How to be universally hated in War Thunder

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Source: Dita

Btw did i mention that it 7.3

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  1. Imagine not being sick

  2. 2:47
    Dita: “OMG how do you miss that rocket?”
    the Bush: “are you sure about that?”
    Udes: “Fuck this map and the bushes”

  3. The lonely Sniper TLS

    This is a satisfactory video

  4. Вова Ермак

    Where bad doubles?

  5. The grind to apds is fucking awful

  6. Man I was just searching Dita to find my other account because it has my study playlist instead I find a YouTuber that’s popular with the same name-

  7. Just give R3 APDS and put it at 7.3!

  8. Wow those little APDS do more spalling than a leopard or centurion

  9. Just use the r3,fiat, or just grind germany

  10. I used to do that with the Crusader AA, like 3 years ago 🙂

  11. Now this vehicle has been truly blessed by the glorious Yorkshire Tea

  12. Last night a pe-8 kept j’ing out on the airfield whenever someone got near him and said he “had to eat” lmao

  13. Hello, i’m the guy you played ark with. You know the toxic guy lol we had a base on the boat remember

  14. That’s how War thunder works.
    Gaijn *add aa vehicles*
    Players *destroy Ing tonks*
    Gaijn that’s too op
    Players 13 kills at round

  15. This is why I call it the falcon mbt, plus the only reason the british military did not put this into service is because the felt it was not gentlemen like to have such an op vehicle

  16. They nerfed my Wirble But not this MONSTER!

  17. This is what they get for that wirbelwind and ostwind shit

  18. Falcon at 7.3 and ZSU-57 at 7.7, Russia suffering ngl

  19. Literally cancer

  20. 2:45 someone’s been watching stimpee

  21. this why i bully top tier USA and Britian with my leopard2a5 :).. yall happy before right at low rank? ;D

  22. Sir Illuminar The Valiant

    This old like the American m13 in 1.3

  23. Thats the Wirbelwind on top tier

  24. That’s why my kugelblitz have better K/D ratio than my leo1

  25. The hatred i have for this AA is immeasurable

  26. How do I git gud, baws?

  27. The Dunkirk Avenger.

  28. I mostly play german tanks and I definitely agree

  29. I haven’t unlocked APDS yet but I found the Falcon to be quite effective when played as a light tank (hunter). It’s fast, can kill light vehicles and of course shoot at early spawning aircraft.

  30. dita i could not watch this video for 3 days , from the sheer cancer in that this thing has

  31. I got upteird by one and it ripped through me like paper

  32. Ah yes, it’s an “I Win” button.


  34. “With one simple trick”

    The Trick: *exist*


  36. metal slug has such good OST

  37. The Most Powerful IFV…
    I mean.. SPAA For it’s BR.
    Like Seriously, that HS 30mm with Freaking Stabilizer is Worth it. You have APDS shell and still having a pretty decent BR.
    I already using the French version wich is also capable of taking down both ground and air. But not as good as falcon for having to kill ground target, just because the Stabilizer and Falcon BR.

  38. I hate anime, but I love ur vids

  39. Now everyone will spam this

  40. Disgusting tank xD
    Air defender + T.D.
    2 in 1

  41. The fucking metal slug music killed me 😭😭

  42. Dita… as of right now i don’t like you… i wish to god you, phly and all the other youtubers that play WT would stop making the game that much more cancerous by telling people that can’t read or think for themselves about the good or op things they can play with….lol

  43. Digging the C&C Generals music

  44. 5:14 Did you just fucking bounce a Leopard 1 shot?

  45. Український Уpод

    1:32 I actually felt happy with this one

  46. For the GLA!!!!

  47. How to universally hated in War Thunder 2 (Gepard)

  48. AngryDrunkCommunist

    There’s a few lower tier tanks that get stupidly broken ammo. Seems like it’s bugged almost.

  49. A Human Whom Shall Not Be Named

    What is it with the cringey anime girl on almost every thumbnail of your videos? I cringe so hard whenever I see it on my recommended videos and it makes me steer well clear. I only clicked on this one to leave this comment because yes, I am that petty.

  50. That thing is british battleship secondary gun on tank

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