How TO BLOW UP SHIPS | 1 Shot Ammo Detonation (War Thunder Ship Gameplay)

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How TO BLOW UP SHIPS | 1 Shot Ammo Detonation (War Thunder Ship Gameplay)

CANNON BUFF | Cannons ACTUALLY WORK! (War Thunder Air RB Gameplay)


  1. And cause of things like this wows is crap

  2. Is not 23% or 0% of the total crew, it shows that it has with x% more than the minimal crew necesary for maning the ship…

  3. How long will it be for it to be released?

  4. Why aren’t you using the torpedoes especially in close distances like we see here

  5. i only survied 1 ammo rack so far rip rng is not on my side

  6. Do you thinq that gaijin are going to add submarines

  7. They killed World of warplane
    They are killing World of Tank
    They will kill World of Warship

    With only one game.

  8. I think I’ll still play WoWs for a long time .
    I love watching tank/plane videos … but boats …

  9. The Sentient Scotsman

    Pretty simple, aim for the magazine.

  10. Italian ships?

  11. Sailydaily

  12. Владимир Горячёв

    Dat intro was beautiful!

  13. I like to see some more torpedo action!

  14. How do you play ships in pc? I bought a ship and have no idea how to play with it.

    • Check the events tab in game. Make sure you have and US or german boat in your lineup to join the events (other nations will come later)

  15. The tracers are absolutely stunning

  16. omg those night naval battles seems so good but also seems such a clusterfuck ….

  17. Y O U G O T A H O L E O N Y O U R L E F T H U L L

  18. We want free ships battle

  19. In night, that is some Star Wars battleship, just look it that bullet everythere

  20. Try a game call Squad

  21. Jhey Brent Bondoc

    Only problem of mine is that clunky UI. Most of the time i cant easily see the orientation of the ship and the guns (sometimes someguns are blocked and i cant shoot shit). I hope they make it like on the tank’s UI where u have the tank orientation on the lower left side

  22. Jhey Brent Bondoc

    too much clutter on the scope view, it’s hinders the beautiful graphics of the naval battles

  23. The amount of lead/tracers flying all over is insane. I can’t wait for it to ready for everyone.

  24. S E M E N D A I L Y


  26. I hope next April fool, have railgun cannon on ship…

  27. Duck McDuckinson

    Thanks for using my screenshot in the thumbnail 🙂

  28. It seems that using the secondaries may be a viable option for wiping crew off the deck. Just a thought, I haven’t played ships at all.

  29. “HE Spam”

    One of the most hatted word in WOWS.

  30. Hey does it have a ARP ships that you can use only like in WoW some players got arpeggio ships

  31. Well your ship will outsmart I-401 Iona in an instant highly used ship

  32. Phly, can you do a video on how to play 9.0 battles using the XM 1 chrysler? I’m struggling bad.

  33. Bernardo Benedicto

    Based on Battlestations Pacific Experience:
    1. Aim for the Magazines ie Ammo Racking like in Ground forces can split a ship in Half
    2. Fire (Sustain Fire on an Enemy Ship) that probably will cause an enemy to abandon ship, Air Dive Bombers D3A1 are effective on this role, and the new Fritz X
    3. Flooding (Shoot below the Waterline or Torpedoes) like what you did on the intro, that’ll keep the Crew busy containing the Flood, TBF/Swordfish are on this role

  34. O C E A N M A N D A I L Y

  35. Thenorthern Husky

    Why there no subs

  36. most epic intro ever!!!!!!

  37. How do I play ships?

  38. Redownloads warthunder again*

  39. m1 Abrams +Sabre

  40. Dang it looks so beautiful!

  41. Chris Draco Ross

    Hey Phly, how is this compared to WoWs? Do the same tactics work with angling armor against incoming shells? And is there a time frame for the release of heavier ships: battleships, battle cruisers, maybe even battle carriers like the Japanese Ise class?

  42. does anyone have an invite link for me for this game?

  43. Needs bigger explosion from those ammo racks.

  44. Ships in War Thunder, what have I missed in the almost 3 years I haven’t played?!

  45. that PT-314 is a PT-Pi

  46. Mehmet Yusuf Kenan Gören

    Waaaaoooww.I like it.

  47. This looks much better than WoWS

  48. Fo more frits x videos

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