How the MIGHTY have Fallen (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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  1. T-10M with bonus T-62 gameplay

  2. Rt@ no stabilizer all skill

  3. If I’m not wrong. I think only light tank can repair non auto team in the March.

  4. As an abrams tanker, hitting one of the optics box and hurting someone let alone killing them and shit going inside the tank is fucking laughable… also the game acts like parascopes can teleport rounds inside a tank like the abrams hatch. the best shot it a side shot and being sneaky and patient or a trap shot through the turret ring which is easier. T-10 was always and still is op not necessarily on paper but the buggy bias game makes even perfect side shots with twice the pen bounce or no-pen off nothing.

  5. What is your favorite bottem tear tank?

  6. Cold war tanks are so broken, just stick to WWII tanks.



  9. It is 1941. Nazi Germany has been ordered by their leader to attack the east, Soviet Russia. You Michael Wittman spot 18 T-34 tanks. You’re ordered not to attack but you refuse. You’re in your beloved StuG 3.

  10. Hey Phly, I was wondering if you can take a look of the new version 1.0 of world of tanks, even if you don’t make a video about it, I really want to know your opinion…

  11. Ultimate Russian bias!
    Roll out in the Zis-30 Gun tractor and the take to the sky with the LaGG-3-34 (premium) with that 37mm nose cannon with 60mm of pen at 2.3, literally the A-10 of WarThunder
    Attempt 6

  12. Попробуй поиграть на Т64Б с новыми фугасными снарядами. Спокойно ломают лбы всех противников.

  13. On paper but in reality and battle proven to be the best is the challenger MK1 and MK2

  14. Chacarron macarron!

  15. Lmao the beginning

  16. Phly, i have a good challenge for you!!
    Play the M48 in stock configuration (you can uncheck the modifications making it stock)
    Or…play the M48 using only the APCR shell. Good luck, you will need it Attempt #29

  17. “Abrams have no armor,” if you’re saying this, you skipped 5.0 Americans.

  18. Phly try out the world of tanks

  19. He did say “was”…..

  20. Phly we are almost out of ammo but we still can fight!
    Take the M6A1 with only 37mm!
    For freedom!

  21. Bomber crew tankdaily

  22. oh damn that intro killed me hard

  23. Jajaja te mamaste con la cancion

  24. that intro was 10/10 made my day

  25. The good old days 🙁 back when my favourite plane, The Might Dora had a good FM, now its utter garbage 🙁

  26. i bet phly is gonna quit warthunder soon. I’m calling it!

  27. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin

    They flank you ahahha go to #####

  28. T-10M Is so beautiful

  29. Do not compare game and real life dude

  30. I liked the third battle t10m best

  31. Try the Chi-Ri II, it now has a 3.3 second reload.

  32. Wtf the maus and the is4m were the good old days

  33. is ash river removed from the game?

  34. “its a hard shot”, “Its a hit and miss”… Then proceeds to get a suspension shot on the exact place he is able to kill the abrams w/o a stabilizer

  35. He’s about to lose his sponsorship lmao.

  36. My butt hurts :/

  37. Abrams players are so stupid

  38. TheClassicGamer -

    No tank is undestructable 😉

  39. What country is the best

  40. Next challenge: Steve 81 and the wyvern let’s see this tea cup rockets Attempt #1

  41. Armando Rodrigues

    Phly you do have to realize the Abrams was designed to fight from 3km away, there’s no way any tank can pinpoint such weakspots from that range, maybe the 3rd and 4th gen IF they have ectremely powerfull optics but I don’t know of any with those since they are usually multipurpose (infra-red, night-vision, normal sight, etc)

  42. The T10M bounce a shot from the back of the turret and from the side ? XD

  43. Hey Phly! Time to go seal-clubbing with the A-36 Apache and its gun pods! It’s time to TASTE the FREEDOM

    Remember, never enuff daka

    Attempt #1

  44. Russell Fernandez

    Spitfire Mk Vc
    Phlying the unphlyed

  45. Pant doll match glqkgl invitation although teacher Muslim vanish exercise tired blue summit.

  46. Tank china

  47. War Thunder: Speed is king
    War Snail: Armor is king

  48. Phly! go battle with the HO-RO in the top tier battle
    Attempt #2

  49. Try T-64B with full HE load xD

  50. I have noticed they seem to be keeping the thermal vision out the game same as radio jammers and counter ATGM signal. this is good as it would make the game worse. first you have to unlock it. if not premium it will take long well everyone else has it. but they did add aa tracking.

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