How To Do Well When You’re Bottom Tier in WoT

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  1. monjodav - MonjoFR

    Hey Lemmings congrats for 20k 🙂 I was thinking… Why don’t you take replays that subs send to you and you try to analyze them and correct them ? That could be a good serie

  2. -press 2 key-

  3. so basically… you need to snipe in your medium as bottom tier! 😛 at least a fair amount.

  4. its about time you post a video of this. it is what i wanted to see. you should post more like this, thank you

  5. 3/5/7 sucks.

  6. I hope that one day there will only be +1 or same tier matchmaking for all tanks

  7. Congrats on 20k Lemming 😉 (Obligatory suggestive joke about French tanks)

  8. Man, its sound advice and I understand it perfectly, but its just so hard to apply these and use them when I actually play

  9. “carry me senpai” xD

  10. “You don’t have to be Erwin Rommel to figure out you are not gonna win that fight” Hahahaha. You got me 🙂

  11. Amazing guide, thank you and Keep going!

  12. seems so easy right in the middles of battle not that easy as rewatching ur replace we need ur live battles recored and uploaded with u explaining what u are doing or what u gonna do so we have a feeling like u while u are playing commenting on already played battles one u choose that was so good for u seems so easy

  13. How do I win the game as a top tier artillery?

  14. Under 1000 squad where u at

  15. 3:55 defuq is that t49 doing xD

  16. Now you can delete video, and take batchat 12t (tier 8 LT) and use max. 1clip of premium ammo. Then make new video where you talk about buffing french LT’s and that it’s impossible to play bottom tier.

  17. PanzerV WoTBlitz

    I had my best game (by experience) as a bottom tier in my T-54

  18. The Pleasant Pheasant

    First of all, congrats on 20k subs man, here’s to another!

    Hopefully people who weren’t doing this already will hopefully put what they learn in this video into practice. I think it’s very important for better players to make videos of them in bottom tier vehicles because so many sub-par players emulate exactly what they see in unicum replays. What you’ve done here is said ‘Hey, people who copy exactly what I do, copy this when you’re bottom tier and you’ll be more useful to your team’ I’ve taken a break from WoT but I’ll continue to watch your content regardless of whether I fully quit the game or not.

    Keep em coming

  19. Well played and great comments.

  20. You only performed five times better than me in that game……..I am okay with that.

  21. Lol Erwin Rommel instead of Anfield ?

  22. Can you make a Stalingrad guide? I find it a terrible map for bottom tier heavies and generally anything thats not a Soviet medium/Superheavy

  23. If you look closely at 8:17 you can see LR has downloaded some rather suspicious files ?

  24. my goal is always to do my HP in damage. more if i can sure, but at a minimum thats what i go for.

  25. Wow, nice commentary. LIked and subbed.

  26. give us more! great tips

  27. Thanks to Wargamings great platoon matchmaking I mastered this top sekrit skill of playing as a bottom tier all the time and I agree with every word that Lemming said in this video.

  28. joseph flanders

    could you do a “how to do well when you have a week of teams that are literal Ebola and would be better off in a coma”?

  29. Great game! Too bad we couldn’t carry it.

  30. David Ballantyne

    There’s no bulldog :p

  31. This is very relevant for NA players. I don’t remember last time I had a tier 8 match in a tier 8 tank… I laugh when I see European streamers rage when they get 2-3 games in a row as bottom tier.

  32. great video, very detailed analysis of your thinking process or better your ingame behaviour, very helpful

  33. hey lemme can you show us some technique to deal against overpowered tank like Defender ?

  34. It's not what you think

    What do you do when you play a superheavy and everyone throws gold at you?

  35. I’m a Console Peasant. I Have a problem with Teams. I Average 4-6k damage a game and I still manage to lose. its painful because I don’t Run a Premium Account. How do I deal with Shitty Teams? its annoying when you break your back and ur team can’t handle a single thing. I’m not a completely Shit Player 54% win Rate with a 1900 WN8. do I just need to carry harder or what?

  36. TL;DW: When you are bottom tier, Serb laughs at you and lights a cigar with a pile of cash.

  37. 8:16 I thought my keyboard was broken

  38. Good video. A lot to think about in real time during a battle. That’s what separates 48 percent players from top players. it’s easy to get tunnel vision. I like the part about auto-aim. I’m happy when I can circle someone and get them before they get me. Thinking about the next move in the middle of that really is an advanced skill.

  39. Perfect advice for the Asia server. The ratio of bottom to middle to top is around 70/20/10. It seems that the glut of tanks at tier 8 has completely screwed what is otherwise an improved MM system.

  40. lol i get good games on bottom tier mostly yesterday got almost 6K combined in tier 6 tank and kolobanovs was close xD

  41. Gillette Obette

    how do you get that camo?

  42. Did i just SEE?!?! people not SHOOTING HE on you wtf…You lucky Scrub…..Whenever I am in mine m4a1 ravioli every GOD DAMN shoot is Fuking HE….like fuck of cunts….

  43. Lemming these videos are so much help, thanks!

  44. hey lemming ice been wondering, you have been saying that ppl can get 250 gold for killing you on your sherif acc, but doest that gold get spawnes for them or is it taken from your acc and giwen to them?

  45. This MM is okay for now. A few years ago it was at +3-5 for most tanks, and +5 for light tanks above tier 3. So you basically had to fight a IS-3 with a PZ IV, hell a few times had to shoot at a Maus in a PZ IV. It took them 2 good years of tears to put in the +2 MM. Imagine the conedy of a Pz 38T going toe to toe with a T-54 😀

  46. It is the Blackdog, not Bulldog!!!!!!

  47. Just play Panzer B2.

  48. what about playing HT as bottom tier ?

  49. But… What if you’re in a M3 Lee while you’re bottom tier?

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