How to create 4 man platoon

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello warriors,

I have a nice little bug for you. Obviously use it at your own risk. Apparently it’s possible to create 4+ platoons in random battles.

Here’s how you do it.

1) player A spams everybody on the team with dynamic platoon invites in battle
2) players B and C accept, creating a full platoon
3) players B and C do something stupid and kill themselves in battle. They quit the battle to hangar and quit the platoon
3,5) WG platoon mechanism brainfarts, trying to cope with three statements:

– platoon not empty
– creator of the platoon has sent more requests
– there were three people in the platoon

4) As a result: all the invites spammed in point 1 become active. Go to point 2

Repeat while you still have alive teammates. In result you will get something like this:

In this particular battle, the Type 61 committed suicide and the author of the replay accepted the additional invite.

Good job, Wargaming!

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