HOW TO DOWNTIER EASY With this one step (War Thunder T32 HEAVY TANK)

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HOW TO DOWNTIER EASY With this step (War Thunder T32 HEAVY TANK)

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T32 Tanky(0:54)
PHirst Game (02:11)
PHecond Game (09:36)
PHird Game (13:34)
End Of Phun (20:24)



  2. Congratulations on your marriage daddy!

  3. Fun fact, you can pen Maus with T32’s AP by shooting between the barrel and mantlet when Maus turned their turret not facing you.. At least damage the gun breach or kill some crew if you are lucky


  5. The only reason I hate playing T32E1 are the long ass reload for a meh 90mm.. Why it is at the same BR with the Conqueror?

  6. 13:28 you can feel phly’s hate to that m103

  7. Hay in war thunder there can be KV 44 if there not that tank if that KV 44 come what happen brow say me

  8. Take love, bruh! Congrats on the milestone. Keep Slayinn bruh…

  9. Tree-32

  10. For me personaly, i have hard time playing arround br 8.0 because of constant spam of T55AM-1. Allso lol 16s reload 90mm gun at 7.3/7.7

  11. Lenore Van Alstine

    that thing that got you looked like a toaster with an rpg

  12. phly daily is best daily

  13. You can tell that Phly is very excited and happy lmaoooo

  14. عبدالله احمد

    Congratulations bro

  15. Belated congratulations Phlee!

  16. maybe you can name the last section PHINALE 🙂

  17. What about put bushes on t32e1 to bait players to shoot weak spot ?

  18. phly making a new friends ,
    other teammates : there is an imposter among us
    m103 player : i know who the imposter is

  19. phly play the Zis 30… plsss

  20. “Yeh, we’re going to win”. Of course you are going to win, you are playing against the Germans. When don’t you win?

  21. Oh god, now I have to put up with a army of T-32 the next time i’ll go play. First the Falcon, then the Strv, and now this…

  22. When was the Maus added back!?

  23. GUYS, Just 12k then he finally got 1Million subs

  24. your new logo for the channel is not good!! change it back to the old one

  25. Thats more pen as the t54 has…

  26. AMX 50 PHoch: some of the best armour in game

    Small Pizza Box Boi: PHuck you PHrenchie

  27. Minecraftwizzard 2010

    How do you know that tanks there

  28. I wonder if the derp tigor shirts wi ever come back – discovered this channel fairly recently and subscribed.

  29. Noice logo

  30. That waffentrager kill gave me stage 9 cancer

  31. Hey Phly how did you get multiple bushes of the same sort? 🙂

  32. Am i the onley one that thinks he should try and play the Su-100Y Soviet Tank
    PLz do 😀

  33. How to put bush in war thunder

  34. phly : i have a friend. Don’t kill him..
    …and the M103 has arrived

  35. Joseph Lopatniuk-Lopez

    phecond game

  36. “Now” that you had a taste of the phrench 90mm armor piercing baguettes with the Bat Chat, why don’t try out the heat croissants oph the AMX-13-90?

    Attempt #198

  37. Rep cost do be crazy tho

  38. when did you record this theres a maus

  39. mauses are now extinct in war thunder

  40. please play the firefly

  41. José Emilio Rangel Trejo

    Its not the “Super Pershing” but its close and i like the video

  42. Please fly the new p51 c10

  43. ‘softly’ don’t

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