How to Avoid Suffering Stock Tanks in World of tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

One the worst things about World of Tanks are vehicles… Here are my tips tricks for avoiding grabbing your wallet!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I’m grinding IS-2, and getting mentally prepared for 110, so this video is more than welcome.

  2. Hi could you give some tips on moving crew please

  3. Me *grinds only in premium tanks then proceeds to buy gold then have over million free xp to use *ahhhh yes teir 10 yes f match making

  4. Also worth noting is that researching certain tanks will actually immediately unlock modules on other tanks by default, which is extremely beneficial when it’s something like the gun.

    For example Quickybaby actually messed up big time here with the T-34 1 because researching the IS-2 unlocks the 100mm gun by default which means the moment he upgrades the turret, he can use the 100mm.

    This isn’t common, but another example is the Conway, where researching the tank will unlock the top 120mm on the tortojse immediately.

    It also used to be a thing with the VK 100.01p, where researching it would unlock the first 105 on the Tiger 2. Now that the Tiger 2 has been changed it’s no longer a factor but if you researched the VK before the E100 line buffs, you will still have the gun researched.

    • Well, you can’t really grind other tanks for the purpose of grinding your goal, right? If I were to unlock my tier 10 tank of my liking, I wouldn’t grind other line to unlock one module of the line I’m grinding…

    • @FaultLine not necessarily, for example both the IS 2 and the T34 1 lead on from the Type 58. It’s not difficult/out of question to grind certain tanks/lines first for a major benefit down the road in the future.

  5. i cant imagine the amount of loss i get foir getting a stock ISU

  6. I went from t1 to t6 in polish tech tree for both lines and only played one game in t1 which I won, you ask gow blueprints the daily missions give you blueprints for random tanks some times you can get 6 blueprints if you lucky already applieto a tank which reduces the grind massively, and almost every line is half grind for me now just buy rerolling daily mission to get blueprints, I unlocked bdr without playing any games in french ht, unlocked m44 without playing any games in American spg and so on it’s a bit luck based but if you get it’s so much better than grinding the line.

  7. Been doing all of the above to maximise progression through the tech trees.

    Got from T7 to T8 on the Foch line and elited the T8 with the top of the tree which is nice. I have a lot of blueprints left over from holiday ops 2020 (when I last played often) so been using them as well. Planning on doing exactly what QB said with french T8 heavies, although I couldn’t help myself and unlocked the AMX 50 100 with blueprints. I have all the top guns already from the french meds so I can get straight into it.

    Yesterday I splurged out and spent all my universal blueprints on getting to the T8 Italian heavy in combination with free XP for the lower tiers and modules. I also gave up playing the TVP VTU Koncept since why bother unlocking all the modules and suffering and just unlock Skoda T50 with blueprints.
    I have a lot of national blueprints still, but not so many universal ones anymore. I don’t really know how common they drop compared to previously.

    I’m mostly unlocking good T8-9 tanks for frontline, and then use that to further progress when I can.

  8. I have a Stock Centurion 1 right now and I managed to get a Class 2 medal while Using the comet gun with only standard rounds averaging 1k dmg per game. all I want to say is you just have to play smart

  9. Pobut's Crackerbox

    How does the stock grind on washing machines work?

  10. Worst stock-grind gun-up so far: Charioteer.

  11. i played for about an hour in the blitztrager event for 5 days
    i got about a month of prem

  12. TacticaL Mech Tank

    There is also the frontline event where you can throw your stock tier 8-9 tank in, gain exp bonus with its ranking and don’t need to worry about stat

  13. of course everybody can have a premium account, it’s about 6$ a month. No excuse.

  14. Scatterbrain Brain

    I couldn’t deal with stock guns, no pen and the grind, so I left the game, almost 2 years now,, still enjoy the videos though

  15. I’m still grinding for my german medium tank. What should I do, can anyone give me a tip?

  16. IS-M is a terrible stock grind. You can’t side scrape because of the weak stock turret. You can’t snipe because of the inaccurate and low pen stock gun. Can’t rush into position because of the terrible speed and maneuverability. Also can’t do the opportunistic peeks because you’re just too slow to do it along with the terrible aiming time as well… It’s so much pain, and I grinded it with 3+ skill crew with the 4th skill being 80% and above, I can only imagine with <100% crew or without BIA... Jeez

  17. gotta admit as a new player on anz server in tier4s vs tier5 seal clubbers is really not an environment for learning a game.

  18. Should think about this have about 300000 free experience lying around usually not using any. Just grinding through the lines

  19. QB what’s the best tier 1

  20. The title made me think there were stock market tanks with increasing and decreasing value and I was so confused…

  21. it was extremely patient when you brawled front and back with T29. That’s something I could learn from.

    • There isnt much you can learn from that situation besides being able to spot muppets playing the game. Any half decent t29 player wouldnt even be in that spot in the first place.

  22. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Deja Vu from yesterdays video.


    me grinding the charioteer:
    >> 45k XP for the 20 pounder type B
    >> 55k XP for the 105mm L7

  24. “Stock Gun” is the main reason i don’t branch out and try newer tank lineups & i am pretty sure i am not alone on this one….

  25. WoT should let players use national fragments to upgrade the tank instead of researching new tanks. It’s more useful to play a tank when it is upgraded vs just rushing to another tank after suffering a stock tank. But wot are stupid and greedy

  26. The best way I discovered how to deal with stock grinds is to uninstall this completely broken train wreck of a game. Not only does it eliminate having to play near-useless tanks, it also means you no longer get clicked by pigs, raped by clown cars, spammed with gold (really, what’s the point of a tank game if you make armor irrelevant?), and so on.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      why are you here then? go cry somewhere else

    • @Test_name Test_surname Because I still enjoy the videos. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice how even QB – who historically has always remained diplomatic – has been criticizing WG a lot lately. Maybe there’s a bit more to my “crying” than you think.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      @Bart Van Damme I think you’re just looking for support or attention. You have made your decision – now STOP crying in comments.

    • @Test_name Test_surname So you’re a mind reader AND you’re YouTube police? How wonderful for you.

  27. they could also make it more reasonable, like short gun = lower aimtime; stock engine: more durability/quicker repair.

  28. Quicky, you are way out of touch with the new players. While you are good at what you do, many games with tier 4 and 5 players are being wrecked by 25k+ players with Pz V/IV and leafblowers who just seal club. Why should new players suffer by the hands of seal clubbers and want to play any further?

  29. 9:25 yes, this a good advice. thank you qb.

  30. How to avoid stock grinds? Don’t play the stupid f***ing game.

  31. Another issue is to apply different tactics for a stock tank than the fully equipped one with skilled crew; playing with clan exp boosters helps too

  32. You have to be BRAIN DEAD to play this game. If a Complete Pay2Win BS game with Complete no life’s playing for KD
    Warthunder is a far superior game that actually takes skill and not HIT POINTS.
    This channel is a WG BROWN NOSE

  33. I recently got the UDES 03 and I still got it to work stock. I managed to get a day of premium account and just grinded to the top gun

  34. I don’t mind stock when I’m in my tier, but I feel like I’m in the bottom tier of every game I play…

  35. 10000 xp ? your joking right ?

  36. simple: dont play wot

  37. But the stock Tiger (P)…

  38. In very few games I hear people say “how to reduce the suffering” 😀 lol
    WG is really smoooth with making people suffer. A really small dopamine reduction over time.
    And at Tier X congrats, you passed the test.

  39. I only played once a day this wt event and got almost 30days of premium and emill 1951 so wg was nice to me. 🙂

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