spend in the game is – sorry – bullshit because the needed amount of base exp is increasing from stage to stage. If I think about stage IX where 40.000 base exp is needed …. well especially with 500 base exp per match you will fight 80 (!!!) matches. With an average of 7 minutes per match that will be 560 minutes in total or nearly 10 hours! For example the first stage will be finished after four matches or half an hour.

  27. Question, is the tank worth it?

  28. do the Premium Accounts get more Base XP than non Premium account? and do that add to the Mission?

  29. Me who plays 10h every day anyway:
    *ez gg*

  30. I have a life so i won’t be bothering. Maybe if i was in serious covid lock down, but thats not happening.

  31. Annoying that they push their shitty T10 system always so much. They just want us to lose credits a lot and swipe credit card for gold

  32. The sad part is many players, like myself (no snowflake but bonafide examples of nerfed game play) that, inexplicably, cannot manage to have a day’s game record of 50% or even 40% WR. It’s a tough challenge to grind for any tank even with boosters but why are one or two tanks I start playing able to pen and defeat tanks in starting battles but seem nerfed for the next five, six or more games?! It doesn’t matter how you strategize or whether you play aggressive or as a passive spotter or as a second line flanker supporting heavies I find it’s nearly impossible to win more than lose in the grinds. So my questions are: how is this fair game play when WG purposely shackles (nerfs) your game play? Why are there so many players using illegal mods (motivated by ridiculous odds placed against them)? Why are your stats so dependent on whether your “team” wins or loses when 75% of the team I’m matched with is eliminated within minutes of game start? What’s the point of nerfing tanks when the fault is with matchmaking (which is pure bullsh*t). Why bother grinds to develop crews with 5, 6, 7 or more skills if the tanks are nerfed and defenseless with guns that can’t pen within three shots? Is it time to consider really how much “fool” there is than serious gamer in WoT? Like a gambling casino where the house ALWAYS wins has the game turned into nothing more than a crap shooter?

  33. I was able to get the Progetto for absolutely free from the marathon, but I had free time .. now I will probably get to 80% discount and give WG some coin, but the missions after you get the tank will make up for the money spent..

  34. best investment in wot: golden type 59!! stock 2x exp😏 wot p2w indeed

  35. Mārtiņš Dmitrijevs

    My only Tier X is 60TP, I hope I will get through bat least few stages 😐

  36. So, my options:
    1) Play more than I have free time
    2) Pay full price
    3) Play like I usually would, then just buy it at the end because I earn enough to buy it in just a couple hours of work
    4) Accept that I already have enough T8 premiums and I really don’t need this one

  37. Too bad WoT is basicslly anti-college student + worker because ain’t nobody got time for any grind in my shoes. 🙁

    I love my video games, but it sucks when I miss out on some cool things. Oh well, c’est la vie.

    Just blessed to be able to say I am able to study and work during these times where I know others aren’t so lucky.

  38. Europe: 40-60 euros is overpriced…

    Brazil: 100-400 BRL is the true massive overpriced.

  39. Dez, you know we love you, but your calculation is way off.

    You asume 10 battles per hour, which is too much, from my observation it should be like 7. You also don’t consider that the experience will be counted only if you are in the top 10. I would say a 500 xp player will be in top 10 2/3 battles.

    If you make the calculation with these assumptions which are more correct the numbers are the following:
    500xp player – 10.5 h/day
    600xp player – 8.8 h/day
    700xp player – 7.5 h/day.

    This is insane. 105 h of work ??

  40. playing for mastery at tire 9 and 10 was much more fun and easy. now, only whit tire 10 is very frustration. i`m not gone play so much for a “free” tank

  41. I’m a medium -average player.but in my opinion this tank just not worth the long grind…..No chance to complete missions in 10 days.and if you grind 5–6–7 stages you will pay the money just to not fel bad for long time wasted to grind in the first place…..

    • No premium tank in this game is worth the grind. You can get more money buy working during that time. But it’s a nice option for those who don’t have money but do have time.

  42. You forgot Carr AX

  43. No THX wg i dont spend my time in that grind fest….

  44. almost imposible if they put 30 days no 10 maybe I could get it

  45. Basically impossible for a normal player.

  46. It can be achievable with tier 6-10 premium vehicle. There is good chance for F2P😀.

  47. Simply ridiculous.

  48. i thing i got few stages and ignore rest,.. tank may be good but i dont need it also dont plan playing polish mediums

  49. Why don’t you say not only the required xp for the previous marathons but also the required time,because i’m sure that most of those had a limit time of at least 14 days,and progetto iirc had a month to complete.
    Shilling much for wg?

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