How To Farm Damage on Serene Coast.

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Nice job , by uploading Videos evey Day

  2. Chimonakimi WoT-Console

    I really wish that console played like this.. On our game our mediums camp around A4, and the heavies do too, and everyone else regardless of the team pushes 8/9 line.

  3. not my proudest fap…

  4. Please do more of these videos. I struggle with positioning on certain maps

  5. Looks so easy when you do it, I even can’t hull down properly …do u have video about basics like how no to get detected and how to position so not to get shot ?

  6. I play mid in my IS-7 (E3-F3) from the northern spawn if my team has the MT advantage,and it pretty much always works

  7. hey lem hows the vacation going?

  8. The M48 Patton is about to get buffed and lose that cupola, just about everything pens that tank in the turret you have to play so passive.

  9. what’s the ruffle stomp?

  10. love your stb-1 videos, helps me play better in it

  11. Love your videos very informative, keep them comming

  12. omg. i was viewer 666. satan?! lol great video!

  13. TL:DR

    Don’t camp.

  14. Love your Vids Lemming.

    I do notice when you do a video on a certain map you usually only give a one sided view of the map.

    Keep up the very informative vid s please, has helped me a lot.


  15. My girlfriend gets annoyed anytime Lemming post a video. I get more excited for him than I do when she comes home… 🙂

  16. can you show us a heavy gameplay if you play heavy at all? ☺

  17. Hey LR, I bet 80% of the replays on this map is the 1-2 line.. Can you show how to do the 0-9 line? with arty. I just can’t figure out how to push into semi competent heavies along the east.

  18. I think it’s to be expected for some heavies to be there. I go there a lot in my Patriot because I mostly get tier 10 matches, so I’d rather go there and fight a Patton than go to the heavy side and fight a Maus.

  19. I like these kind of videos lemming please continue to make them

  20. “And I mean, naturally I came top on the team.”
    Yeah Lemming, we all know you’re better than us, you don’t need to brag.”

  21. Hey man, nice vid again. When you do the map at the end tho would be cool if you explained how you like to play from the opposite spawn as not always a mirror tactic (but sometimes is)
    Keep up the good work

  22. not the greatest example, because the enemy didn’t have much at the west. still played well.

  23. very nice LemmingRush. I have one suggestion – if possible. Can you show (tab) the Lineup of both teams – only for a few seconds – before you explain your decisions for your next move? The reason is that I want o pause the Video at this point to compare my decisions with yours.

  24. Thing is your in a tier 10 medium at top tier… Try being a tier 8 medium and being lower teir and do the same… Won’t ever happen

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