How To Fix War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

At its core, War Thunder is a fun game. But I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t very frustrating to play sometimes. BR compression, CAS ruining tank matches, bad map design, these are just a few of the major issues I see. But it’s not very productive to simply point at the issue, so here are some proposals I think would be an overall benefit to War Thunder.

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  1. coming from World Of Tanks, Wargaming’s default excuse for everything is also “queue time”

  2. tbh i left WT a long time ago when ground units were still in its baby steps, because of all the bs of Gaijin allways screwing air combat, to sad back in the day this was an AWSOME game really fun, to bad it went downhill

  3. Date: So you have two full time jobs?
    Me: Yes as an EMT and then WT were I pay to sit and grind for years, only to not be able to afford any of the vics I researched.

  4. For me the reason I don’t play is because I have no interest in WW2 vehicles. If I could start modern I’d play it, but as it is the grind is way too much for me to bother.

  5. No, splitting CAS-GF with NOCAS-GF means fewer players in both modes. Also, playing “NOCAS-GF” means that people will complaining that they Still HAVE TO research AAs in the grind.

  6. i liked the video but i think you should add the absurd repair costs and repair time, as noob player my self lv 17 i almost gave up the game because i didnt have money to repair my vehicles, now i only bring 2 vehicles per game instead of 4 and if die most of the time i dont respawn , even tho i want to continue to play losing 4 vehicles would be not be profitable even if my team wins and all the SL i make in that batlle would be used to repair 4 or 5 vehicles .

    in war thunder if my team loses the match i lose nothing , but if i sacrifice 4 vehicles to win the battle i get nothing i only lose SL , War Thunder is literally punishing its players for playing the game.

  7. tanks only sounds extremely boring tbh who would play planes that game mode is trash lmao

  8. When I drive it slows down a little then it goes full speed?!?

  9. gaijin thinks adding 10.3 tanks that most people wont ever play is fixing the game

  10. 3:04 “it’s okay, just a massive blas-…okay, just a massive energy coming out of metrix of nowhere”

  11. I enjoy to kill Ka-50 and Ka-52 with my ADAT’.
    But I am not enjoy get kill in the spawn point by enemy in their spawn point

  12. Easy fix. Tell people to stop playing.

  13. Hermoáñ The Incredible

    they should just create more gamemodes

  14. How to Play War Thunder Fixed.ver

    Step 1. Delete WT
    Step 2. Never play that shit again.

  15. Lvl cap barrier for match making so high lvl player are barred from joining low lvl and low tier match making

  16. War Thunder may have a shit ton if vehicles ie tanks, planes and ships but if the gameplay is fucking horrible then wats the point. You can’t go to WoT either cause it’s just as much of a shit show as War Thunder. I’ve seen sum of my friends quit WoT and move to Armored Warfare cause the PvE is actually pretty gud even tho the pvp is dead.

  17. Theres one problem with this video

    Gaijin doesnt care like always

  18. I am currently going through 5.3 tanks for US. But I’ve noticed a lot of the matches I get into the German tanks are at 6.0 and above. Getting swacked every round isn’t fun.

  19. That is so fun. I am coming from the World of Tanks Section and literally 95% of what you said could be said about World of Tanks xD

  20. Vinícius Franco

    You’re right

  21. 3:40 i wouldn’t because am level 12 and am in 7.0

  22. How to fix War thunder? dont play war thunder 🙂

  23. How about not f ing charge your entire pay check for 1 premium tank….. and bring back the maus. Lower grind not too much. Just not to where I dont have time to feed myself.

  24. Agree with all of that except the Tank only mode which would just divide the ground forces players. I enjoy having CAS either being it myself or using my AAA. However I do agree that revenge killing is a problem and I think the best way is just to remove the kill cam coverage of the enemy tank. Keep the round penetration cam, but don’t show where it originated from or cut to the enemy tank after.

  25. honestly, just make the premium sl and research point gain the standard aka a 100% boost and most of the issues will balance themselfs out. Less que time because there are more players in high tier, less BR compression etc

  26. Nhật Tân Trần

    The reasons i only see this game suck is uptier 7.7 to 8.7 unstabilizer fight against stabilizer and M48 germany up to 8.3 while this thing didnt have stabilizer. That is fucking dumbest thing gaijoob ever did.

  27. Nhật Tân Trần

    Basicly i totally agree with all your idea

  28. this barely even touches most of the issues :{

  29. New ducking servers pls because theay garbage

  30. Dakotah Hutchinson

    How to fix War Thunder
    Bring back the Flakpanzer 341

  31. Can we please spread this video to bigger content creators so it gets more attention from Gayjoobles? Thank you.

  32. I am a War Thunder player.But I agree with everything this guy says.
    The grind system should be rework and tutorial should give us more information

  33. Kilment Voroshilov 2

    I stopped playing because the grind is too long and hard

  34. Maybe with cas, you don’t have to pay the repair once you’ve been destroy
    And I really want to see a change in air rb, something closer to sb, with different objective, not that spot thing that let the entire ennemy team see you, and multiple spawn

  35. Christopher Jorge

    “Increase que times” I am already waiting like 5 minutes for a damn game just to get shafted

  36. The gaming Panther

    I Agrea!

  37. Hey, Spook!
    I disagree with the plane arguement. Many players do complain about it, but that’s the point. Planes are the natural counter to light tanks, which otherwise would wreck too much havoc due to their ease of camouflage and high mobility. Besides, Gajin already increased the spawn costs to up to 560 for some fighters in some battles from the old 480, which already hurts air support and leaves CAS with no escort, nor air recon.

  38. The grinding always giving me depression and mental breakdown that’s why there’s a point that I want to quit War thunder, I also play World of Warships which at least the grinding there was tame.

  39. fool you gonna make them add more german tanks and make all the other teirs unplayable

  40. Difficulty Tweak

    small family company))))))))))))))

  41. the grinding killing me

  42. i actually CALM quit today in 1st fight of the day after not penning barely angled front tiger E plate from cca 150m with panther A, went to hangar, angled it more than it was angled in the fight (just to prove a point), fired from 500m because i was pissed so i forgot to adjust distance, and than i got more pissed because 3 test shots went in like a fuckin glove…
    Science biatches…

  43. and i also say let the people decide, they can add two que options, long wait decent BR, fast wait with whatever BR….so ADD guys can go in fights quickly, and people that care about good decent tactical fight can wait for couple mins and enjoy a leveled BR fight (if we assume vehicle BR is not screwed in start…)

  44. and how will people buy br7+ premium and play like retarded (enter a game with one tank, die like (not sure why i use “like”) a noob and exit the battle after wasting one space in a team), if gaijin implements some ideas of yours. flawed economy….
    Gaijin needs to fix lots of shit, explain to people what BR vehicle setup is (morons going in fights with setups like 6.7 5.7 3.0….), moronic 1.7 1.3 1.0 + 6.7 6.7 5.7 squads should also be hard coded as FUCK OFF no fight for you, and that is just BASICS, let alone more complicated things…

  45. Yes. All these reasons is why I’ve quit.

  46. IMO I think a big change that is needed is to stop 6.7 being dragged up into 7.7, 6.7 has some of the strongest line ups and best gameplay due to the world war vehicles but facing tanks produced in the 70’s and 80’s completely ruins it, this wouldn’t be outlandish because they’ve done it with 9.7….

  47. I left War Thunder for these reason, and I went to World Of Tanks.
    Then I realized that World of Tanks was even more messed up in terms of balancing. ( And the community was awful )
    So I went back to War Thunder but I mostly play planes now.

  48. We should spam Gajin this

  49. Yea I’ve been playing wt for almost 3 years and I’m still in the late ww2 planes/tanks.

  50. Also something I’d like to see: Armor Meta. War Thunder still has it’s old dogs in the game, however their armor simply became irrelevant because of stabilized guns and APDS/HEAT-FS. This should not be the case. In my opinion, should tanks that are meant to fight with their armor (like Tiger 1&2, IS-2, T30/34 and so on) not see tanks with HEAT-FS and APDS. I feel like the game punishes you nowadays for playing a Heavy Tank because they are out of the Meta. This shouldn’t be the case. When I play a Tiger II and angle things should bounce on me (when they don’t hit a weak spot) and I should bounce on an enemy tank when I miss a weak spot. In my book is that fun with a Heavy tank. Getting yeeted by and HEAT-FS/APDS shell is simply no fun in a heavy tank

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