How To Get Better At War Thunder

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Source: Spookston

This has been one of the most heavily requested videos yet. Apparently, many of you guys are relatively new to War Thunder, and since Gaijin doesn’t do an amazing job of explaining how to do well, I’ve had a lot of requests to make a sort of tutorial. While I don’t think I’m an amazing player, I do have a few that will hopefully help.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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  1. the best advice I can offer is patience don’t rush into caps and enemy spawn points wait for them to come up even if you get bored if you rush into caps you will die

  2. I switched from pc to Xbox series x and this game expects me to spend 500$ and regrind all the tech trees from day one. I’m done with wt. Lost thousands of dollars of premiums and thousands of hours. Fuck gaijin

  3. I feel like the whole wt community is in here handing out advice, this is nice.
    My tip is to use smoke shells and pocket sand more often to get to a point or get on an enemies six in a one on one.

  4. “I wouldn’t consider myself to be amazing at War Thunder” *proceeds to get over 20 kills a game*

  5. Créateur de commentaires depuis 1894

    Those videos are really interesting for new players, but, do you think it can be possible to add english subtitles for peoples struggling with English? It could help even more players (because Google’s subtitles are very bad)!

  6. In war thunder, usually, your worst enemies are blue. Find yourself a steady group of dedicated players to have fun with. Play with them, help each other and speak to them; “watch out, leo incoming!”; “his gunner is down, i shot his barrel, finish him!”; “good job!, nice shot!”

    Playing in team will not make you win all the time, but it will certainly make you have a great time, and that’s the goal, isn’t?

  7. At first, I put my standards too high.
    I sucked at the beginning, but now I am extremely good at the game now.

    I still tell myself time to time “Oh, I only got 4 kills in Air RB? I suck!!”
    Same goes for ground forces. i may win the game, get first place on my team; but I don’t reach my goal of getting 15 ground kills or 5 air kills per game, per life.

    That negativity helps me improve. Tells me that I can be better.

    It depends person to person, of course. Setting low expectations is less stressful, of course.

  8. why didnt you talk? 🙁

  9. I’m proud of myself for figuring some of these out myself

  10. I got tired of getting 1-2 shot seal clubbed at low BR just trying to learn the game.

  11. Gaijin blessed me one game when I was playing the German 1.0 squeezy-boi I got a Ace and survived 3 rounds fired at me basically point blank. It has been 2 weeks since then and I’m still mad I didn’t save the video.

  12. I have my own tip
    Obsolescence doesn’t mean it’s bad at a higher br. The m22, KV-2, 15cm sig and the Japanese and Russian artillery are a good examples of this. The m22 is the bane of everything german after 7.7 because of the low armor on the sides and the 6ft profile of the m22. From my experience the 15cm sig, m22, and KV-2 are useful throughout the game however with the artillery im going off of how they have more pen than the KV-2 and a quicker reload.
    If you are American and struggling with 4.7-5.7 I suggest that you use the M4a3 (105) It can 1 tap the tiger 1s and the panthers and its heat can pen the upper glaci of the panther. Its a really good Sherman if you’re after Germany and to an extent Russia. I didnt realize this until I was at 7.7 so for the new ones just take this advice.

  13. Always remember you Barrel is somewhere to the side and to the top or bottom relative to your scope, always adjust your shot based on that

  14. How to be good at war thunder,
    Step 1: don’t play Grrmany or Russia because it turns your brain to mush and causes you to be overconfident due to your extreme armor and firepower. Play a nation that requires skill

    Step 2: use your brain

    Step 3: profit

  15. Róbert Balázs Lőrincz

    *”GIT GUD”*

    Good Lord this advice DOESN’T APPLY only to War Thunder…
    For example, the “instead of capping instantly, go ahead and secure from enemy reinforcements” is definitely a good one. One thing regarding that, securing the flanks and cutting off the enemy from its reinforcements can be a massive leap towards a victory.

  16. War Thunder doesnt have a learning curve it las a learning wall.

  17. I started playing WT like a week ago, but I have been playing wot for a decade :D. For some reason my WT account is from 2013 tho

  18. or you just play the newest op Premium Tanks….

  19. How to get better at ground forces- camp

    How to get better at air RB- camp, that is dont be the first to yolo into the furball.

  20. Can you say ur settings? Ur game looks very beautiful!

  21. I used to grind the absolute heck out of war thunder. Now I play because I want to. If I’m upset I switch games, getting frustrated at WT is not a good play

  22. Panzerkamfwagen V Ausf G Sd.Kfz. 171

    People say I’m Crazy when I say “I play to have fun and I enjoy it” not because I kill alot or am a good player. I dont know jow to explain it but I just enjoy warthunder as a realistic war game. I’m planning on getting all my favorite tanks and planes then just having fun from there.

  23. Soooooo many content creators only show multiple destroys. They fail to show deaths. And nobody really explains uptiers. I will have 2 to 3 good games 5-8 kills lots of assists and get uptiered and then just get wrecked. Every tank is like a different character its so much fun.

  24. Sweden ruined War Thunder and 5.7 doesn’t exist anymore

  25. is tehre any magical palce on T-54 taht i can shoot to deal with it in full uptier (exampel jgpanther vs T-54) ? even after reaching lvl 100 and grinding for AGS i still strugle when facing it in full uptiers,
    like no lower plate wakspot, no turet cheeks weakspot, copula is prety much unhitable (too small), russian gun with no choke at teh end = unhitable and even if its russian so direct hit means no dmaage anyway, no cheeky breach shots shooting in the gun area, no machinegun weakspot … liek what im supposed to do if it rushes me ??

  26. Being new to the game, learning felt like memorizing the table of elements while being set on fire

  27. First, obtain a capable pc.
    Second, have good wifi.
    Thats what i need to improve first for me at least.

  28. Im gonna disagree. Its a game thats very easy to get into it is however hard to get to that last level of awesome.

    my tips

    1. Assume everyone in your team is a mouthbreathing imbecille.
    2. Assume everyone you are facing are pro as fuck or using fancy aimhelpers that lets them redline camp across the map without ever being seen.
    3. Assume there is someone behind every wall and inside every bush what you cant make up for in skill can be redeemed with a cool head and patience.
    4. Learn to move in the shadows where death can not reach you. (fancy words for take it slow and steady)
    5. Get into RB battles, Even if you are a huge fan of AB do alot of RB you will thank me later.

    • For some reason your comment makes me furious

    • @FoxLand Intriguing. I mean no malice with what I wrote. Its just personal observation of this game and many like it.

    • @Daane Mest don’t worry it’s not your fault
      War Thunder is just too stressful to me as a 9th grader I have to do alot of school work and I got no time to grind lions for 2 to 3 hours. I just don’t enjoy war thunder and it doesn’t fill my mood and makes it worse sometimes and that’s why I was not able to concentrate on my studies always thinking if I played one more match and could have got 5 kills i would be satisfied but i am usually the first one to die in a match because my lack of awareness of my surroundings
      I would have no problem with war thunder if repair costs did not exist i believe they are just there to stop me from achieving my goals in war thunder like playing the bf 109 F4 and post WW2 Spitfires. Your advice would have helped if it was available 2 months ago. The only tactic i know it to stick with my team to survive an AB match but it rarely happened even when I tell the team to stick together especially German players whenever I tell them to stick together they do the complete opposite.

      I have deleted war thunder 2 months ago and I am having a much less stressful life than before. I am planning to download IL 2 1946 after my 4th assement and being able to fly the legendary bf 109s and Spitfires

    • @FoxLand Very wise. Its fine to get abit worked up about games but if the emotional response is strong, good or bad, or If it messes with ones life then stepping back is a good choice. There is always another day. Games like these will get under your skin, badly, If you let them.
      Ive stepped away from several games over the years including world of warcraft, which i was sponsored to play.
      Take a long break, find another game and do you. Its for relaxation and amusement after all. Not a second job

  29. Too late spookston i have already left war thunder because it was too stressful to me

  30. just picked it up again after three years. hoo boy, I can’t remember a thing

  31. War thunder has an extremly steep learning curve? Im done with this channel

  32. One reason I love watching Squire – he shows himself getting blown up quite regularly and manages to make it entertaining!

  33. That last one is probably the most critical. Dont be to hard on yourself if you arent having good games. Just go do something else for a bit and come back later 😊

  34. I really want to see a video of Spook just going map to map and showing us where he likes to go and why he likes going there.

  35. If I should take a break when I keep getting frustraded, I will habe to take breaks every single match. Because my games are just going to crap everytime, I keep getting sniped from out of nowhere and I always seem to meet a higher battle-raiting. I’ve tried different countries and battle-raitings. But nothings seems to work. I have researched a few tanks but I don’t have enough silver lions. I don’t go from profit. In a few weeks I went from about 150k silver lions to 85k. It feels awful. My friends are decent at the game. I love war thunder but my gaming experience sucks. Please help me. I really want to get good.

  36. So is it weird if I go to war thunder if I need to relax

  37. 1.Install the game.

  38. Protip) Heli is nightmare, especially the one named as KA-50

  39. I feel like if I was a tanker except infantry I would be better than I am. I’m way better at infantryman based games. Or maybe it’s just my mind. (Like arma, siege, realer games thsn cod)

  40. Buy premium time, buy the battle pass, buy all the premium vehicles, buy IS-7 from market, research boast, and make sure to buy loads of Golden Eagles
    – DefinitelyNotGaijin

  41. Or be me: 0 Kills, 0 Assists, 8 deaths. Out of 10 RB games.

  42. I find those really accurate, especially positioning. I noticed that since I started to use vehicles how they should be used, I get like 3-4x more kills. Awesome content!

  43. Anyone know what is a good kill count for each game?

  44. i can imagine new players happening upon this video and wondering when he’s going to start talking about planes lmao

  45. For me its just dont rush and be patient take a good position and just wait and people will come to you

  46. How to get better at war thunder: 🙂
    How to get a better PC to run war thunder: 🙃

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