How to do better in the TD Meta of WoT

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. I started playing TDs because I’ve began to really enjoy putting a turretless tank where most people wouldn’t (frontline!), but also as you said… in tier 10, as a TD I can be more flexible about what I can do and not worry about penning people at the same time. I’ll still play agressive, but will be more effective in second line due to ability to deal damage (and I mean gameplay at tier 8 and below). Although realistically it’s mostly fun factor for me, being able to push those technically camping tanks into full on assault machines akin to mediums.
    Not to mention, matchmaker makes it so that there is an equal number of TDs – therefore I have a greater chance that by being the one who presses W, I already have the advantage over the other team which is quite likely to have my counterpart camp all game XD

  2. Trying to make something happen in a situation where your team cannot take advantage for their own interests is a quick trip back to the garage. They will just watch you die and call you a noob. Good analysis lemming.

  3. TD players really are the worst. Spotting for the TDs is a mistake because they are in no way reliable. I really don’t think we should have tanks that hit as hard as a jageroo in this game.

  4. Artillery will always be cancer

  5. “Chinese medium” x’D

  6. lemming salty in chat lol i totaly understand tbh

  7. Love your tactics lemming rush keep up the good work 🙂

  8. That map was not el halluf 1:21

  9. what the hell was your turret doing at 5:38 ?

  10. isn’t TD meta caused by the nerf to arty’s damage? nowadays people can just drive slow tanks all day and not worry getting penned by T92 AP shell haHAA

  11. You whine about tds when playing the most op broken tank at tX

  12. They should limit the amount of TDs per team, because games with over 10 are no fun at all

  13. Still broke I’ve stopped playing

  14. Bottle of floppy dot com

  15. Really really good video. Pls keep em coming.

  16. Why are there so many TDs in tier 10 games nowadays? Maybe it’s because people can’t afford to spam gold in their tier 10 mediums/heavies, and tier 10 TDs can penetrate things without spamming gold.

  17. It’s eTcetera, with “t”. I can’t take it…

  18. So Basicly make a crossfire?

  19. “you should expect td players NOT to have the situational awareness to actively move up with you”

    td = support role, but what they usually do is: farm damage at the cost of others and then blame the rest for losing the game XD
    press play = play, instead of camping A3 whole match, make a move when you can’t support your team anymore. I’ve lost tons of games because of those coward clickers.

    this is why I always focus on them when I play arty. they benefit from active players like me, who want to gain spotting damage, while I receive the damage instead.

  20. I thought TD meta was over like 2-3 years ago and currently is still med era with LT influence

  21. Interesting video. Thanks for sharing, very informative

  22. This is exactly what I needed 🙂

  23. You could help the flipped bat mate. You left it without help, you ignored him. By the way the argument “not to be spotted” cannot apply here, because grille has worst camo than you and he wasnt spotted there.

  24. So it appears (based on watching several lr videos), the current tier 10 meta is to: a)play a medium tank. b) camp hard at beginning of game. c) cross fingers that your team softens the enemy up/doesn’t collapse. d) be opportunistic at the end of the battle to clean up what the team left you…  Got it….

  25. I fully researched the T-10 and i used to hate it, now i love it and I pull out decent damage on it.

  26. I admit that I usually just suicide when I see TD games. Not interested in mostly camping for 15 minutes when I can just take the death and go on to the next game.

  27. Agostinho Gonçalves

    “TD drivers” u know that people dont play only one kind of tank in general right? i play with all kind of tanks, and some TDS i play them like HVs, ex: su,152, isu-152 and wz 120 ft (prem), more when they are top tier or same tier games

  28. is it bad lemming is better at teaching than my teachers?

  29. Lemming your videos are amazing; I’m not sure how your videos are not 1000x more viewed. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you!

  30. Grille works for the devil confirmed

  31. Lol the Jag saying where the fuck you want me to go , Cypher you are a tier 10 ffs if you still do not know positions = go play farmville ! ( love to say that shit in chat 😛 )
    The thing I see too many times are td’s sitting for over 5 minutes in the same spot waiting for someone to drive in front of their gun , instead of relocating to make their gun sing .
    BTW Lemming , in the past 2 weeks I was able to get : 1st and 2nd MoE on At 2 – T71 and 2nd on T67 and that is thanks to your videos , looking at you play and positions and all , Yes it’s mostly low tiers but I rather learn on them then I will have better games at higher ones , so Thanks for sharing with us , I can say I’m a way better player because of players like you and some others that take time to make these videos / tutorial …

  32. That crybaby jpz E100 averages a shot and a half of damage in that tank. I am so surprised.

  33. Hey lemming what could u do if u were a light in this game?

  34. Thank you for this video, Lemming. The T10 meta on console is also lots of T10 TD’s (like 4-7 per team *every* game) but we have the unnerfed TD’s with crazy camo, 850 alpha and actually decent view range, so it’s even more painfully boring. I’ll try to do what you’re doing in this video in the future, but I kind of already do it. Thanks again though.

  35. There are a lot of tds now because they don’t have to spam gold like the other classes against all the crazy armoured tanks like the Maus or type 4 and 5.

  36. Great analysis again.

  37. TD meta is from damage farming…. everyone shoots gold anyways… or HE… why play a heavy tank or medium that gets ate, play a TD and farm damage off your teammates.

  38. Cyper8269 in the jag e 100 says, “If you want team support dont have a dune between you and us.’ Further evidence that TD players aren’t willing to move. They think they can play a cliche TD spot and even if they are out of draw range, they won’t move half the time. Then he gets mad at you for telling him to move somewhere useful and says, “lets go for a drive in the open and see how fast we die.” TD player logic: if I’m not camping in base, I will die.

  39. Sorry LR but what do you expect a TD driver w/o armor to do? WG removed a large amount of cover and turned this game into a channels game. What do you expect a TD player w/o turret to do? Play the corner peek a boo game?

  40. “right off the bat” 0:49 bat flips himself… the comedic timing on that couldn’t be any more perfect.

  41. Bat Chat flipped himself lol

  42. Holly F, am i the only TD player that is agressive?

  43. Animedraco the Weeb

    Of course the one match Imeet lemmingrush, I kill myself in the dumbest way possible -_- FYI, I was actually using the 100 mm gun on the bat chat so it was a high roll for me xD
    Anyways, keep up the good videos! 😛

  44. that is sand river

  45. Nice video. I have started playing light tanks I”m now on the AMX t12. What I like to do is work in my half of the map I have a view range of about 405 meters. I try to make sure no fast tanks can get to the arties without being spotted first. Gives the poor old arties some kind of support. My point is I don’t try to push hard into enemy lines as I have a high chance of being evaporated very quickly When I am bottom tier.

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