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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Steel Hunter brings the genre to the game – here’s how to dominate in it!


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  1. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I actually won by running away… ran the timer down 5 tanks in the last zone, 2 die on the way in. the other 2 fight to the death leaving the 1 at 100 health with the zone turning red. my almost completely upgraded tank steals the win. light tanks op

  2. The 20k credit repairs though…

  3. Complaining about how long it will take? Thats not like you QuakyBaby. I did the steel hunter on 2 accounts 1 in a 29 battles and 35 on the second. The main thing you need to do is your mission (3K dmg 5x per day and destroy 1 tank x per day) and this was with 5 or so victories. Having events that everyone can complete CASUALLY is good for the game unlike Frontline, steel hunter seems to be made for everysingle player to complete. This a gpod thing because then more players will get the tier IX tanks, then players will recommend the game because the events are player friendly. Its a good business strategy

  4. Maybe it was fun on the first day but since then its nothing but seal clubbing 101 When are they going to do something about the cheating that go’s on????

  5. QB:hmmm the floor is made of floor

    Post stream QB: I can confirm the floor is indeed made of floor

  6. I love Raven with tier VII autoloader

  7. I am a bad player with 47%wr but I managed to get 12 kills in a game 😀

  8. this game mode is crazy unbalanced. Heavies are stupid strong, and, when you get to end game where there are only a few squares, they become unbeatable. Other than that the game is fun and the grind is not bad at all, I just did the missions over three days and hit 15 easy. would be a lot cooler if there was a bit more thought put into it, but not bad.

  9. A few years ago they NERFED our premium ones in blitz and they ruin tanks is that like the heat 50 forward to 54s or just go around the 340 mm of heat Pen and kill everything

  10. Nadir Gawad Mohammed Ali Al-Bai (Student)

    That auto loader is so bullcrap. Its like hacking! What is this?

  11. No arty? No thanks. :evilgrin:

  12. we need more videos like this where you comment over your own replays where your commenting in it too.

  13. QB : 11 kills and 16k damage.
    Me : 1 kill and 600 damage.

    Its all up to your own playstyle.

  14. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    4:32 The mod for recording replays in Steel Hunter from September can be used for that. Modders got it updated early on day one.

  15. Hello quickybaby. you have been one of my favourite wot youtuber for years now and i love the energy you put into your content, i have finally taken it upon myself to do something. I’ve started producing my own World of Tanks content and i stream regularly. a stream will be up in no more than a few hours so any support would be super awesome. I know I’m not great, but any help would mean a lot. Thank you Friends.

  16. So the fire ball is literally a bo3 raps

  17. i think wargaming testing how to balance premium rounds
    like HEAT slower and sometimes unreliable against spaced armor
    APCR less damage etc

  18. Berserker mode, Fireballs? Is this WOT or Twisted Metal……Wish WG would come out with more tactical game modes/special events than these high speed mountain dew jacked ones.

  19. From this video you can see the dual personality of quicky baby. One crazy idiot when he is playing, one calm man when he is doing commentary.

  20. Why dominate when you can just sit at the edge’s till there all dead but a few then come out die and get points its a crap mode and I actually got through it in a little more then a day doing just that.

    It’s a stupid mode when you can hide till the end kill one dude and take first place, I know I did it more then once. I like frontline way more even though it takes a little longer

  21. Ummmmm i got rank 15 In 3h

  22. I can only win with raven. I only won once with harbringer by ramming an arlequin. I just suck with the others.

  23. I loved this commentating style, with the double quickybaby from twitch

  24. I honesty loved the double commentary!

  25. best are brit for the berserker skill, and american for the trap..

  26. One qb talking do me a headache .. But 2 qb talking same time is just a disaster

  27. Martika Kotopoyli

    its a fornite clone within WoT….just as simple of that!

  28. The German one is my favorite.

  29. Battle royals…for tanks ?..🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ God I hate my fuckin Gen. the cringe and sheer stupidity is perplexing.

  30. Quicky “to be able to” Baby

  31. Goddamn battle royale, i hate it.. its such a dumb game mode -_- frontlines is so much better

  32. Imo the trap is broken as fuck. It’s ridiculous. It’s basically the equivalent to taking 3 arty hits and just being annihilated by stun.

  33. My recommended play style for all you average joe players like me: don’t just hide in a corner because you’ll be so outmatched by everyone who has been picking up ammo and abilities. Instead, just drive around the edge of the map looking for ammo and abilities and use your x key to avoid fights. This way you will be keeping your level on par with those who are playing aggressively but you don’t have to risk fighting the best players early on. This strat usually gets me top 5 when I use harbinger.

  34. My best get 16 468 damage. 😀 I like the gamemode very much.

  35. You forgot one thing QB…
    Majority of players DON’T have your skill level- so they will die very fast trying to do what you are doing.
    The best way to play this mode for majority of players is by driving in corners, collecting all green and yellow “objectives” and fight ONLY when you cannot run.
    9/10 you will end up in TOP 4 tanks with max level vechicle and maybe even still win some of those games (depending on player individual skill level)
    By doing what you did in this video 90% palyers will end up dead in first 2 minutes…

  36. You can finish faster, just do dailies, Im yellow and it didnt took me 4hours although must say 2 wins gave nice boost. There is mod to have replays, think even one from last year works.
    I hope they introduce gold nerf soon with slightly nerf to superheavies HP, 10% maybe?

  37. Is this PC only..?

  38. Meh! Since the WG idiots removed 2 man platoons, I’m skiping this event!

  39. Don’t forget to heavily focus the rear of the turret when you’re playing the Frenchie. The commander has the perk that does bonus crit damage so with the 10 shot clip you can often kill full HP tanks but popping a rounds into the back of their turret.

    I’ve killed 3000 HP german heavies within 4 shots (1.5 seconds) easily because of this.

  40. Hilarious. One Quicky Baby is already OP enough, but 2 Quicky quicky Baby baby’s playing ans speaking speaking, answering their own questions should be banned in steelhunter, lmao. Too funny really.

  41. Amazing! Even Quacky get irritated on Quacky!

    Hmmm what does that say? 🤔

  42. Qb : see the enemy > take aim > shoot precisely

    Me : see the enemy > right click > spray and pray

  43. QB what do you think about adding this new map from steelhunter to 30 vs 30?

  44. Talk about throwing shade on the AE Phase 1
    I love that tank

  45. Me who has been on vacation a hole week. Vat is tis battle roial you spek of Hans

  46. me who only gets 200000 coins in 5 days , “one million is not a lot for 4 h”

  47. You can use an app called outplay to be able to record steel hunter gameplay:)

  48. I don’t play battle royales….pass

  49. I like your video, but i must admit i hate this mode. I cant pen shit and it is absolutely no fun trying to search all those campers and then cant even scratch them

  50. WG dont u dare. Steel hunter is hard and terrible enough as it is.

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