How to aim better / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

In War Thunder there isn’t as much fuss when you want to aim and shoot — even in RB SB. If you prefer these two game modes, you are, most likely, already pretty good at guessing distances and using the markings in the main gun scope. That’s why we’ll focus on two useful features that fewer people are familiar with — the way you can change your range zeroing… and the Rangefinder.

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  1. Yea maybe you wanna fix a feature before promoting it. The steps for the mousewheel-zeroing are all over the place

  2. “Chinese zeros” and now “T-43″… Do you guys not recheck your content before publishing?
    Also “game settings” ≠ “options”

  3. Russian Bias!

  4. Nicos Eftychiou

    how to make maps better

  5. Kiedy celowniki dla PS4 ?!

  6. thank you weed man

  7. Abdurrahman Y.M

    4:30 is it joke good? or not?

  8. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Ha aim better … READ A BOOK

  9. Future Warships

    can someone fix this game i really like this game but its so unbalanced

  10. how can i use range finder ?

  11. 4:20 Was that pun intended or you guys were high because of this obvious timestamp number?

  12. Der Feuerwerker

    why cant i change the sight on the t62 back to default? i only have the tshb sight there.. cant change it back

  13. mike mastradonis

    Nice tut, but can you let us see the guns distance control meusuring to the up left corner of the screen bellow speed for example? This way there will be not the need to go the the gun view all the time. Thanks.

  14. Ace Attorney Fan

    Sadly this doesn’t apply to ps4…

  15. 1. As an PS4 Player how I can get this gunner sigth? 2. I m level 53 Player with 50- 65 crewskill. The range finder doesn´t work at long ranges <850 🙁

  16. Gajin can you gift me the PO-2
    My username is niha0405

  17. plz add historical crosshairs to the game ;x

  18. Philippe Ouellette

    why do I always lose whit German tanks tier 4

  19. KV2 had a gun sight? I never knew about this…

  20. Smelville727 Gaming

    Pls remove the german premium p47. I hate playing my typhoon because of that plane. I dont get why the germans need p47s. Pls remove it

  21. TheZeroNumbr 000

    So how about bombers

  22. Gwyn's Last Knight

    Better late than never.

  23. Gaijn thank you so much

  24. A pointless to ps4 players. We get short changed on this game you can’t even perform half decent barrel rolls or anything and once someone’s on your 6 your fucked. It’s that simple

  25. what is MB5 on a keybord ??????

  26. 4:17 T-43 85?

  27. I am having huge rendering problems with warthunder since the engine change, anyone has and idea of what to do?

    I just bought a new hige end pc so that is not the problem, I coud run it max without problems before but now rocks and trees change texture all the time and smaller things like fences render first within 50m.

  28. Doesn’t work with mouse

  29. John Aimrie Santibanez

    War thunder Pls add other bomber sights because I am not Good or Accurate Bomber.

  30. did you say T-43-85 ?

  31. Comrade Obvious

    4:31 makes this video pointless for Russian players

  32. Gone With The Wind

    Do you think Gaijilla buy it’s own premiums ?

  33. Aim? How to aim?

    Russian tanks?

    Stalin: *I’m about to flame yo ass boi.*

  34. Am I the only one who tried to bind the “Sight Distance Control” to the Mouse Scroll Wheel and it just didn’t work?

  35. I aim with my mind, i kill with my mind….bring the arty tech tree

  36. R.I.P. Ps4 gamers. There are not enough buttons

  37. Can you translate the video in french or put the french subtitles.
    I understand 50% !!!

  38. Backyard Trailcam

    Oh this is the WORST game company ever, they’ve turned their expensive game over to moderator bullies…..don’t pay to play WarThunder. They will disable your account simply because they don’t like your opinion.

  39. The question is do you want people to play the game if so. Give people more white lions I go backwards in them so stopped playing can not repair tanks. The free tank repair is a joke some tanks have been over 30 days and not repaired.

  40. I did exactly what you said in the video, but it does not work. Nice

  41. gaijin m60a3 any time soon?

  42. ya but let me save as blk

  43. Julien Biondolillo

    Some ppl never used this ? how it’s possible ? unpossible to make a hit at more 600rgn if u don’t use telemetries !

  44. when i take the t-43-8….erm t 34 85 for a test drive and make a new folder for the sigths it just makes them for the kv2,how can i fix plz

  45. That sight distance control set up does work for me.

  46. Excuse me, gaijin; but the problem is not me aiming bad, the problem is you making the is6 10cm of armour 700cm thick…

  47. thesucker555 wt

    gaijin pls, STOP WITH THE STUPID LEARNING VIDEOS, STOP, because people have to learn to play for themselves, not from a stupid video and also this is very easy to learn and the same to “how to destroy videos” because this is very pathetic for pro players

  48. Another gamer in the game

    4:30 comrade!!! you discovered our sekrit formula!!!!!

  49. How did you get the horizontal axis of the scope to move in 50m increments

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