How To Balance Everyone 101 | World of Tanks ISU-152 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

ISU-152, Tier 8 Soviet Russian Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks The Deadliest Tank Destroyers, The Tank Destroyers.

ISU-152 has not been on my channel for quite some time now. I think it is about a time bring it back with an absolulte banger of a battle…



  1. Hi ya’ll

  2. <3 miss ur videos, how are you? GOD bless u always

  3. Sadly, Yet happy to have it , the isu 152k brought back the bl10 gun

  4. Heck of a game.

  5. They will need to buff the WZ-114, because it has worse accuracy compared to AP AMX 30.

    • 15 secs reload for a 500 dmg..and bad accuracy? lol thats the reasons i didnt buy it at 70% discount,and the 152k is wayy better in credits than the 152

    • @PAPA BEAR That’s because WG had turned the ISU into a premium tank. But it is way too late to give the base ISU it’s original gun back.

    • Cry in the corner, who forced you to grind/buy that pile of junk?

    • I’ve tried every combination of equipment and crew skills and nothing will give the WZ-114 better accuracy. Full aimed shot on a stationary target at 100m. Total miss high to the left nearly every single time. Forget about trying to hit weak spots!
      Going for lower plate at 20m? Derp it right into the ground everytime.
      Fucking tank is a waste of money.

    • @Mrki I am not the one who decide to spend hundreds on “OP tier 8 premium tanks”.

  6. When this tank is being a good girl and behaving, I love it!
    Other times, I want a divorce.

  7. I made my ISU get 44 percent camo with the crew

  8. Marking ISU… I was at 93% and than…total bot teams, total useles maps…total trash RNG and now 90%…. hate that RNG

  9. I love my isu 152 it’s such a beast!

  10. this is the only one tank, when i am happy to meet 10tier tanks in battle 🙂 🙂 🙂


  12. screw that isu152 every dam shot miss… but when it does its good

  13. Alexandru-Ionut Bîrlea

    I smell some Tundra mod here but annyway ISU 152 and K version are amazing.

  14. I still remember it when its gun was so legendary almost all players know the gun’s name, BL-10, and call the tank itself by it, since the gun was so rare in mid-tier but with tier 10 power.

  15. North spawn on this map is broken. You can’t get to the heavy positions without taking fire from the TDs, but South can get into position without taking damage.

    • But you don’t push heavy side from north, you wait them on snipe from hill and corner near the rock, and two hull fown monsters on castle or one and one TF behind on snipe. Everytime you oush heavy side it is game lost.

    • @Mrki sadly players dont do that usually, and you even get pinged on b8 position as a heavy. However when people do like you said, that position is much better compared to south.

    • @O H i understand players, if you don’t watch or learn with somebody then it is normal to go to heavy side with heavy, as I was doing, but then someone told me not to do it and now I wait. Only problem is that dying tanks ping on you, well that is life.

  16. Alexandru-Ionut Bîrlea

    DEZ is a clear TUNDRA here if u respect comunity report this ……Good ISU 152 Play but unfair

    • Tundra removes all bushes if i remember right. There is an option in the game in graphics menu to make the bushes transparent, try it yourself.

  17. 1:30 kv2: and im a joke right?

    • Dear KV-2:
      Since the HE nerf you are now useless.
      You were once great but Wargaming put a rubber band around your balls, and they soon dropped off.

  18. i have so many battle in the old isu, nov i sold it cause i found an isu 152k in lootboxes….shit move from me, the premium version is nothing compared, you gain penetration (but u can press ‘2’ on isu) loosing mobility AND accuracy AND firing soft stats AND DPM….i think ‘k’ stays for ‘shit’ in russian language, i vill check it 🙂

  19. tech tree tank=Best tank

  20. The ISU 152, Obj 704, and Obj 268 are some of my best performing tanks. I consistently put out 5k, 6k, and sometimes 7k damage per game in those tanks. For a whole month I was the second best Obj 704 player in the NA server

  21. Wargaming: We better remove the BL 10 from the tech tree ISU-152 buff the HP but nerf the gun

    Also Wargaming: Hey guys we have a brand new prem tier 8 ISU-152 K with the BL 10 gun

    ISU-152: Guess who’s back b*tches

  22. Great Video

  23. i really enjoy your vids dez O7

  24. Don’t get me wrong but ISU is bad tank, SU130 is much better in all area.

  25. Damn fine game, always good to see beautiful victory girls!

  26. Why do i think he was using tundra?

  27. Dez = JJ Abrams of WG contributors. You made a thrilling WoT movie. Great editing and storyboarding man.

  28. 0:19 moment use tundra

  29. This is my favourite historical tank

  30. Wanna know the better tier 8 tech tree to re balance? RHM, I have carried so many games with the derp gun even in tier 10 games it is hilarious. and when you pen HE for over 1k~

  31. Isu 152 is the embodiment of “Down, but not out”

  32. i do like this td

  33. nice tundra Dez

  34. 8:40 Aiming reduces DPM.

  35. from my opinion this guy using thundra mod but anyway good tank overall i have one with bounty equip 😀

  36. For everyone saying Dez (or taruxe) is using Tundra i would like to remind you that there is an option in the graphics menu to turn the bushes transparent, try it out yourself. As far as i remember tundra turns all of the bushes off which is clearly the not the case here.

  37. this guy is using a forbidden mod 🙁 Normally you look for the opponents with so much vegetation and scan the area..

  38. Hey Dez ISU 152K differs not only in credits with standard ISU152. It features the same BL-10 A gun you were talking about before!

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