How To Easily Win Games On Malinovka.

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  1. WHy wouls you fast forward i lOVE USELESS DRIVINg

  2. Good Video. This is how this map works

  3. I played like this on Pilsen, had highest damage (by a significant margin) and most kills on my team, battle ended up being a loss and the T110E5 on my team with 1.2k damage done told me I played like a “f**king pussy”… How does the community still end up being worse than all of WG’s game design decisions?

  4. Any chance for a caernarvon strat video?


  5. Lemming this is not a 15-0


    M48 Patton definitely needs the turret buff . . .

  7. So now I’m curious. If you’re in the fastest medium you can claim the hill and give your team time to move up and create this advantage. What do you do if you’re NOT the fastest/can’t get there first or you’re one of the heavies and your mediums don’t claim that advantage for you?

    What’s the play-around for being stuck on the shit end of the stick?

  8. Great video, I have made significant improvements since you started making videos. I was stagnant prior. Thanks man.

  9. Why I always lose on hill? And after upgrading my team always get killed so quickly.OMG?

  10. What I always face is out HT dont even drive up the hill or we have significantly less number of HT than enemy. What should I do in these situations ?

  11. Common sense. Unfortunately in WoT common sense is relatively spartan.

  12. Problem is getting a team that can see that and move to help when you have the advantage

  13. The key point that you fail to highlight is that none of these strats work at all if you aren’t prepared to spam gold. I’ve gotten to that that position time and time again in my AMX 30P and get over run after 4 or 5 bounces off of enemy turrets. Almost none of the shots you pull off from that position work without gold.

  14. i wouldn’t say this makes winning on this map easy. First off you can get teams that just wanna camp and snipe either at the base itself or where your amx 30 is at the beginning. And if you’re the only few tanks up there they’re just gonna muscle through you and push down which will result in the enemy dying to the campers or is most cases they just plow through everyone and game is wrapped

  15. Thanks for the video lemming

  16. Great video thanks.

  17. Viktor Woloszczuk

    “… I think it’s a incredibly advantage…” To be honest, I’d speak like that if I had had one too many maple syrups.


  19. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Yes this is exactly how im starting to play the game now. Being agressive is so powerful on these clustered up maps

  20. This is pretty obvious stuff, to be honest. What is NOT obvious is how to do it when they have a faster tank (or more than one even) that can put in a lot of damage to you, or your heavy players just stop on the way over there because they want to shoot at whatever an idiotic light tank driver spotted. You just can’t go hill unless you KNOW your heavy tanks are close behind you, and if you don’t you likely lost the game.

  21. That’s fine until 2 or more enemies call your bluff and decide to take a little damage to kill you with numbers. Though that isn’t that likely due to most players being pussies lol.

  22. Marshall Allshouse

    Playing aggressively has (for me) yielded similar results. Taking risks to win strong positions literally wins game after game. Keep up the great work lemming!

  23. What do you do when there are 3 fcking clickers making focus on you on that position and behind the house because it happens to me quite a lot when i try to fight like you on that hill.
    Even behind the house they splash me to dead

  24. Eric VonSpreckelsen

    Yay, i made youtube…for all the wrong reasons :(…i was the m46 on the enemy team. Couldn’t convince the t62 to rush up the hill with me and we ended up paying for it…Keep the videos coming man. Great job!

  25. This is not meant contradict your point, but I’ll bet the enemy team stopped to snipe. This is something you pointed out as bad in a previous video. If people stop and snipe it basically cedes the hill to the other team. Your aggression buys your slow tanks time to get up there, but if the enemy had been more aggressive (note the comment on this video from the M46 player), it would have played different. Fortunately, your team came up quickly, too. I can’t count how many times I try to aggressively take that position only to be left out to dry by snipers that won’t go up the hill.

    Good video, Lemming. Now, can you get more people to watch and learn :-)?

  26. I love how you pronounce the Mäuschen <3

  27. What do you do to get on the hill first? No matter how many times I try, I never make it first!

  28. Suleyman Cetinkaya

    Nice tips

  29. don’t ya just love it when a plan comes together? lol. 😉

  30. if your team is competent enough

  31. Do you think that it is worth it even with something without amor like the leopard?

  32. Vasilios Aggelopoulos

    and if you find 2 meds on hill?game over?!

  33. Yeah, great :-/

    But tell me what would you do if your team didn’t actually follow you on that hill ? After taking such an agressive position you were fully commited to this windmill. Too many times I rushed this hill to get the windmill first only to find out that my heavies are still exchanging fire at base, because somebody spotted enemy BEHIND hard cover and they all try their luck.

    Looks like you got fantastic strategy for a team that actually knows what to do. Unfortunatelly such teams are rare.

  34. What would you have done if you where in a light tank on this map??  You can’t go hill and brawl.

  35. By the way Lemming, could you put a little music in the backgroud of your videos? Not loud music, just something to be there you know? And you could have suggestions through comments, donators, etc.

  36. Hill control makes the game on this map.

  37. Ya Lem, i’ve done this having watched ur other vids, BUT what normally happens? Your noob tm mates don’t push up to join you & there you are 1 vs 7 tanks w/ no chance to run away = GET REKT. That’s a more typical result; make the right per unicum advice, & your tm mates crummy play see you get blown off the map quickly.

  38. Hey Lemming Big fan mate , your videos are amazing and i learnt a lot from them keep it up .

  39. Mastery:First Class and A High Caliber that equals Top Gun. GJ Lemming GJ 😛

  40. Good video lesson: be aggressive but not cheeky lol good vid lemming btw do you know watch his stream all the time xD

  41. Nice “top gun” lemming. :p

  42. Doesn’t south spawn have a big advantage on this map as they could get to the top quicker (providing they don’t wait) and then have north team in the open climbing the hill? Please I would really like your thoughts on this…

  43. When i take an aggressive position i end up there alone 🙁

  44. Does the same thing apply to the south spawn? And what about the event that the enemy does this to you first? How would you be able to counter it?
    Quite a number of times I try to move up to take hill and get shots off while hulldown, but the team just isn’t there to support me while the enemy team sends over half their team hill. Obviously in faster tanks I can get up top faster, but I find and feel that I need to fuck off because there’s too many enemies and there isn’t enough teammates (4 friendlies, myself included, against 9 who are full w key).

  45. The bush at F7 is op as heck on this map if your have a lot of tds on your team

  46. colorblind mode, Please?

  47. wow another expert lol

  48. Lemming can you please do some more bottom tier games, (tier 8 in tier 10 game) because it really helped me last time. For example, what I could’ve done if I were a t44 in this video. Thank you for all your great vids!

  49. As always, I love your elucidation of how mechanics play into winning and losing.

    Here, unless I miss your message, the thing is.a matter of trying to use speed and aggression to deny the opposing team the ability to get to a viable position on the map where they can use their guns effectively to give your teammates time to arrive, do damage, and further suppress and damage the enemy team.

    The title of your bit here is “How To Easily Winn Games On Malinovka” and you use it to give a specific example of a practical application of tactical theory (i.e., “When possible, use vehicle speed to deny your opponents advantageous vehicle placement.””). that is definitely a case of a concrete example of a general principle and that’s good, but can you generalize the concrete here? Do you have (and can you articulate) a wider–ranging theory of how to do this on any map or in any situation?

    Are there principles to be understood here?

    The fast forwarding is a good idea if you’re trying to talk about a single idea. Tanks moving into positions that say nothing about what they’re actually doing, is a waste of time and, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it (I imagine. you have) but WOT videos have been getting shorter and shorter for years now. You could probably save the long ones for tank reviews.

    Thanks as always.

    Liked and already long since subscribed.

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