How To Carry From The Hill on Mines

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Pro At Everything

    Hi lemming

  2. You don’t know anything about the buffs to IS-7 etc… catch up man

  3. Lewl, how did you manage to put that shot into IS7 at 3:27?

  4. keep up the good work m8

  5. Late upload today :p btw i have always wondered: do u remember the names of people u meet on youtube? Or do u meet too many? Like me for example xD cuz ive asked u a crap load of stuff

  6. Hey lets play a game, everyone just reply on this comment, the last thing you copied. So basically just press Ctrl+V (or Cmd+V for fucking degenerates).
    Lets get sum lolz XD

  7. 260th xD

  8. Welp its offical, Lemming is not a pure unicum if he feels sorry for friends hehe.

  9. Oh, what a surprise. North spawn won on the most unbalanced map for encounter.

  10. Exactly why I don’t play encounter. Three minute cap wins where you get next to nothing for XP

  11. unicum=unicorn cum? bro you had sex with horse

  12. Waiting for the video: When i do not carry my team… kidding, LR, keep It up the good job

  13. I finally learned my lesson about trying to race up to the hill from the south spawn when I was in my TV 50/51 and i got one shot by a freaking deathstar as I turned to go up onto the hill. Even in my TVP I’m not fast enough to get to the hill first from the south spawn.

  14. Wow these videos are very well organized. Good job

  15. Alexander Schuster

    ok, let’s forget for a moment that you had the north spawn on mines encounter. A matchup u basically can’t lose. In every video I’ve seen so far you throw shade on your team for whatever reason and generously give yourself credit. I just can’t see why. Your teams are usually not as bad as you describe them and you really look not that good in your performance. Btw, just because you “feel” the game is close doesn’t mean it actually is. That game was never close

  16. I want to see you platoon with Zeven and watch the two of you play together.

  17. thank you for the good game and useful info.

  18. What about a video if they do get the hill LR

  19. 14 v 14?

  20. Can you do a how to carry WITHOUT the hill on Mines? Because that is the real issue of this map

  21. you do the same few maps so often

  22. No comment on the AX clearly moving on the map, and thus 3 wasted blindfires?

  23. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    This one was 14 v 14 … seen that only once, during the Solo Platoon bug, and in t4 game with my luchs…

  24. We will never know how well lemming played this battle.  Why?  He does not have xvm installed.  For all we know his team was full of very good players, and the enemy team was full tomato.   ‘Team Skill’ is the most important factor in this game.  Watch Quickybaby’s videos, almost all the ‘great battles’ he post are where one team has way more skill (or the lone unicum) and they face off against a wall of red tomatoes.  It’s basically high tier sealclubbing at it’s best.  (Don’t get me wrong, the lone unicum still has the skillz, you can’t just waltz through bad players at high tiers – but, it’s much more impressive when both teams have a unicum, a couple of greens, a couple of yellows, then some orange/reds).

  25. Hi LemmingRush, do you deactivate encounter mode? I know some unicums are doing it, do you recommend it for average stats players? tks

  26. Really good w/the title to you nailed the theme of the video this time. Your my favorite wot streamer, and I would definitely be a worse player without your vids 🙂

  27. hey lemmingrush. i play toó with the stb-1 and i love it. but un your experience, what is u like more. rusian med or japanesi med

  28. Pssssh, 7500 damage – I do that most games. Really good game though. I have got to stop rushing hill in my light tanks. So many games I end up dying, instead of being a bit more patient while getting more damage as lights cross.

  29. the other team didn’t get an arty, wut

    should be due to 14v14

  30. Lol I played this game with you and lemming I’m sorry to say… Your analysis is off to say the least.. this game was never close from the very beginning.

  31. I really like your videos..i actually improved my playing style by your videos.. so thank you very much..

  32. Am reaching a time where tactical vids of wot are more interesting to me than jingles funny vids. Keep up the good work bru.

  33. I know you are really into mediums, but all the gameplay seems to have been focusing on nothing but it lately. Would personally like to see some more heavy and non autoloading light tank gameplay. Just my 0.02

  34. play a super heavy

  35. 0_0 im in a lemming rush video (guy in the amx 30)

  36. What would u do on mines without armor and gundepression while being bottom?

  37. i see you have a canadian flag on your tank are you from canada and what part

  38. its Mine with no SPG… if theres 2-3 SPG and someone proxy spotting the hill it doesn’t always work out that well

  39. LR, Do you give private lessons? Need to develop my clan…

  40. Please let us know what tank you are using in your videos.

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