How to Actually Do Well in “Brawling” Mediums

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. first. love your vids

  2. Lemmingrush can you do a video on how to play light tanks and fast mediums with bad armor on city maps? Love you vids!

  3. huh is it my favorite unicum 4:40 am but need 2 watch some lemmingrush action

  4. Instructions not clear, penis got stuck in my dog

  5. Nice to see when im getting flanked by a med in my wz 111 1-4, and my autistic gunner damages his tracks. And then the 121 that paid wg uses his APS and deflects the shot. To clarify the shit hit him in the side and didnt do anything, not even a track hit.

  6. Thanks for the helpful video. I just got the T-62A

  7. Also teaching us to not play like idiots. Good vid.

  8. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Good video thanks boss

  9. Marshall Allshouse

    one more tip i have for anyone playing meds, sidescraping is invaluable
    It allowes you to go up against a lot of people and stay relatively safe
    Keep up the great work lemming!

  10. It's not what you think

    How do you play slow heavies

  11. How come you don’t have a 121? Is it bad?

  12. I’m not so sure why lemmingrush likes the T62A. I have it and let me tell you that turret gets penned all the time. Hull down doesn’t seem to work anymore, just my experience. Other than the now questionable turret, the T62A has no armor.

  13. Do you know any guide that shows those winning spots / high risk high reward places ? The ones i’ve found are basically the standard positions where everyone goes all the time

  14. i used to stare at this map and go “wtf do i do with it”, not anymore after this vid

  15. 11:01 – Nah. The correct answer in this situation is you ram the udes (not at full speed) then finish him off with 1 shot.

  16. with the changes to the t54’s guns in 9.20, which would you use? DPM or Gun handling?

  17. Why did you not talk how to play north start?
    When you already had map and everything, you always split every map in two videos and its a dumpster diving experience to try and find your take on other half of the map.

  18. Just found your channel, and am planning to spend quite a long time here. This looks like what will help me go from blue to purple 🙂

  19. “The Cent had a good game the guy that killed himself no no jk” Classic Lemming 😉

  20. Interesting. Thanks!

    Now I know where to put my mediums/fast heavies on this map from the south spawn and where to go with my TD from the North spawn.

  21. oh whaaat lemming is getting sponsorshiiiippppssssw

  22. Hi lemming, it’s Kingfish, no idea if u remember me. I don’t expect it.
    Anyway, I’m nearly to the m48 Patton( was at tier 9 before buffs where announced) and I wanted to know what line I should pick to grind out next, between the Leo and 62a. I’m looking for a tank that is fun and interesting to play, and not easy mode. That actually goes for med lines other than the 62a and Leo, it just happens those are the tanks I was thinking about.Thanks to all feedback

  23. For me playing this map in ASIA server, i dont like going south, its too static, td and heavies camp on both sides and its just becomes a killzone for anyone pushes. By the time the team does something, its already too late cause we lost the north.

    I prefer going north (with support ofcouse), its more fluid and i can go to the opponents ridge, swamp area and fight them there. Spot for my team, kill arty and so on. I even get shots on anyone pushes doen the 1,2 line.

    Overall suits my playstyle better 🙂

  24. Herr Schicklgruber

    Pubbie’s linear mentality on the 1/2/3 line of this map really triggers me. It’s a perfect example of the idiocy displayed on any map: “I’ve chosen my flank. Whether I win or lose this flank I must push forward, regardless of what’s happening anywhere else, and feed camping enemies in stealth.”

  25. Lemming, another great video. Thank you. I would be very interested in your thoughts on how to play Swamp from the North start. I too have found that pushing down the 2 line is suicide, but I have not found a great alternatives, especially for heavies. Thanks.

  26. What is the best brawling med tank?

  27. you talk aftergame strat of your game but did not mention how to deal whit that position when on the other side would like to see for both camp how to handle thing thx in advance great game buddy

  28. Dejan Arandjelovic

    Lemming dude, at 3 minutes something your aiming circle behaves really weird…

  29. I’m crap in the t54

  30. I dunno Lemming, do ppl still go to castle on US? More or less stopped on EU.

  31. I think u bounced off somebody in 5:53 sec (the last shot)

  32. have you considered becoming an official wot contributor?

  33. You are very right about playing your mediums as if they had no armor. That’s the reason why I spend a lot of time playing tanks with no armor like lights. Once you learn how to survive and avoid damage in tanks that have no armor, you will do better in those that have it and you won’t be solely dependent on it. In fact you will find yourself relying on it less and less. That’s just another variable that doesn’t necessarily dictate the way you play.
    Now a question unrelated to the advice itself – I noticed you call the WZ-111 – “zed” and not “zee”. I thought that “zee” is more common in US but since you are from Canada, is that the reason the pronunciation is British?

  34. i go j2 with every tank i play on this map sheridan also lele

  35. MT can’t brawl?

    T 22 beg to differ.

  36. am i only one having trouble with fishermans bay?

  37. Id really love to hear ur view on the northern spawn as well. Swamp is a map that I personally struggle with in terms on winrate because I feel so unsure of which flank to play and usually just choose based of the tank lineup

  38. nice video like it. but wot istn not a team game if u help and go dead players only complaine and cry noob and that shit so i dont help mutch now its it not whuf it only for some players

  39. good video, but what you say about J2 flat contradicts what you said in a earlier video about B7 being the only place to go for mediums in the North, also you don’t really do a huge amount by way of the title “how to actually do well” other than say you fake one way then go to the other – which everyone kind of already knows.. but don’t get me wrong the hull down position you used J2 is immense – but you can’t reset your cap from the castle no way 2/3rds of the cap is hidden from there

  40. Magic Carpet Made of Steel

    You’ve said over and over that WoT isn’t about “sniping”-there’s too much RNG. With that in mind, I’d very much appreciate a some videos where you go over maps, what points are and aren’t important, and where you should go depending on your tank (i.e. if a point’s very good early game, a KV-4 shouldn’t go there, but instead to x).

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